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CC&E Poster Agenda

Monday Posters (4:00 PM - 5:00 PM)
          Coupled Processes at Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Interfaces & Other Topics:
          1a:  Airborne TIR Hyperspectral Imager with High Spatial Resolution and Wide Area Coverage: A New Tool for Environmental and Ecosystem Studies (David M. Tratt, Jeffrey L. Hall)   [abstract]   [poster] -- live demo
          1b:  Quantification of Agricultural Ammonia Emissions by Satellite and Airborne Hyperspectral Thermal-Infrared Spectrometry (David M. Tratt, Jeffrey L. Hall, Clement S. Chang, Jun Qian, Lieven Clarisse, Martin Van Damme, Cathy Clerbaux, Daniel Hurtmans, Pierre-François Coheur)   [abstract]   [poster]
          2:  Low-cost miniaturized laser heterodyne radiometer for highly sensitive detection of CO2 and CH4 in the atmospheric column. (Emily L Wilson, Matthew L McLinden, J Houston Miller)   [abstract]   [poster] -- live demo
          3:  Tracking natural and anthropogenic environmental impacts across land-atmosphere-ocean interfaces with the Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events (GEO-CAPE) sensor; where we will see what and when. (Dirk Aurin, Antonio Mannino)   [abstract] -- live demo
          4:  Multi-Scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project (MsTMIP): 2. Environmental Driver Data (Yaxing Wei, Robert B. Cook, Deborah Nicole Huntzinger, Wilfred M. Post, Kevin M Schaefer, Andy Jacobson, Anna M Michalak, Shishi Liu)   [abstract]
          5:  Multi-Scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project (MsTMIP): 1: Overview and Simulation Protocol (Deborah N. Huntzinger, Kevin M. Schaefer, Robert B. Cook, Andy Jacobson, Anna M. Michalak, Wilfred M. Post, Schwalm R. Christopher, Yaxing Wei)   [abstract]
          6:  Daymet: Gridded subdaily weather data for North America (Michele M Thornton, Peter E. Thornton, Robert B. Cook, Yaxing Wei, Suresh Kumar Santhana Vannan, Peter I. Eby, Ranjeet Devarakonda)   [abstract]
          7:  A Modeling and Synthesis Thematic Data Center for the North American Carbon Program (Robert B. Cook, Wilfred M. Post, Peter E. Thornton, Yaxing Wei, Deborah N. Huntzinger, Daniel M Ricciuto, Daniel J. Hayes, Andy Jacobson, Kevin M Schaefer, Kenneth James Davis, Michele M. Thornton, Barbara L. Jackson, Shihi Liu)   [abstract]
          8:  Dissolved Organic Matter as an Indicator of Changing Watersheds in Northern Rivers (George Aiken)   [abstract]
          9:  Effects of stand age and tree density on carbon accumulation patterns during post-fire succession in Cajander larch (Larix cajanderi) forests (Heather D. Alexander, Michelle C. Mack, Scott J. Goetz, Michael Loranty, Kamala Earl, Pieter S.A. Beck, Sergey Zimov, Sergey Davydov, Catharine C. Thompson)   [abstract] -- Other
          10:  Possible abrupt shift in the land uptake of carbon (Claudie Beaulieu, Jorge L. Sarmiento, Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher, Jie Chen, David Medvigy)   [abstract]
          11:  Interannual Variability of Primary Production and Carbon Fluxes on Northeast North American Shelf: Sensitivity to Climate Change? (Bronwyn Cahill, Katja Fennel, John Wilkin)   [abstract]
          12:  Spectral Bio-indicator Simulations for Tracking Photosynthetic Activities in a Corn Field (Yen-Ben Cheng, Elizabeth M. Middleton, Karl Fred Huemmrich, Qingyuan Zhang, Lawrence A Corp, Petya Krasteva Entcheva Campbell, William Kustas)   [abstract] -- Other
          13:  An Integrated Earth System Science Approach for Predicting Nutrient Transports from the Land to the Ocean (Zong-Liang Yang, Cedric H. David, Zhongfeng Xu, Ahmad Tavakoly, Xitian Cai, Lisa Helper, David Maidment, James McClelland, Paul Montagna, Hongjie Xie, Weimin Hao)   [abstract]   [poster]
          14:  Combining Ecological and Atmospheric Observations to Understand Carbon Budgets Using Models with MODIS, LANDSAT, and GOSAT data. (Scott Denning, Nick Parazoo, Katherine Corbin, Baker Ian, Rebecca McKeown, George James Collatz, Stephan Randolph Kawa)   [abstract]
          15:  Incorporating Ocean Dynamics into a Global Coupled Climate-Carbon Cycle Model (Scott Doney, Keith Moore, Keith Lindsay, Ivan Lima, Natalie Mahowald, Matt Long)   [abstract]   [poster]
          16:  Landscape analysis of wetland plant functional types: the effects of image segmentation scale, vegetation classes and classifier methods. (Iryna Dronova, Peng Gong, Nicholas Clinton, Lin Wang, Wei Fu, Shuhua Qi)   [abstract] -- Other
          17:  HDR-ASIS: A New Instrument for Investigation of Atmosphere-Radiation-Photosynthesis Relations and Carbon Dynamics in Terrestrial Ecosystems (Dennis G. Dye)   [abstract]
          18:  The 2011 Eco3D Flight Campaign (Temilola E. Fatoyinbo, Rafael Rincon, David Harding, Charles K. Gatebe, Kenneth Jon Ranson)   [abstract] -- Other
          19:  Estimation of Above Ground Biomass in the Everglades National Park using X-, C-, and L-band SAR data and Ground-based LiDAR (Emanuelle Feliciano, Shimon Wdowinski)   [abstract] -- Other
          20:  The effect of river freshwater discharge on the carbon cycling of the US Eastern continental shelf: Results from a three-dimensional total dissolved organic matter model study (Jianhong Xue, Marjorie Friedrichs, Antonio Mannino, Bronwyn Cahill, John Wilkin, Cindy Lee, Katja Fennel, Eileen Hofmann, Raymond Najjar, Kimberly Hyde)   [abstract]
          21:  Exports of Water, Carbon and Nutrients to the U.S. East Coast during 1901-2008 as simulated by DLEM: Results from a NASA IDS Project (Hanqin Tian, Mingliang Liu, Qichun Yang, Marjy Friedrichs, Eileen Hofmann)   [abstract]
          22:  Model-based Analyses of Nitrogen Cycling on the Middle Atlantic Bight Continental Shelf (Tian Tian, Marjorie Friedrichs, Eileen Hofmann)   [abstract]
          23:  The U.S. Eastern Continental Shelf Carbon Cycling Project (U.S. ECoS) (Marjorie Friedrichs, Eileen Hofmann, Bronwyn Cahill, Katja Fennel, Kimberly Hyde, Antonio Mannino, Raymond Najjar, Sergio Signorini, Hanqin Tian, John Wilkin, Yongjin Xiao, Jianhong Xue)   [abstract]
          24:  Ensemble Land Surface Modeling at JPL (Joshua B. Fisher, Gary Block, Alexandre Guillaume, Graeme Stephens, Charles Miller, Jung-Eun Lee, Stephen Sitch, Philippe Ciais, Yingping Wang)   [abstract]   [poster]
          25:  New global observations of the terrestrial carbon cycle from GOSAT: Patterns of vegetation fluorescence with gross primary productivity (Christian Frankenberg, Joshua B. Fisher, Jung-Eun Lee, Luis Guanter, Christiaan Van der Tol, Sassan Saatchi)   [abstract]
          26:  Integration of inundation and soil moisture estimates in an ecosystem-atmosphere gas exchange model: Sensitivity and error analyses (John Galantowicz, Arindam Samanta, Hanqin Tian)   [abstract]   [poster]
          27:  Remote estimation of crop gross primary productivity using Landsat and MODIS data (Anatoly A. Gitelson, Yi Peng, Toshihiro Sakamoto, Jeffrey Masek, Shashi Verma, Andrew E Suyker, John M Baker, Jerry L Hatfield, Tilden Meyers)   [abstract]
          28:  Ocean color and Arctic seasonal cycling (Anand Gnanadesikan)   [abstract]
          29:  A Kinetic Model of Non-Photochemical Quenching in Cyanobacteria and Implications for Interpretation of Solar-Induced Fluorescence Signals (Maxim Gorbunov, Fedor Kuzminov, Victor Fadeev, John Dongun Kim, Paul Falkowski)   [abstract]
          30:  Dynamics, Metrics, Services and Scenarios for Ecosystems in North Dakota and Northern Minnesota, USA (Michael J Hill, Seth Fore, Kate Overmoe, Qiang Zhou, Rebecca Lemons, Cherie New)   [abstract] -- Other
          31:  'Tree-Grass': Proposal for a NASA Terrestrial Ecology Field Activity in Savannas and Mixed Tree-Grass Ecosystems (Niall P Hanan, Michael J Hill)   [abstract]   [poster]
          32:  NASA’s Coastal and Ocean Airborne Science Testbed (COAST) (Liane Guild, Jennifer Dungan, Maryland Edwards, Philip Russell, John Morrow, Stanford Hooker, Jeffrey Myers, Raphe Kudela, Stephen Dunagan, Michael Soulage, Thomas Ellis, Nicholas Clinton, Roseanne Dominguez, Bradley Lobitz, Peter Zell, Randall Berthold, Claire Smith, Kenny Vassigh, Andrew Demo, Warren Gore, Kevin Martin, Juan Torres)   [abstract]   [poster]
          33:  Polarimetric, Two-color, Photon-counting Laser Altimeter Measurements of Forest Canopy Structure and Composition (David Harding, Philip Dabney, Susan Valett)   [abstract] -- Other
          34:  Minimizing the Impact of Thin Clouds on CO2 Measurements from an Intensity-Modulated Continuous-Wave Laser Absorption Spectrometer (Fenton Wallace Harrison, Jeremy Todd Dobler, Bing Lin, Douglas McGregor, Edward V. Browell, Susan Kooi)   [abstract]   [poster]
          35:  Inferring Photosynthetic Light-Use Efficiency of Terrestrial Ecosystems from Multi-angular Satellite Observations. (Thomas Hilker, Forrest Garner Hall, Nicholas C Coops, Compton Tucker, Nichol Caroline, T Andrew Black)   [abstract]   [poster]
          36:  A New Model Evaluation Framework for the International Land Model Benchmarking (ILAMB) Project (Forrest M. Hoffman, James T. Randerson)   [abstract]
          37:  The North American ASTER Land Surface Emissivity Database v3.0 (Glynn C. Hulley, Simon J. Hook)   [abstract]
          38:  Air-Sea Carbon Exchange in the Southern Ocean (Taka ITo)   [abstract]
          39:  Spatial and temporal distributions of absorbing aerosols along the U.S. East Coast (Lide Jiang, Menghua Wang, Wei Shi)   [abstract]   [poster]
          40:  Modeling gross primary production in semi-arid Inner Mongolia using MODIS imagery and eddy covariance data (Ranjeet John, Jiquan Chen, Asko Noormets, Xiangming Xiao, Jianye Xu, Shiping Chen)   [abstract]
          41:  Improvements to space-based retrievals of terrestrial chlorophyll fluorescence (Joanna Joiner, Yasuko Yoshida, Alexander Vasilkov, Yukio Yoshida, Ahkihiko Kuze, Elizabeth Middleton, Lawrence Corp)   [abstract]
          42:  Satellite Microwave Detection of Phenological Start of Season for North America using AMSR-E (Matthew O. Jones, John S Kimball, Kyle C. McDonald, Lucas A Jones)   [abstract]   [poster]
          43:  Estimation of surface carbon fluxes with an advanced data assimilation methodology (Ji-Sun Kang, Eugenia Kalnay, Takemasa Miyoshi, Junjie Liu, Fung Inez)   [abstract]
          44:  Land Use and Climate Alter Carbon Dynamics in Watersheds of Chesapeake Bay (Sujay S. Kaushal, Michael Pennino, Bala Mathukumalli, Shuiwang Duan, Melissa Grese, Kenneth Belt, Stuart Findlay, Peter Groffman, Raghu Murtugudde)   [abstract]
          45:  Progress in Simulation of Global Atmospheric CO2 and Comparisons to Observations (Stephan Randolph Kawa, George James Collatz, Steven Pawson, Scott Denning, Arlyn Elizabeth Andrews, Paul Wennberg, Yuping Liu)   [abstract]
          46:  Climate controls on forest biomass, productivity, and species distribution along the western Sierra Nevada gradient (Anne E. Kelly, Michael Goulden)   [abstract]
          47:  Satellite Based Assessment of Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange under the Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission (John S Kimball, Yonghong Yi, Lucas A Jones, Rolf Reichle, Kyle McDonald)   [abstract]
          48:  Assessing natural fluorescence dynamics using radiometry on long-term ocean moorings (Samuel Laney)   [abstract]
          49:  Satellite observations of fluorescence capture the response of Amazonian productivity to seasonality and drought (Jung-Eun Lee, Christian Frankenberg, Christiaan van der Tol, Luis Guanter, C Kevin Boyce, Joshua B. Fisher, Erric Morrow, Joseph A Berry, Sassan S Saatchi)   [abstract]
          50:  Quantification of the relationship between uncertainties in carbon cycle prediction and uncertainties in climate variables (Junjie Liu, Inez Fung, Eugenia Kalnay, Ji-Sun Kang, Kevin W Bowman)   [abstract]
          51:  VIIRS Operational Ocean Color Data Processing Using the Algorithm Development Library (ADL) (Xiaoming Liu, Lide Jiang, Menghua Wang)   [abstract]
          52:  Impacts of Climate and Land Use Change on Land-Ocean-Atmosphere Fluxes and Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon and Nutrients in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ecosystem (Steven Lohrenz, Wei-Jun Cai, Hanqin Tian, Ruoying He, Charles Hopkinson, Howden Stephan)   [abstract]
          53:  Investigating the Relationships Between AVIRIS Reflectance, Foliar Nitrogen, and Nitrogen Deposition across the Northeastern US (Mary E. Martin, Scott Ollinger, Lucie Lepine)   [abstract]
          54:  Satellite Remote Sensing of Inundated Wetlands: Global Data Record Assembly Status and Development Plans (Kyle McDonald, Bruce Chapman, Erika Podest, Ronny Schroder, Laura L. Hess, Lucas A Jones, John S Kimball, Mahta Moghaddam, Jane Whitcomb)   [abstract] -- Other
          55:  Analysis and synthesis of carbon dynamics on Amazon floodplains (John Melack, Conrado Rudorff, Thiago Silva, Bruce Forsberg, Sally MacIntyre, Laura Hess)   [abstract]
          56:  Impact of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Tropical Forest Structure on LIDAR Estimation of Aboveground Biomass (Victoria Meyer, Sassan Saatchi, Geoffrey Andrew Fricker, Jerome Chave, Maxim Neumann)   [abstract]
          57:  Remote Sensing Derived Estimates of Forest Structure and Composition (Paul R. Moorcroft, Alexander Antonarakis)   [abstract]
          58:  Assessment of hurricane-related disturbances in US forest ecosystems (Robinson Negron-Juarez, Jeffrey Q. Chambers, George Hurtt, Justin Fisk)   [abstract]
          59:  Fusion of Remotely Sensed 3DVegetation Structure with a Dynamic Global Terrestrial Ecosystem Model for Improved Estimates of Carbon Stocks and Land-Atmosphere Exchanges (Wenge Ni-Meister, Nacy Kiang, Gordon Green)   [abstract]
          60:  Activities of the CEOS Land Product Validation (LPV) Sub­group (Joanne Michelle Nightingale, Jaime Nickeson, Gabriela Schaepman-Strub)   [abstract] -- Other
          61:  Seasonal measurements of POC,CDOM, and DOC from the Mid-Atlantic Bight, George's Bank, and the Gulf Of Maine: Modeling Carbon distributions from discrete data and their relationship to flow through measurements of Beam attenuation and CDOM fluorescence (Michael G Novak, Antonio Mannino)   [abstract]
          62:  Fake it till you make it: What can we learn about simulating forest structure? (Michael Palace, Bobby H. Braswell, Stephen Hagen)   [abstract] -- Other
          63:  Carbon budgets for intact and recently logged forests on the Maryland Coastal Plain (Geoffrey Parker, Joshua Brinks, Nancy Kahn, Jeffrey Lombardo, Dawn Miller, Dale Morrow, Francisca Saavedra, Dan Bebber)   [abstract]
          64:  Models of Tropical Forest Composition, Structure and Biomass in Support of Lidar-Radar Retrievals (Leland Pierce, Amanda Grimm, Kathleen Bergen, Kamal Sarabandi)   [abstract]
          65:  Recent Progress in transmitter instrumentation and performance simulation studies for the ASCENDS mission (Narasimha S Prasad)   [abstract]
          66:  What Does a MODIS Pixel Actually “See” in a Mixed Deciduous Forest? (Abdullah Faiz Rahman, Daniel A Sims)   [abstract]
          67:  MODIS Land Products Available in Giovanni to Support Asia Monsoon Regional Study (Suhung Shen, Gregory Leptoukh, Irina Gerasimov)   [abstract] -- live demo
          68:  Temporal and spatial variations in the atmospheric column inventory of CO2 due to air-sea gas exchange: estimates from an eddying ocean model (Daiwei Wang, Chris Nigel Hill, Holger Brix, Dimitris Menemenlis, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Michael Follows, Oliver Jahn)   [abstract] -- live demo
          69:  Agro-ecosystem Modeling of Continental U.S. (Ritvik Sahajpal, Xuesong Zhang, César Izaurralde)   [abstract] -- Other -- live demo
          70:  Improving global fire carbon emissions estimates by combining moderate resolution burned area and active fire observations (James T. Randerson, Yang Chen, Louis Giglio, Brendan Rogers, Hsiao-wen Lin, Guido R. van der Werf)   [abstract]
          71:  Optical measurements of bubble size distributions at 6-9 m depths generated by large-scale breaking waves in the Southern Ocean (Kaylan Randolph, Heidi Dierssen, Michael Twardowski, Alejandro Cifuentes Lorenzen, Christopher Zappa)   [abstract]
          72:  Development of optical parametric amplifier for lidar measurements of trace gases on Earth and Mars (Haris Riris, Kenji Numata, Steve Li, Stewart Wu, Martha Dawsey, Anand Ramanathan)   [abstract]
          73:  Pulsed Lidar Measurements of Atmospheric CO2 Column Absorption during the ASCENDS 2009 & 2010 Airborne Campaigns (James B Abshire, Haris Riris, Clark J. Weaver, Graham R. Allan, Xiaoli Sun, William E. Hasselbrack, Edward V. Browell)   [abstract]
          74:  Airborne lidar measurements of atmospheric pressure made using the oxygen A-band (Haris Riris, Mike Rodriguez, Graham Allan, William Hasselbrack, Mark Stephen, James B. Abshire)   [abstract]
          75:  Impacts of boreal forest fires and post-fire succession on energy budgets and climate (Brendan Morris Rogers, James T. Randerson)   [abstract]
          76:  Modeling the spatial and temporal dynamics of Antarctic sea ice (Benjamin Saenz, Kevin Arrigo, Sharon Stammerjohn)   [abstract]
          77:  Understanding Controls on Dissolved Organic Carbon Quantity and Quality in United States Watersheds (Kevin Hanley, Wilfred Michael Wollheim, Joe Salisbury, George Aiken)   [abstract]
          78:  Snow-Free Gap-Filled MODIS Reflectance Anisotropy, Nadir Reflectance and Albedos for Land Modeling Applications (Crystal Schaaf, Qingsong Sun, Qingling Zhang, Zhuosen Wang, Feng Zhao, Alan Strahler, Michael King, Steven Platnick, Eric Burroughs-Moody, Feng Gao)   [abstract]
          79:  Empirical Basis for the Measurement of Plant Metabolic and Functional Status using HyspIRI (Shawn Paul Serbin, Eric L Kruger, Aditya Singh, Philip A Townsend)   [abstract]
          80:  Global surface reflectance products from Landsat, with validation against coincident MODIS measurements (Joseph Owen Sexton, Min Feng, Chengquan Huang, Jeffrey Masek, Eric Vermote, Feng Gao, Raghuram Narasimhan, Saurabh Channan, John R. Townshend)   [abstract]   [poster]
          81:  Spring-Neap Tidal Effects on Satellite Ocean Color Observations in the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, and East China Sea (Wei Shi, Menghua Wang, Lide Jiang)   [abstract]
          82:  Satellite Observations of Asymmetrical Physical and Biological Responses to Hurricane Earl (Wei Shi, Menghua Wang)   [abstract]
          83:  Seasonal variability of surface ocean pCO2 and air-Sea CO2 flux in the continental shelf of the US east coast (Sergio Signorini, Antonio Mannino, Marjorie Friedrichs, Bronwyn Cahill)   [abstract]
          84:  Trends in the subpolar north atlantic carbon sink and ocean acidification: 1981-2008 (Sergio Signorini, Sirpa Häkkinen, Are Olsen, Nicolas Metzl, Kristinn Gudmundsson, Abdiraham Omar, Jón Olafsson, Gilles Reverdin, Stephanie Henson, Charles McClain)   [abstract]
          85:  Biomass Burning Carbon Consumption in the Former Soviet Union (Amber Soja, Elena Kukavskaya, Nadezda Tchebakova, Elena Parfenova, Jessica McCarty, Douglas McRae, Bill DeGroot, Alan Cantin)   [abstract]
          86:  Seasonal to interannual variability in phytoplankton biomass and diversity on the New England Shelf: In situ time series for validation and exploration of remote sensing algorithms (Heidi M Sosik, Hui Feng)   [abstract]
          87:  Characterizing the 2011 great flood plume of the Mississippi River (Ajit Subramaniam, Tracy Villareal, Annalisa Bracco, Joseph Montoya)   [abstract]
          88:  Quantification of regional and global radiative impacts and climate effects of tropical fire aerosols (Michael Tosca, James T. Randerson, Charles Zender)   [abstract]
          89:  Tidal Marsh Outwelling of Dissolved Carbon and Influences on Optical Properties and Biogeochemical Processes at the Land-Ocean Interface. (Maria Tzortziou, Patrick J Neale, J Patrick Megonigal)   [abstract]
          90:  Remote sensing of post-fire effects (Sander Veraverbeke, Glynn Hulley, Sarah Harris, Simon J. Hook)   [abstract]   [poster]
          91:  Linking Carbon Fluxes With Remotely-Sensed Vegetation Indices For Leaf Area And Aboveground Biomass Through Footprint Climatology (Craig Wayson, David Hollinger, Nick Skowronski, Richard Birdsey)   [abstract]
          92:  Revising vegetation scattering theories: Adding a rotated dihedral double bounce scattering to explain cross-polarimetric SAR observations over wetlands (Shimon Wdowinski, Sang-Hoon Hong)   [abstract] -- Other
          93:  Satellite-derived dynamic seascapes: multiscale context for oceanographic observations of North Pacific ecosystems (Maria T Kavanaugh, Angelicque E. White, Ricardo M. Letelier)   [abstract] -- Other
          94:  Primary Productivity as a Function of Absorption, Pigment Based Phytoplankton Diversity And Particle Size Distributions (Angelicque White, Amanda Whitmire)   [abstract]
          95:  Trends in annual and seasonal high northern latitude CO2 fluxes from 1986 to 2007 inferred from a time dependent inversion compared with satellite NDVI observations to identify likely regions of change (Lisa Welp, Prabir Patra, Ralph Keeling, Ramakrishna R. Nemani, Stephen Charles Piper)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other
          96:  Assessment of gas transfer velocities computed from the COARE gas transfer model using satellite-derived inputs (Gary A Wick, Darren L Jackson)   [abstract]
          97:  External Climate Forcings and Vegetation Interannual and Decadal Variability in West Africa and North America (Yongkang Xue, Guoqiong Song, Zhengqiu Zhang, Peter Cox, Stephen D Prince, Glen MacDonald, George James Collatz)   [abstract]
          98:  NRC Study to Assess Requirements for Sustained Ocean Color Research and Operations. (James Yoder, Claudia Mengelt)   [abstract]   [poster]
          99:  Russian 2010 wildfires: CO ground based measurements to estimate accuracy of AIRS, MOPITT, and IASI data (Leonid Yurganov, Vadim Rakitin, Anatoly Dzhola, Ekaterina Fokeeva, Evgeny Grechko, Alex Safronov, Gennady Gorchakov, Thomas August, Maya George, Roman Shumsky)   [abstract]
          100:  Retrieval Of CO Mixing Ratios From The Atmospheric Emission Spectra Of Down-Welling Middle IR Radiance In Oklahoma (Leonid Yurganov, Wallace McMillan, Chris Wilson, Marc Fisher, Sebastien Biraud, Paul Novelli, Colm Sweeney)   [abstract]
          101:  Analysis of the relationship between climate and NDVI variability at global scales (Fanwei Zeng, Jim Collatz, Jorge Pinzon, Alvaro Ivanoff)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other
          102:  Remote Sensing to Estimate Ecosystem GEE using Chlorophyll Level fAPAR (fAPARchl) and PRI (Qingyuan Zhang, Elizabeth M. Middleton, Yen-Ben Cheng, Bo-Cai Gao, Karl Fred Huemmrich, Petya Krasteva Entcheva Campbell, Lawrence A Corp, Alexei Lyapustin, Yujie Wang, Andrew L Russ, William P Kustas, John H Prueger)   [abstract]
          103:  Assessing and Monitoring Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Ecosystem Carbon Storage and Changes in the United States (Zhiliang Zhu, Shuguang Liu, Benjamin Sleeter, Terry Sohl, Todd Hawbaker, Sarah Stackpoole)   [abstract]
          104:  Reconcile global atmospheric concentrations and land surface fluxes of methane (Qianlai Zhuang)   [abstract]
          105:  Satellite-derived distributions of CDOM, DOC and particulate organic matter along the northeastern U.S. continental margin (Antonio Mannino, Stanford B. Hooker, Kimberly Hyde, Michael Novak)   [abstract]
          106:  Seasonal and interannual variability in primary productivity and dinitrogen fixation along the northeastern U.S. continental margin (Margaret Mulholland, Peter Bernhardt, Cory Staryk, Antonio Mannino)   [abstract] -- Other

Tuesday Posters (11:30 AM - 12:30 PM)
          Global Change Impact & Vulnerability & Other Topics:
          107:  Modeling Species Distributions to Support Assessment of Extinction Risks under Climate Change (H. Resit Akcakaya, Richard Pearson, Jessica C. Stanton, Ned Horning, Peter Ersts)   [abstract]   [poster]
          108:  Timing and geography structure heat wave and drought effects on avian community dynamics (Thomas Albright, Chadwick Rittenhouse, Anna Pidgeon, Patrick Culbert, Murray Clayton, Curtis Flather, Brian Wardlow, Volker Radeloff)   [abstract]
          109:  High Resolution Ecosystem Modeling as Part of a Robust Carbon Monitoring System (Amanda Armstrong, George Hurtt, Ralph Dubayah, Justin Fisk, Naiara Pinto, Juan Suarez, Shannon Franks, Rourke Oliver, Steve Flanagan)   [abstract]
          110:  Climate Mediated Increases in Phytoplankton Blooms in the Northern Arabian Sea and Potential Feedback Effects (Joaquim Ignacio Goes, Helga do Rosario Gomes, Shavprasad Prabhu Matondkar, John Fasullo, Fei Chai, Sergio deRada, Richard Barber)   [abstract]
          111:  Patterns in Alaskan boreal forest productivity and composition - precursors of a biome shift? (Pieter S. A. Beck, Scott J. Goetz, Heather Dawn Alexander, Michelle Cailin Mack, James T. Randerson, Glenn Juday, Yufang Jin, Michael Loranty)   [abstract]
          112:  Incorporating spatial heterogeneity created by permafrost thaw into a landscape carbon balance estimate (E. Fay Belshe, Edward AG Schuur, Ben M Bolker, Rosvel Bracho, Guido Grosse)   [abstract]
          113:  Forest structure estimation using SAR, lidar, and optical data in the Canadian Boreal forest (Michael L. Benson, Leland E. Pierce, Kathleen M. Bergen, Kamal Sarabandi, Kailai Zhang)   [abstract]
          114:  Testing the limits of hyperspectral airborne remote sensing by mapping eelgrass in the turbid waters of Elkhorn Slough (Kelley Bostrom, Heidi Dierssen)   [abstract]
          115:  Assessment of polarimetric SAR data for fuel moisture estimation: Analysis of wet versus dry conditions (Laura Louise Bourgeau-Chavez)   [abstract]   [poster]
          116:  Monitoring soil moisture with SAR for assessment of peatland vulnerability to wildfire (Laura Louise Bourgeau-Chavez, Eric S. Kasischke, Merritt R. Turetsky, Anne Santa Maria, Elizabeth Banda, Gordon Garwood, Eric Keefauver, Liza Jenkins, William Schultz)   [abstract]   [poster]
          117:  Monitoring and Modeling the vulnerability of coastal Great Lakes wetlands to climate change and land use (Laura Louise Bourgeau-Chavez, Mary Ellen Miller, Liza Jenkins, Nancy HF French, Deborah Goldberg, Kenneth Elgersma, David Hyndman, Anthony D Kendall, William Currie)   [abstract]   [poster]
          118:  Old growth forests and alpine meadows shift to shrub-dominated ecosystems in southwest China’s Himalayan mountains (Jodi Brandt, Volker Radeloff)   [abstract]   [poster]
          119:  Monitoring the Eco-hydrological Impacts of Hurricanes in the Southeast US (Julien Brun, Ana Barros)   [abstract]
          120:  Detection and Attribution of Rapid Large-scale Shifts in the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle (Wolfgang Buermann, Jorge Sarmiento, George James Collatz, David Medvigy, Claudie Beaulieu)   [abstract]
          121:  Assessing ecosystem diversity and urban boundaries using surface reflectance and emissivity at varying spectral and spatial scales (Petya Krasteva Entcheva Campbell)   [abstract]   [poster]
          122:  Melting ice, habitat change and nutrient flux: Hydrological, biogeochemical and biological linkages between the Copper River watershed and the coastal Gulf of Alaska (Robert William Campbell, John Crusius, Santiago Gasso, Schroth Andrew, Thomas Andrew, Welker Jeffery)   [abstract]
          139:  The Abundance, Distribution and Dynamics of Arctic Lakes in North America (Mark Carroll, Tatiana Loboda, John R. Townshend, Robert Sohlberg, Charlene DiMiceli)   [abstract]
          140:  NASA's Global Change Master Directory: Discover and Access Earth Science Data Sets and Related Data Services (Alicia Aleman, Laurel Cepero, Vivian Hutchison, Lola Olsen)   [abstract] -- Other
          141:  An examination of the SRTM correlation data for vegetation structure estimation (Bruce Chapman, Paul Robert Siqueira, Scott Hensley, Robert Neil Treuhaft)   [abstract] -- Other
          142:  Climatic Change and Its Consequences on Gross Primary Production, Evapotranspiration, and Water Use Efficiency on Mongolia Plateau (Jiquan Chen, Ranjeet John, Ge Sun, Changliang Shao, Qiaozhen Mu, Maosheng Zhao, Wenping Yuan, Linghao Li)   [abstract]
          143:  Forest Cover and Height in Topographically Complex Landscapes from MISR Assessed with High Quality Reference Data (Mark James Chopping, Malcolm North, Jiquan Chen, Crystal Schaaf, John V Martonchik, Michael Bull, Bryan Blair, Michelle Hofton)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other
          144:  Shifting Fire Regimes of the US, Australia and Brazilian Amazonia: The Roles of Climate Change, Land Use and Mitigation Efforts (Mark Alan Cochrane, David Bowman, Brett Murphy, Kevin Ryan, William Jolly, Eugenio Arima, Carlos Souza, Jinxun Liu, Thomas Loveland, Michael Wimberly, Christopher Moran, Christopher Barber, Grant Williamson, David Roy)   [abstract]
          145:  Determining Historic Patterns of Wildfire for Siberia as a Basis for Estimating the Impacts of Fire on Carbon Cycling, Quantifying Past Fire/Climate Interactions, and Projecting Future Fire/Climate Change Impacts (Susan G. Conard, Don Cahoon, Wei Min Hao, Elena Kukavskaya, Alex Petkov, Amber Soja, Brian J. Stocks, Anatoly I. Sukhinin, Thomas Swetnam)   [abstract]
          146:  G-LiHT: Goddard’s LiDAR, Hyperspectral, and Thermal airborne imager (Bruce Cook, Lawrence A Corp, Hank A. Margolis, Jeffrey Masek, Elizabeth M. Middleton, Paul Montesano, Douglas Morton, Ross Nelson, Kenneth Jon Ranson, Jacqueline Rosette, Guoqing Sun, Kurtis John Thome)   [abstract]   [poster]
          147:  Predicting the occurrence, vulnerability and future distribution of major tree species in the Pacific Northwest in response to climatic change (Nicholas C Coops, Richard H. Waring)   [abstract]   [poster]
          148:  A perspective on advances in remote sensing technology and its implications for measuring and monitoring forest carbon stocks and change (Scott J. Goetz, Ralph Dubayah)   [abstract]
          149:  Land-cover and precipitation variability effects on water and atmospheric inputs to tropical forest landscapes (Alexandra G Ponette-Gonzalez, Lisa Curran, Kathleen c Weathers)   [abstract]
          150:  Observed and modeled effects of expanding oil palm plantations on land cover and carbon flux in West Kalimantan, Indonesia from 1989-2020 (Kimberly M. Carlson, Lisa M. Curran, Dessy Ratnasari, Alice McDonald Pittman, Britaldo S. Soares-Filho, Gregory Asner, Simon N. Trigg, David L. A. Gaveau, Hermann O. Rodrigues, Deborah Lawrence)   [abstract]
          151:  Investigating the mechanisms by which arctic shrubs influence nitrogen availability and feedback to increased shrub growth (Jennie DeMarco, Michelle Cailin Mack, Syndonia Bret-Harte)   [abstract]
          152:  Land Cover Change and Disease Ecology: The Unintended Impacts of Prosopis juliflora in Kenya (Mark H. DeVisser, Joseph P. Messina)   [abstract]
          153:  Model-Data Comparison of Mid-Continental Intensive Field Campaign Atmospheric CO2 Mixing Ratios (Liza Ivelisse Diaz, Kenneth James Davis, Thomas Lauvaux, Natasha Miles, Scott Richardson, Andy Jacobson, Arlyn Andrews)   [abstract] -- Other
          154:  A Multifunctional Fiber Laser Lidar for Measuring Atmospheric CO2 and O2 (Jeremy Todd Dobler, James Nagel, Valery L. Temyanko, T. Scott Zaccheo, Edward V. Browell, Fenton Wallace Harrison, Susan A. Kooi, Marta A. Fenn, Yonghoon Choi, Stephanie A. Vay)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other
          171:  Incorporating passive and active remote sensing data into an advanced ecosystem model to investigate the role of regional forest disturbance and recovery dynamics on the carbon cycle (Katelyn Dolan, George Hurtt, Chengquan Huang, Ralph Dubayah, Justin Fisk)   [abstract]
          172:  Leaching and Decomposition of Leaves from Baltimore Urban Area - Implications for Urbaniation and Gloabl Warming on carbon cycle (Shuiwang Duan, Sujay Kaushal)   [abstract]
          173:  Combining lidar/radar fusion, allometric scaling theory, and ecosystem modeling for improved estimation of forest biomass, structure and dynamics (Laura Duncanson, Ralph Dubayah)   [abstract] -- Other
          174:  Characterization (δ13C, δ15N and TOC/TN) of marine sediments from restored seagrass (Zostera marina) meadows in coastal lagoons of Virginia. (Noah Egge, Stephen Macko)   [abstract]
          175:  Recent dynamics of arctic tundra vegetation: Field observations, remote sensing, and simulation modeling (Howard Epstein, Martha Raynolds, Donald Walker, Uma Bhatt, Compton Tucker, Jorge Pinzon, Gerald Frost, Qin Yu, Gensuo Jia, Heqing Zeng)   [abstract]   [poster]
          176:  Distinguishing tree plantation species and secondary forests using Landsat and Hymap (Matthew E. Fagan, J. Pablo Arroyo-Mora, Steven E. Sesnie, Ruth DeFries)   [abstract]
          177:  Sensitivity of Vegetation Structure and Dynamics to Climate Data (Steve Flanagan, George Hurtt, Justin Fisk, Oliver Rourke, Louise Parsons Chini, Amanda Armstrong)   [abstract]
          178:  Generating Global Leaf Area Index from Landsat: Algorithm Formulation and Demonstration (Sangram Ganguly, Ramakrishna R. Nemani, Gong Zhang, Hirofumi Hashimoto, Milesi Cristina, Andrew Michaelis, Weile Wang, Petr Votava, Arindam Samanta, Forrest Melton, Jennifer Dungan, Eric Vermote, Yuri Knyazikhin, Ranga Babu Myneni)   [abstract]
          179:  New Pulsed Airborne Broadband Lidar for Greenhouse Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensing in the Earth’s Atmosphere (Elena Georgieva, William Heaps, Wen Huang)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other
          180:  Ocean Acidification of the Greater Caribbean Region 1999-2009 (Dwight Gledhill, Rik Wanninkhof, Shari Yvon-Lewis, Denis Pierrot)   [abstract]
          181:  Comparison of SeaWiFS and MODIS Ocean Color Mesoscale Variability (David M. Glover, Scott Doney, Alisdair W Tullo)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other
          182:  Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Woody Plant Encroachment in Semiarid Rangelands of Argentina (Mariano Gonzalez-Roglich, Jennifer Swenson)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other
          183:  Measuring phytoplankton carbon: A new method for the isolation and elemental analysis of microalgae to validate satellite derived estimates (Jason Graff, Allen Milligan, Michael Behrenfeld)   [abstract] -- Other
          184:  The Next Generation Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS-NG): Characteristics and Developmental Status and First Light Laboratory Measurements (Robert O. Green)   [abstract]
          185:  Imaging Spectroscopy, Spectral Analysis, and Radiative Transfer Modeling in Support of Coral Reef Ecosystem Biodiversity Research for Coral Patch Reefs in Puerto Rico (Liane Guild, Roy Armstrong, Bradley Lobitz, James Goodman, Fernando Gilbes, Randall Berthold, Juan Torres, Yasmin Detres, Carmen Zayas, Jeremy Kerr, Orian Tzadik)   [abstract]   [poster]
          186:  Climate forcing implications of southwestern ponderosa pine management (Haydee M. Hampton, Bruce A. Hungate, Dennis G. Dye, Christopher S. Potter, Qi Chen, Peter Z. Fule)   [abstract]
          203:  Measurement and Modeling of Carbon and Woody Resource Responses to Climate and Disturbance in Continental Africa (Niall P Hanan, Lara Prihodko, Rebecca McKeown, Gabriela Bucini, Andrew Tredennick)   [abstract]
          204:  Vegetation response to climate variability in India from 2001 to 2010 (Hirofumi Hashimoto, Cristina Milesi, Weile Wang, Sangram Ganguly, Andrew Michaelis, Ramakrishna R. Nemani)   [abstract] -- Other
          205:  Reconciling estimates of the contemporary North American carbon balance among an inventory-based approach, terrestrial biosphere models, and atmospheric inversions (Daniel Hayes, David Turner, Graham Stinson, A. David McGuire, Yaxing Wei, Tristram O. West, Linda Heath, Bernardus de Jong, McConkey Brian, Richard Birdsey, Werner Kurz, Andy Jacobson, Deborah Nicole Huntzinger, Yude Pan, Wilfred M. Post, Robert B. Cook)   [abstract]
          206:  Global population dynamics and climate change: comparing species-level impacts on two contrasting large mammals (Mark Hebblewhite, Eric S Post, Steven W Running)   [abstract]   [poster]
          207:  Mapping forest vertical structure and disturbance characteristics with time series of gap-filled Landsat imagery (Eileen H Helmer, Thomas S Ruzycki, Joseph M Wunderle Jr., Charles Kwit, David N. Ewert, Shannon Voggesser)   [abstract]   [poster]
          208:  The HyspIRI Mission: Science and Measurements (Simon J. Hook, Robert O. Green, Elizabeth M. Middleton)   [abstract] -- Other
          209:  Validation of Mid and Thermal Infrared Remotely Sensed Data In-Flight Using Automated Validation Sites at Lake Tahoe CA/NV, USA and Salton Sea CA, USA (Simon J. Hook)   [abstract] -- Other
          210:  Impacts of a changing fire frequency on soil carbon stocks in interior Alaskan boreal forests (Elizabeth E Hoy, Eric S. Kasischke)   [abstract]
          211:  Statewide Mapping of Forest Structure and Standing Biomass in North Carolina Using Small Footprint Lidar and Field Plot Data (Chengquan Huang, Yong Pang, Chris Toney, Ralph Dubayah)   [abstract]
          212:  Fine Scale Assessment of Forest Cover Change over South America using Landsat Data (Chengquan Huang, Joe Sexton, Raghuram Narasimhan, Kuan Song, Jeffrey Masek, DoHyung Kim, Danxia Song, XP Song, Min Feng, Saurabh Channan, Bin Tan, John R. Townshend)   [abstract]
          213:  Arctic tundra vegetation functional types based on photosynthetic physiology and optical properties (Karl Fred Huemmrich)   [abstract] -- Other
          214:  iED: Linking ecological and socio-economic models for improved integrated assessments of climate mitigation and adaptation (George Hurtt, Jae Edmonds, Justin Fisk, Ben Bond-Lamberty, Yannick LePage, Louise Chini, Allison Thomson, Ralph Dubayah, Anthony Janetos, Steve Frolking, Doug Morton, Jeff Chambers)   [abstract]
          215:  Linking Models and Data on Vegetation Structure: Implications for Predictions of North American Carbon Stocks and Fluxes (George Hurtt, Justin Fisk, Ralph Dubayah, Steve Flanagan, Katelyn Dolan, Michael Lefsky, Naiara Pinto, Hank Shugart, Marc Simard)   [abstract]
          216:  Development of a long-term phytoplankton time series in the U.S. Northeast Continental Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem (Kimberly J. Hyde, D. Christopher Melrose, Jonathan A. Hare)   [abstract]
          217:  Status of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (James R. Irons, Jeffrey G. Masek, Bruce D. Cook)   [abstract] -- Other
          218:  Wildland fires in Southern California: a temporal perspective (Yufang Jin, James T. Randerson, Michael Goulden, Alex Hall)   [abstract]
          219:  Representativeness of biometric and flux tower data in landscapes for scaling carbon measurements (Kristofer Johnson, Craig Wayson, Richard Birdsey, Kenneth Clark, John Hom, Yude Pan, Nicholas Skowronski)   [abstract]
          220:  30-year Northern Hemisphere Freeze/Thaw seasonal trends and associated impacts to vegetation growing seasons and Carbon Exchange (Youngwook Kim, John S Kimball, Ke Zhang, Kyle C McDonald)   [abstract]   [poster]
          221:  Uncertainties in the Relationship Between Hyperspectral Data and Leaf Nitrogen Content (Yuri Knyazikhin, Mitchell Schull, Ranga Babu Myneni, Robert Kaufmann)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other
          222:  Land use change exacerbates tropical South American drought by sea surface temperature variability (Jung-Eun Lee, Benjamin R Lintner, C Kevin Boyce, Peter J Lawrence)   [abstract]
          223:  Long-term trends of agricultural fires in the U.S. derived from MODIS observations: implications for fire emissions (Hsiao-Wen Lin, Yufang Jin, Giglio Louis, James Randerson)   [abstract]
          224:  Understanding spectral changes in surface reflectance in relation to burn severity in tussock tundra (Tatiana Loboda, Nancy HF French, Carolyn Hight-Harf, Liza Jenkins)   [abstract]
          225:  Changes in albedo and surface energy budgets associated with high-latitude vegetation dynamics (Michael Loranty, Pieter Beck, Scott J. Goetz, Yufang Jin, James T. Randerson, Michelle Cailin Mack, Heather Dawn Alexander)   [abstract]
          226:  Land use change, stream connectivity, and the health of freshwater ecosystems in the Amazon’s agricultural frontier (Marcia Macedo, Ruth DeFries, Michael Coe)   [abstract]
          227:  Changing disturbance regimes and carbon cycle feedbacks to climate in a warming arctic (Michelle Cailin Mack, Heather Dawn Alexander, Jill Francis Johnstone, Marion Syndonia Bret-Harte)   [abstract]
          228:  Coastal Deoxygenation: An Impact of Global Warming (Bala Krishna Prasad Mathukumalli, Sujay Kaushal, Raghu Murtugudde)   [abstract]
          229:  The Autonomous Polar Productivity Sampling System (APPSS) (Michael Steele, Dana Swift, Steve Riser, Patricia Matrai)   [abstract]
          230:  Mapping soil fertility parameters with airborne hyperspectral imagery (Greg McCarty, Dean Hively, Megan Weiner Lang)   [abstract]
          237:  Changes in carbon balance after insect disturbance in Western U.S. forests (David JP Moore, Nicole A Trahan, Philip Wilkes, Tristan Quaife, Ankur R Desai, Jose F Negron, Britton B Stephens, Elder Kelly, Russell K Monson)   [abstract]
          238:  Is nitrogen availability, forest carbon uptake, and canopy albedo enhanced along a nitrogen deposition gradient in the central Appalachian Mountains? (Brenden E. McNeil, Richard Thomas, William Peterjohn, Amy Hessl, Kenneth Smith, Bradley Breslow, Aditya Singh, Shawn Serbin, Philip Townsend)   [abstract]   [poster]
          239:  Modeling Coupled Climate and Urban Land Use Change in the United States (Forrest Melton, Scott J. Goetz, Weile Wang, Cristina Milesi, David Theobald, Patrick Jantz, Ramakrishna R. Nemani)   [abstract]
          240:  Droughts and floods are more important than other climate change factors in the regeneration of freshwater species (Beth A. Middleton)   [abstract]
          241:  The Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment (CARVE): Results from 2011 Engineering Test Flights (Charles Miller)   [abstract]
          242:  EV-1 Airborne Microwave Observatory of Subcanopy and Subsurface (AirMOSS) Mission Status (Mahta Moghaddam, Wade Crow, Richard Cuenca, Dara Entekhabi, Anthony Freeman, Scott Hensley, David Hollinger, Paul R. Moorcroft, Rolf Reichle, Sassan Saatchi, Paul Shepson, Yunling Lou, Elaine Chapin)   [abstract] -- Other
          249:  Secondary forests from agricultural abandonment in Amazonia (Douglas Morton, Pipa Elias)   [abstract]
          250:  Impact of sensor degradation on the MODIS NDVI time series (Dongdong Wang, Douglas Morton, Jeffrey Masek, Aisheng Wu, Jyoteshwar Nagol, Xiaoxiong Xiong, Robert Levy, Eric Vermote, Robert E Wolfe)   [abstract]
          251:  What is causing the observed transitions in Arctic ecosystems? (Ranga Babu Myneni, Liang Alan Xu, Sangram Ganguly, Compton Tucker, Jorge E Pinzon, Julienne Stroeve, Ramakrishna R. Nemani)   [abstract]
          252:  Upscaling Carbon Fluxes and Uncertainty Across the Northern Forest Ecoregion Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Approach (Kusum J Naithani, Kenneth James Davis, Klaus Keller, Jingfeng Xiao, Nathan Urban, Paul Bolstad, Dong Hua)   [abstract] -- Other
          253:  Effects of permafrost degradation on carbon balance of upland tundra (Susan M. Natali, Ted Schuur)   [abstract]
          254:  Progress in Estimating Boreal Eurasia Biomass Based on ICESat GLAS, ASTER GDEM, and Field Measurements (Christopher Neigh, Ross Nelson, Guoqing Sun, Kenneth Jon Ranson, Paul Montesano, Hank A. Margolis)   [abstract]
          261:  Improving the estimation of carbon stocks and fluxes in semi-arid ecosystems of the southwestern US using full-waveform lidar measurements (Marcy E. Litvak, Amy Neuenschwander)   [abstract] -- Other
          262:  Forest Structure and Biomass Estimation from Polarimetric SAR Interferometry (Maxim Neumann, Sassan Saatchi)   [abstract] -- Other
          263:  Spatio-Temporal Tropical Forest Dynamics from Small-Footprint Lidar Remote Sensing (Maxim Neumann, Sassan Saatchi, David B. Clark)   [abstract] -- Other
          264:  The Influence of Forest Structure on Height of Scattering Phase Center (Wenjian Ni, Guoqing Sun, Wenli Huang)   [abstract] -- Other
          265:  Retrieval of Forest Biomass from ALOS PALSAR Data Using a Lookup Table Method (Wenjian Ni, Guoqing Sun)   [abstract] -- Other
          266:  Impacts of grazing, fire, and precipitation variability on woody plant cover expansion in semi-arid grasslands of southeastern Arizona (Kelley O'Neal)   [abstract]
          267:  Predicting Marine Habitat Structure for Antarctic Penguins from Space-based Platforms (Megan Cimino, Matthew Oliver, William Fraser, Andrew Irwin, Doug Miller)   [abstract]
          268:  Tidal Influence on Adélie Penguin Foraging Locations (Matthew Oliver, Andrew Irwin, William Fraser, Oscar Schofield, Mark Moline)   [abstract]
          269:  Predicting ocean density profiles using satellite platforms (Matthew J Oliver, Matthew D Grossi, Erick F Geiger, Andrew Irwin, Fabrice Veron)   [abstract]
          270:  Satellite-Derived Coastal Ocean and Estuarine Salinity in the Mid-Atlantic (Erick F Geiger, Matthew D Grossi, Arthur C Trembanis, Josh T Kohut, Matthew J Oliver)   [abstract] -- Other
          271:  Carbon implications of forest restitution in post-socialist Romania (Pontus Olofsson, Tobias Kuemmerle, Curtis Woodcock)   [abstract] -- Other
          272:  Detection of forest canopy change in pan-tropical humid forests 2000-2009 with the SeaWinds Ku-band scatterometer (Steve Frolking, Stephen Hagen, Thomas Milliman, Michael Palace, Julia Shimbo, Mark Fahnestock)   [abstract] -- Other
          273:  Remote sensing of terra preta in Amazonia (Michael Palace, Mark Bush, Eduardo Góes Neves, Crystal N. McMichaels, Christina Czarnecki, Stephen Hagen, Bobby H. Braswell, Bruno Moraes, Marco Raczka)   [abstract] -- Other
          274:  A historical land cover map of the Cerrado region of Brazil based on Landsat MSS imagery (Stephen Hagen, Laerte Ferreira, Michael Palace, Mercedes Bustamante)   [abstract]
          275:  Forecasting Changes in Habitat Use by Bowhead Whales in Response to Arctic Climate Change: Integration of Physical-Biological Models with Satellite, Biological Survey and Oceanographic Data (Dan Pendleton, Eli Holmes, Jinlun Zhang, Megan Ferguson)   [abstract]
          276:  Microwave Remote Sensing of Palm Swamp Distribution and Flooding Status in Regions of the Upper Amazon Basin of Northern Peru (Erika Podest, Kyle McDonald, Ronny Schroeder, Naiara Pinto, Reiner Zimmermann, Viviana Horna)   [abstract] -- Other
          277:  National scale forest cover and change assessment using the Landsat data archive (Peter Potapov, Svetlana Turubanova, Matthew Hansen)   [abstract]
          278:  Interannual variation in phytoplankton concentration and community in the Pacific Ocean (Cecile S Rousseaux, Watson W. Gregg)   [abstract]
          279:  Detection of Changes of Tropical Forest Biomass from Fusion of Multi-temporal Radar and Lidar Data (Sassan Saatchi, David B. Clark, Robin Lee Chazdon, Maxim Neumann)   [abstract] -- Other
          280:  A long-term shift in forest canopy properties following intense drought in Amazonia (Sassan Saatchi, Salvi Asefi, Yadvinder Malhi, Luiz Aragao, Ranga Babu Myneni, Ramakrishna R. Nemani)   [abstract]
          281:  Comment on “Drought-Induced Reduction in Global Terrestrial Net Primary Production from 2000 Through 2009” (Arindam Samanta, Marcos H. Costa, Edson L. Nunes, Simone A. Vieira, Liang Xu, Ranga Babu Myneni)   [abstract]
          282:  Retrieving Forest Structure using Echidna® Ground-Based Lidar (Alan Strahler, Crystal Schaaf, Tian Yao, Feng Zhao, Xiaoyuan Yang, Curtis Woodcock, David Jupp, Darius Culvenor, Glenn Newnham, Jenny Lovell)   [abstract] -- Other
          283:  Albedo Response to Disturbance from Integrating Landsat and MODIS Data (Jeffrey Masek, Yanmin Shuai, Feng Gao, Crystal Schaaf, Christopher A Williams, Zhuosen Wang)   [abstract]   [poster]
          284:  Measuring canopy height with UAVSAR (Marc Simard, Scott Hensley, Marco Lavalle, Ralph Dubayah, Naiara Pinto)   [abstract] -- Other
          285:  A Segmentation Approach for Estimating Forest Structural Characteristics from Lidar and Radar: Analysis and Error Assessment (Paul Robert Siqueira, Razi Ahmed, Caitlin Dickinson, Bruce Chapman, Scott Hensley, Kathleen Bergen)   [abstract]
          286:  The Impact of Disappearing Tropical Andean Glaciers on Pastoral Agriculture (Dan Slayback, Karina Yager, Karen Mohr, Compton Tucker, Bryan Mark, Anton Seimon)   [abstract]
          287:  Influence of Disturbance and Seasonality on Regional Carbon Flux Upscaling (Erica A.H. Smithwick, Kusum Naithani, Kenneth J. Davis, Klaus Keller, Robert E Kennedy, Jeffrey Masek)   [abstract]
          288:  Detecting Forest Disturbance in the Pacific Northwest From MODIS Time Series Using Temporal Segmentation (Damien Sulla-Menashe, Zhiqiang Yang, Justin Braaten, Olga Krankina, Robert E Kennedy, Mark Friedl)   [abstract]
          289:  Using spectroscopy and digital camera to track leaf trait seasonality in a northern temperate forest (Xi Yang, Jianwu Tang, John Mustard)   [abstract]
          290:  Assessing regional net ecosystem production with diagnostic and prognostic modeling approaches (David Turner, William Ritts, Mathias Goeckede, Beverly Law, Ramakrishna R. Nemani)   [abstract]
          291:  Diagnosis and quantification of climatic sensitivity of carbon fluxes in ensemble global ecosystem models (Weile Wang, Hirofumi Hashimoto, Jun Xiong, Ranga Babu Myneni, Ramakrishna R. Nemani)   [abstract] -- Other
          292:  Analysis of Surface Inundation Changes within Arctic Permafrost Zones using AMSR-E Fractional Water Cover Retrievals (Jennifer D Watts, John S Kimball, Lucas Jones, Ronny Schroeder, Kyle C McDonald)   [abstract]   [poster]
          293:  Retrospective Satellite Ocean Color Analysis of Ocean Iron Fertilization (OIF) (Toby K. Westberry, Michael J. Behrenfeld, Allen J. Milligan, Scott C. Doney)   [abstract] -- Other
          294:  An Ecosystem Model Comparison on the Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf Using Data Assimilation (Yongjin Xiao, Marjorie Friedrichs)   [abstract]   [poster]
          295:  Studying the Impact of the Three Dimensional Canopy Structure on LIDAR Waveforms Evaluated with Field Measurements (Liang Xu, Yuri Knyazikhin, Ranga Babu Myneni, Alan Strahler, Crystal Schaaf, Alexander Antonarakis, Paul R. Moorcroft)   [abstract]
          296:  Mapping Global Forest Carbon Stock (Yifan Yu, Sassan Saatchi, Ulrike Seibt, Michael Lefsky)   [abstract] -- Other
          300:  Processing and analysis of remotely sensed Chlorophyll-a concentrations in the Gulf of Mexico (Eric Kouba, Hongjie Xie)   [abstract] -- live demo
          302:  Monitoring Changes in the Philippine Vegetation Cover from 2000 to 2011 (Gay Jane P. Perez, Josefino C. Comiso)   [abstract] -- live demo
          304:  VIP Data Explorer: A Tool for Exploring 30 years of Vegetation Index and Land Surface Phenology (Kamel Didan, Armando Barreto Munoz)   [abstract]   [poster] -- live demo
          306:  A Decade of Trends in Data Demand and Access from the EOS Land Archive (Tom Maiersperger, Dave Meyer, Jason Werpy, Calli Jenkerson, Chris Doescher, Tom Sohre)   [abstract] -- Other -- live demo
          310:  Dynamic Predictions of Semi-Arid Land Cover Change (Tierney Foster-Wittig, John Albertson)   [abstract]
          311:  EO-1 Hyperion capturing seasonal dynamics in vegetation phenology and spectral properties, associated with CO2 uptake in three different ecosystems (Petya Krasteva Entcheva Campbell, Elizabeth M. Middleton, Karl Fred Huemmrich)   [abstract]   [poster]

Wednesday Posters (10:00 AM - 11:30 AM)
          Science in Support of Decision Making & Other Topics:
          123:  Spatial scales of biogeochemical variability and image resolution for remote sensing in river plumes. (Dirk Aurin, Antonio Mannino)   [abstract]
          124:  Operational Forest Carbon Assessment and Management (Richard Birdsey, Yude Pan, Fangmin Zhang, Chen Chen, Craig Wayson, Kristofer Johnson)   [abstract]
          125:  Discovering relationships between climate and animal migration with new tools for linking animal movement tracks with weather and land surface data (Gil Bohrer, Roland Kays, Martin Wikelski, David Brandes, Jiawei Han, Steven Garrity, David Douglas)   [abstract]   [poster]
          126:  Using profiling floats for Cal/Val of Ocean Color; a feasibility study. (Greg Gerbi, Emmanuel Boss, Marlon Lewis, Andrew Barnard)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other
          127:  Ocean Optics class, 2011: Calibration and Validation for Ocean Color Remote Sensing (Emmanuel S Boss)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other
          128:  Phenology of Chlorophyll Concentrations from Satellite Ocean Color Measurements (Christopher W. Brown, Mathew R.P. Sapiano, Stephanie Schollaert-Uz)   [abstract] -- Other
          129:  Challenges to validating satellite POC products (Ivona Cetinic, Mary Jane Perry, Nathan Briggs, Emily Kallin)   [abstract]
          130:  Biodiversity implications of forest disturbance and related landscape dynamics in the Brazilian Amazon (Mark Alan Cochrane, Jos Barlow, Carlos Souza, David Roy, Eugenio Arima, Izaya Numata, Christopher Barber, Luiz Mestre, Sanath Sathyachandran, Rafael Andrade, Juliana Silveira)   [abstract]
          131:  Potential Utility of Remotely-Sensed Surface Soil Moisture for Agricultural Productivity Forecasting (Wade Crow, John Bolten, Grey Nearing, Kelly R Thorp, Rolf Reichle)   [abstract]
          132:  An active fire data record from MODIS and VIIRS (Ivan Andras Csiszar, Louis Giglio, Chris Justice, Wilfrid Schroeder, Evan Ellicott)   [abstract]
          133:  A Nationwide Map of Predicted Avian Biodiversity (Patrick Culbert, Volker Radeloff, Nicholas Coops, Josef Kellndorfer, Tom Loveland, Anna Pidgeon)   [abstract]
          134:  CDOM optical properties in the southeastern Bering Sea during summer (Eurico J. D'Sa, Joaquim I. Goes, Puneeta Naik, Colleen B. Mouw, Helga R. Gomes)   [abstract] -- Other
          135:  Impacts of Biofuel Expansion on Soil Quality and Carbon Dynamics in a Central Iowa Watershed (Craig S.T. Daughtry, Peter C. Beeson, Sushil Milak, Bakhyt Akhmedov, E. Raymond Hunt, Ali M. Sadeghi, Mark D. Tomer)   [abstract]
          136:  Nitrogen cycle effects of forest disturbances, as detected by NASA imagery in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Lindsay N. Deel, Brenden E. McNeil, Travis R. Cowles, Angelica Gutierrez-Magness, Keith N. Eshleman, Philip A. Townsend)   [abstract]
          137:  Importance of Boundary Layer Processes for Surface Fluxes (Erica McGrath-Spangler, Scott Denning)   [abstract] -- Other
          138:  High-Resolution Coral Reef Bleaching Tools: A Decision Support System to Help Managers Protect Reefs in a Changing Climate (C. Mark Eakin, Jianke Li, Maria Vega-Rodriguez, Frank Muller-Karger, Gang Liu, Scott Heron, Liane Guild, Louisa Wood, Susan Lynds, Tyler Christensen, Ramakrishna R. Nemani, Jacqueline Rauenzahn, William Skirving, Tim Burgess)   [abstract]
          155:  An Insect Scale View of the World (Clinton Jenkins, Andrea Lucky, Beth Gardner, Rob Dunn)   [abstract] -- Other
          156:  Using remote sensing to uncover the drivers of immigration around protected areas (Anna Estes, Tobias Kuemmerle, Hadas Kushnir, Volker Radeloff, Herman Henry Shugart)   [abstract] -- Other
          157:  Integrating Ocean Observing Data into Habitat-Based Models of Cetacean Density for the Central North Pacific and US Atlantic (Elizabeth A. Becker, Karin A. Forney, David G. Foley, Jay Barlow, Ben D. Best, Jason J. Roberts, Andre M. Boustany, Pat N. Halpin)   [abstract]
          158:  Statistical Inference in Ocean-Color Remote Sensing (Robert Frouin, Bruno Pelletier)   [abstract] -- Other
          159:  Improved Ocean-Color Remote Sensing in the Arctic Using the POLYMER Algorithm (Robert Frouin, Pierre-Yves Deschamps, Bruno Pelletier, Didier Ramon, François Steinmetz)   [abstract] -- Other
          160:  A 13-Year Time Series of Surface PAR over the World Oceans from SeaWiFS and MODIS Data (Robert Frouin, Bryan Franz)   [abstract] -- Other
          161:  Continental scale modeling of bird diversity using canopy structure metrics of habitat heterogeneity (Scott J. Goetz, Mindy Sun, Ralph Dubayah)   [abstract]
          162:  Forecasting Future Land Use and Hydrology: A Case Study of the Upper Delaware River Watershed (Scott J. Goetz, Mindy Sun, Claire A Jantz)   [abstract]
          163:  Importance of Mesoscale Features in the Gulf of Mexico on Larval Pelagic Fish Abundance (Sennai Habtes, Frank Muller-Karger, Mitchell Alan Roffer, John T Lamkin, Barbara A. Muhling, David Lindo-Atichati, Matthew A. Upton, Gregory J. Gawlikowski)   [abstract]   [poster]
          164:  Quantifying the non-linearity of the response of the ecology of Malagasy watersheds to sustained precipitation anomalies (Ziad S. Haddad, Dimitrios Stampoulis, Emmanouil N. Anagnostou)   [abstract]
          165:  Using Sample Theory to Develop Forest Biomass Estimates from ICESat/GLAS Data (Sean P Healey, Paul Patterson, Sassan Saatchi, Michael Lefsky, Andrew Lister)   [abstract]
          166:  ForCaMF - Decision Support for Landscape-Level Forest Carbon Management (Sean P Healey, Shawn Urbanski, James Morrison, Chris Garrard, Alicia Peduzzi, Alex J Hernandez)   [abstract]
          167:  Using SMOS L-band Optical Depth to Monitor Productivity in Agricultural Ecosystems. (Brian Hornbuckle, Jason Patton)   [abstract]
          168:  Inherent and apparent optical properties of Tampa Bay: What controls light attenuation? (Chengfeng Le, Chuanmin Hu, David English, Jennifer Cannizzaro, Zhiqiang Chen, Charles Kovach, Chris Anastasiou, Jun Zhao, Kendall Carder)   [abstract]
          169:  Assessment of satellite-derived diffuse attenuation coefficients and euphotic depth in south Florida coastal waters (Jun Zhao, Chuanmin Hu, Nelson Melo, David English, Brian Lapointe, Brian Barnes)   [abstract]
          170:  Sampling of fire regimes with satellite active fire data: scan pattern, land cover data, and diurnal sampling effects (Edward J Hyer, Jeffrey S Reid)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other
          187:  Toward monitoring the relationship between vegetation condition and volcanic activity with HyspIRI (Alexander Koltunov, Angeles Casas, Susan L. Ustin)   [abstract] -- Other
          188:  NASA Ocean Color Data supporting improvements to EPA hypoxia modeling for the Gulf of Mexico. (Veronica P Lance, Antonio Mannino)   [abstract]
          189:  Quality Control of MODIS Data on behalf of the European Space Agency (Sam Lavender, Jan Jackson, Alexa Borg, Chris Kent, Sautreau Dominique)   [abstract]   [poster]
          190:  Impacts of altered ecosystem disturbance rates on climate change mitigation strategies within an integrated assessment model. (Yannick le Page, George Hurtt, Allison Thomson, Ben Bond-Lamberty, Marshall Wise, Katherine Calvin, Justin Fisk, Jae Edmonds, Anthony C Janetos)   [abstract]
          191:  Optical properties and primary production in the Southern Ocean (SO GasEx) (Zhongping Lee, Veronica Lance, Shaoling Shang, Robert Vaillancourt, Scott Freeman, Bertrand Lubac, Bruce Hargreaves, Carlos Del Castillo, Richard Miller, Michael Twardowski, Guomei Wei)   [abstract] -- Other
          192:  Significant Reduction of the Loop Current in the 21st Century and Its Impact on the Gulf of Mexico (Yanyun Liu, Sang-ki Lee, Barbara A Muhling, John T Lamkin, David B Enfield, Gustavo J Goni, Frank E Muller-Karger, Mitchell A Roffer)   [abstract]
          193:  The Ocean Color MEaSUREs project: Products for Ocean Ecosystems and Biogeochemistry (Stephane Maritorena, Dave Siegel, Norman Nelson, Jim Frew, Michael Behrenfeld)   [abstract]
          194:  Integrating Remote Sensing-Based Estimates of Crop Residue Burning into an Emissions Inventory: Results from Collaboration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Jessica L. McCarty, George A. Pouliot, Thomas E. Pierce, Amber J. Soja)   [abstract]   [poster]
          195:  Perception and Use of Remote Sensing Products for Monitoring Agriculture by Targeted End Users: Evidence from State Field Offices of the United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service (Rick Mueller, Jessica L McCarty, Larry Beard)   [abstract]   [poster]
          196:  Integrating Multi-Sensor Satellite Data for Malaria Early Warning in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia (Alemayehu Midekisa, Michael C. Wimberly)   [abstract]
          197:  Spectral Compatibility of VIIRS Vegetation Index EDR with MODIS and AVHRR (Tomoaki Miura)   [abstract] -- Other
          198:  Developing High-Resolution Thermal Stress Indices To Enhance Regional Coral Bleaching Forecasts Through NOAA's Coral Reef Watch Decision-Support-System: Cold Stress Case Study (Maria Vega-Rodriguez, Frank E Muller-Karger, Jianke Li, C Mark Eakin, Liane Guild, Chuanmin Hu, Liu Gang, Lynds Susan, Nemani Ramakrishna, Heron Scott, Quiles Gabriel, Lirman Diego, Ruzicka Robert)   [abstract]
          199:  Using Wave-specific Metrics to Estimate Forest Structure from Lidar Wave Data (Jordan Muss, Geoff Henebry, Eric Salas, Naikoa Aguilar-Amuchastegu)   [abstract]
          200:  Spectral Characterization of Coastal Red Tide Events (Michael Ondrusek, Eric Stengel)   [abstract]
          201:  GEOS-5 observing system simulation experiments to assess the impact of additional space-based XCO2 measurements (Lesley Ott, Andrew Tangborn, Steven Pawson)   [abstract]
          202:  Biomass Mapping of US forests using synergy of SAR and optical Remote Sensing (Josef Kellndorfer, Alessandro Baccini, Jesse B. Bishop, Oliver Cartus, Tina Cormier, Wayne S. Walker, Maurizio Santoro)   [abstract]
          231:  VIIRS Data availability at NOAA for Operational & Marine Ecosystem Science & Applications (Heng Gu, Kent Hughes, Phillip Keegstra, Young Sung Kim, Xiaoming Liu, Sathyadev Ramachandran, Michael Soracco, Ron Vogel)   [abstract] -- Other
          232:  Providing access to multiple sensor subsets for field sites (Suresh Kumar Santhana Vannan, Robert B. Cook, Maria Martinez Gonzalez, Shishi Liu, Yaxing Wei, Michelle Thornton, Petya Krasteva Entcheva Campbell, Karl Fred Huemmrich)   [abstract] -- Other
          233:  MODIS subsetting tools for land validation, field site characterization, ecosystem studies, and classroom education. (Suresh Kumar Santhana Vannan, Robert B. Cook)   [abstract]
          234:  Can we avoid the permafrost carbon tipping point? (Kevin M. Schaefer, Tingjun Zhang, Lori Bruhwiler, Andrew Barrett, Zhuxiao Li)   [abstract]
          235:  Lessons from a Regional thru Local look at Forest Canopy Changes and Causal Processes in the Contiguous US: 1984-2005 (Karen Schleeweis, Chengquan Huang, Samuel N. Goward, Jeffrey Masek, Robert E Kennedy, Gretchen Moisen, Nancy Thomas)   [abstract] -- Other
          236:  Modeling Pol-InSAR Measurements of Vegetation Three-dimensional Structure at X-,L-,and P-Band. (Shadi Oveisgharan, Sassan Saatchi)   [abstract] -- Other -- canceled
          243:  Evaluating atmospheric CO2 inversions from multiple scales over a highly-inventoried agricultural landscape (Andrew Schuh, Thomas Lauvaux, Tristram O. West, Kenneth James Davis, Scott Denning, Stephen M Ogle)   [abstract]
          244:  Remote Sensing for Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Flux Models: Advanced Multispectral Sensor Requirements (Guy Serbin, Earle Raymond Hunt, Craig Daughtry, Martha Anderson)   [abstract]   [poster]
          245:  Regional to Global Scale Phytoplankton Dynamics: The SeaWiFS Legacy (Dave Siegel, Michael Behrenfeld, Charles McClain, Many Others)   [abstract] -- Other
          246:  Data and Model Structure Impacts on Carbon-Cycle Projections (Steven J Smith, Andrew Rothwell)   [abstract]
          247:  Biomass Burning Plume Injection Height Estimates using CALIOP, MODIS and the NASA Langley Trajectory Model (Amber Soja, Duncan Farilie, David Westberg, George Pouliot, James Szykman, Morgan Silverman)   [abstract]
          248:  Effects of environmental disturbances and land-use on semi-deciduous forests in Yucatán, Mexico. (John Rogan, Laura Schneider, Zachary Christman, Irene Zager, Schmook Birgit, Miguel Mendez)   [abstract] -- Other
          255:  Total suspended sediment (TSS) algorithm for the ocean color satellite application in the Chesapeake Bay Region (Seunghyun Son, Menghua Wang)   [abstract] -- Other
          256:  Molecular ecology meets remote sensing: environmental drivers to population structure of humpback dolphins in the Western Indian Ocean (Martin Mendez, Ajit Subramaniam)   [abstract] -- Other
          257:  Tropical Forest Biomass Estimation from Vertical Fourier Transforms of Lidar and InSAR Profiles (Robert Neil Treuhaft, Fabio G. Goncalves, Jason Drake, Bruce Chapman, João Roberto Santos, Paulo MLA Graça, Luciano Vieira Dutra, George H. Purcell)   [abstract] -- Other
          258:  Monitoring coastal wetlands and near shore aquatic environments in response to the BP Horizon oil spill (Susan L. Ustin, Shruti Khanna, Alexander Koltunov, Dar Alexander Roberts, Raymond Kokaly)   [abstract] -- Other
          259:  Mapping Agricultural Land Use Change in the US: Biofuel scenarios from 2000-2030 (Tristram O. West, Chad M. Hellwinckel, Craig C. Brandt, Varaprasad Bandaru)   [abstract]
          260:  Estimation of Aboveground Biomass at a High Spatial Resolution Using an Extensive Data Record of Satellite Derived Metrics: A Case Study with California (Gong Zhang, Sangram Ganguly, Ramakrishna R. Nemani, Sassan Saatchi, Yifan Yu, Alexander Fore, Weile Wang, Petr Votava, Andrew Michaelis, Ranga Babu Myneni)   [abstract]
          297:  Toward a National Animal Telemetry Observing Network (ATN) for our Oceans, Coasts and Great Lakes (Hassan Moustahfid, Churchill Grimes, John Kocik, Barbara Block, Kim Holland, John Payne, Dewayne Fox, Andrew Seitz, Charles Alexander)   [abstract] -- Other
          298:  Making United States Integrated Ocean Observing System (U.S. IOOS) Inclusive of Marine Biological Resources (Hassan Moustahfid, Jim Potemra, Philip Goldstein)   [abstract] -- Other
          299:  Generalist aboveground biomass equations for Mexican forest communities (Jose De Jesus Navar)   [abstract] -- live demo
          301:  Development and use of the Wildland Fire Emissions Information System for quantifying and mapping fire emissions for North America (Nancy HF French, Don McKenzie, Tyler A Erickson)   [abstract] -- live demo
          303:  A Decision Support System for Monitoring, Reporting and Forecasting Ecological Conditions of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail (Yeqiao Wang, Ramakrishna R. Nemani, Fred Dieffenbach, Ken Stolte, Glenn Holcomb, Marcia McNiff, Matt Robinson, Casey Reese, Roland Duhaime, Christopher Damon, Peter August, Forrest Melton, Hirofumi Harshimoto, Sam Hiatt, John Clark, Fu Luo, Brian Mitchell, Charles LaBash, Peter Paton, Geri Tierney)   [abstract] -- live demo
          305:  Improving The NOAA NMFS and ICCAT Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fisheries Management Decision Support System Final Research Results (Mitchell A. Roffer, John T. Lamkin, Frank Muller-Karger, Barbara A. Muhling, Walter Ingram)   [abstract] -- live demo
          307:  Satellite Image Automatic Mapper (SIAM) - A first-stage preliminary classifier for automatic two-stage Land Cover classification and Change detection (Andrea Baraldi, Luigi Boschetti, Chris Justice)   [abstract] -- live demo
          308:  Carbon Monitoring System-Observing System Simulation Experiment Framework (CMS-OSSE) (Meemong Lee, Kevin W Bowman)   [abstract] -- live demo
          309:  Environmental Policy Assessment Decision Support for the Inter-American Development Bank (Dennis Grossman, James Strittholt)   [abstract] -- live demo
          312:  Shrub Abundance in Alaskan Arctic Tundra from MODIS Reflectance Anisotropy (Mark James Chopping, Rocio Duchesne, Zhuosen Wang, Crystal Schaaf, Kenneth Tape)   [abstract]   [poster] -- Other

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