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A Modeling and Synthesis Thematic Data Center for the North American Carbon Program

Robert B. Cook, Environmental Sciences Division, ORNL, (Presenter)
Wilfred M. Post, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
Peter E. Thornton, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
Yaxing Wei, ORNL,
Deborah N. Huntzinger, Northern Arizona University,
Daniel M Ricciuto, ORNL,
Daniel J. Hayes, ORNL,
Andy Jacobson, NOAA,
Kevin M Schaefer, National Snow and Ice Data Center,
Kenneth James Davis, Penn State,
Michele M. Thornton, ORNL,
Barbara L. Jackson, ORNL,
Shihi Liu, ORNL,

The Modeling and Synthesis Thematic Data Center (MAST-DC) supports the North American Carbon Program (NACP) by providing data products and data management services needed for modeling and synthesis activities. The NACP Science Plan calls for coordination among observational, experimental, and modeling efforts for the terrestrial and atmospheric components of the carbon cycle. MAST-DC assembles, standardizes, and distributes critical carbon flux and biomass observations, along with model input and output data for ecosystem process (bottom-up) and inverse (top-down) modeling. In close collaboration with the NACP community, MAST-DC provides a source of spatially explicit data products of carbon stocks in soils, forests, and crops and of carbon sources and sinks in common grids, projections, and formats, using standard parameter names and units. This poster focuses on activities and products associated with the Site and Regional Interim Synthesis projects

Presentation Type:  Poster

Session:  Coupled Processes at Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Interfaces   (Mon 4:00 PM)

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  • Cook, Bob: A Modeling and Synthesis Thematic Data Center for the North American Carbon Program ...details
  • Cook, Bob: NACP Data Center for Modeling and Synthesis ...details

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