Agenda -- Updated 09/17/19

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Time 23-Sep
08:00 AM Registration LBA: Lessons Learned and Future Direction of Amazon Biome Research
Michael Keller PDF
Ralph Dubayah
08:15 AM
08:30 AM Integrating Remote Sensing Observations with NASA's GEOS-5 Modeling Framework in Support of Retrospective Analyses and Seasonal Prediction of Biosphere-Atmosphere CO2 Flux >>
Lesley Ott PDF
Michele Thornton and Jessica Welch PDF
08:45 AM TE Program Overview and HQ updates
Hank Margolis PDF
Methane Fluxes from Tropical Aquatic Systems: Integration of Measurements, Hydrological and Biogeochemical Models and Remote Sensing >>
John Melack PDF
NCCS ADAPT Cloud Computing
Mark Carroll PDF
09:00 AM Welcome- Goals and expected outcomes
Mike Falkowski and Peter Griffith PDF
Update on Landsat & Sustainable Land Imaging
Jeff Masek PDF
Detection, Quantification, and Analysis of Changes in Boreal and Arctic Ecosystems Using Measurements and Models of CO2 and Its Isotopes >>
Ralph Keeling PDF
09:15 AM The Surface Biology and Geology Designated Observable
Dave Schimel
Merging Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Partition Carbon and Water Fluxes between the Atmosphere and Biosphere >>
Trevor Keenan PDF
Multi-scale data assimilation and model comparison for ABoVE to identify processes controlling CO2 and CH4 exchange and influencing seasonal transitions in Arctic tundra ecosystems >>
Bill Munger PDF
09:30 AM Developing a Mechanistic Understanding of Variability in the Atmospheric CO2 Growth Rate Owing to Interannual Climate Oscillations >>
Gretchen Keppel-Aleks PDF
Interagency & International Collaborations
Kathy Hibbard PDF
Disturbance, Growth, and Recovery of Boreal Forests Spanning the Satellite Era: 3D Structure, Site Index, and Ecosystem Carbon Flux with Changing Climate >>
Paul Montesano (PI Chris Neigh) PDF
09:45 AM Integrating Field Experiments, Remote Sensing, and Process-based Modeling Toward Improved Understanding and Quantification of Watershed Scale Carbon >>
Xuesong Zhang PDF
Libby Larson PDF
Understanding the Causes and Implications of Enhanced Seasonal CO2 Exchange in Boreal and Arctic Ecosystems >>
Brendan Rogers PDF
10:00 AM Break Q&A Q&A
10:15 AM Closing the Methane Budget for the US Corn Belt and Upper Midwest >>
Dylan Millet PDF
Break Break
10:30 AM Process-Level Investigation of Revised Global Methane Budget Based on In Situ and Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Composition and the Land Surface >>
Xin Lan
Bistability and Feedbacks in Tropical Woodlands and Savannas: Carbon Cycle Implications of Changing Climate and Management >>
Niall Hanan PDF
Delta X
Marc Simard
10:45 AM Optimizing Fire Regimes In Fire Dependent Ecotypes >>
Sparkle Malone PDF
Impacts of Droughts on Carbon Stocks and Fluxes of Amazonian Forest Ecosystems >>
Sassan Saatchi
Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) Overview
Scott Goetz PDF
11:00 AM Q&A Drought-induced vegetation change and fire in Amazonian forests: past, present, and future >>
Michael Palace PDF
ABoVE Airborne Campaigns (2017-2019)
Chip Miller
11:15 AM Status & Results from IceSAT-2
Amy Neuenschwander PDF
Q&A, Charge to Afternoon Group Discussions Q&A
11:30 AM Lunch

Lunch Time Talk: How to Access ECOSTRESS Data
Aaron Friesz PDF
Lunch (Mentor Match-Up) Reporting Results via the TE Website
Mike Falkowski & Peter Griffith PDF
11:45 AM
Highlights & Outcomes; Discussion; Charge to Community
Mike Falkowski, Peter Griffith, & Libby Larson PDF
12:00 PM Adjourn
12:15 PM Lunch
12:30 PM
12:45 PM
01:00 PM Evaluating Crop Productivity Using Solar Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measured From Ground and Space >>
Christian Frankenberg PDF
Group Discussions
  • Future Direction for TE Research
    (Hank Margolis) PDF
  • Future Field Campaigns
    (Mike Falkowski) PDF
  • TE Data Product Needs
    (Chris Justice) PDF
Workshop: Data Management & Publishing for NASA TE Projects
01:15 PM Testing Satellite-based Scaling of Tropical Forest Photosynthesis with a New Network of Cameras and Fluorescence Spectrometers in Amazonia >>
Natalia Restrepo-Coupe (PI Scott Saleska) PDF
01:30 PM Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Soil Moisture Observations to Characterize Terrestrial Vegetation Photosynthesis and Biosphere Carbon Uptake in North America >>
Nick Parazoo PDF
01:45 PM Q&A
02:00 PM Status & Results from ECOSTRESS
Simon Hook
02:15 PM Status & Results from OCO-2 and OCO-3
Ken Jucks PDF
02:30 PM Break Break
02:45 PM Synergies between ISS sensors
Josh Fisher PDF
Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) Overview
George Hurtt PDF
03:00 PM G-LiHT
Bruce Cook PDF
Robert Green
03:30 PM Q&A Student Poster Speed Talks PDF  
03:45 PM Break  
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06:00 PM Social in The Hotel Lobby Social in The Hotel Lobby  
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