Meeting Overview
Sep. 23 – Sep. 25 Ending at Noon
Sep. 25 afternoon—Data Workshop
The Hotel at The University of Maryland
Important Dates
  • JPL UFO Deadline: July 25, 2019
  • NASA Only* NCTS Registration: August 23, 2019
  • Deadline for reduced hotel room rate : August 23, 2019
Who should attend?

NASA Terrestrial Ecology Community:

  • Current and recently funded TE project leads and members
  • Students supported by NASA Education and Terrestrial Ecology
  • NASA Postdoctural Fellows and New Investigators
  • Data Partners
  • Related Missions, Applications, Technology, etc.
  • Meeting Planning Committee will begin in January
  • Registration and poster abstract submission will open in the summer
  • Address issues/opportunities within the NASA Terrestrial Ecology Program
  • Gather community input on future directions for the program
  • Review recent scientific accomplishments and milestones
NASA and JPL ONLY: NASA Conference Tracking System (NCTS) Registration

NASA Civil Servants and Contractors

  • Deadline: August 23, 2019
  • NCTS WEB SITE: (through NASA launchpad)
    • NCTS number: 37413-19
    • Meeting name: NASA Terrestrial Ecology Program Science Team Meeting
  • Please accurately complete the justification including all reasons for attendance (presenting paper, chairing session, etc).
  • Ask your travel coordinator if you have any questions about filling out the NCTS form.

JPL Participants:

  • Please enter your forecast into the JPL UFO conference travel website  by July 25, 2019. If unable to do so, please email for NCTS Registration.