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Meeting Overview

Sep. 23 — Sep. 25 Ending at Noon
Sep. 23 — 8:00 am Registration in foyer outside Crossland Ballroom & hang poster
Sep. 23 — 8:30 am Meeting begins in Crossland Ballroom
Sep. 24 — Early Career Match-up for lunch with Mentor
Sep. 24 — Student Presentation Competition starting at 3:30
Sep. 25 — Data Workshop 1-3pm in Crossland Ballroom
Important Dates
  • JPL UFO Deadline: July 25, 2019
  • NASA Only* NCTS Registration: August 23, 2019
  • Deadline for reduced hotel room rate : August 23, 2019
  • Poster Abstract Submission Deadline: September 2, 2019
  • Sign up to Judge Student Speed talks and posters by September 2, 2019
Who should attend?

NASA Terrestrial Ecology Community:

  • Current and recently funded TE project leads and members
  • Students supported by NASA Education and Terrestrial Ecology
  • NASA Postdoctural Fellows and New Investigators
  • Data Partners
  • Related Missions, Applications, Technology, etc.
  • Address issues/opportunities within the NASA Terrestrial Ecology Program
  • Gather community input on future directions for the program
  • Review recent scientific accomplishments and milestones
Code of Conduct and Scientific Integrity
NASA HQ leadership and the staff of the Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Office are committed to providing safe, welcoming, and productive environments in the field and the lab, and at meetings and conferences, and have adapted the American Geophysical Union Meetings Code of Conduct and the American Geophysical Union Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics Policy. These cover proper conduct in data collection, analysis, interpretation, authorship, publication, review, and citation.
They also define misconduct to include harassment, bullying, and mistreatment in the classroom, meetings, and the field.

If you have any concerns or need an ally contact Peter Griffith, Libby Larson, Liz Hoy, Megan McGroddy, Dan Hodkinson, Jessica Bussard, or Leanne Kendig.