Data Management and Publishing for NASA TE Projects — ORNL DAAC

About This Workshop
Scientists spend considerable time conducting field studies and experiments, analyzing the data collected, and writing research papers, but an often overlooked activity is effectively managing and sharing the resulting data. The purpose of this workshop is to provide guidance on fundamental data management practices for field, airborne, and model-derived data, including data structure, quality control, documentation, and publication. Workshop participants should bring their own laptop to participate in hands-on activities and are encouraged to bring their own datasets. By following the practices taught in this workshop, your data will be more efficiently structured for analysis, easier to publish, and more readily understandable for future investigations.
  • Date: Wednesday, Sep 25th
  • Time: 1–3pm
  • Room: Crossland Ballroom
Who Should Attend
One person from each TE-funded project is encouraged to attend, including early career scientists, and anyone who would like to improve the impact and usability of their data.