NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Team Meeting

May 21–23, 2019, Arlington, VA

Tuesday, May 21st

8:30AM Welcome & Introduction 
(Woody Turner/NASA HQ) (PDF)
8:45AM NASA Earth Science Research Outlook
(Jack Kaye/NASA Headquarters)
9:00AM Questions
9:15AM Project Talks
  Assembly and Evolution of the Amazonian Biota and its Environment: An Integrated Approach
Joel Cracraft/American Museum of Natural History (PDF)
  Signatures of the Multiple Scales of Motion in Shaping Marine Phytoplankton Biogeography
Stephanie Dutkiewicz/Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PDF)
  Quantifying Forest Vertical Structure Using Spaceborne Lidar: A GEO BON Essential Biodiversity Variable Application in Colombia
Patrick Jantz/Northern Arizona University (PDF)
  Merging Satellite and Numerical Model Data in the California Current to Create Continuous Imagery and Forecasts of Harmful Algal Blooms
Clarissa Anderson/University of California, San Diego (PDF)
10:15AM Break
10:30AM NASA Applied Sciences Outlook
Lawrence Friedl/NASA Headquarters (PDF)
10:45AM Questions
11:00AM Project Talks
  Using Earth Observations and Ecosystem Modeling to Improve the Sustainability of Agribusiness and Extractive Industries in Working Landscapes
Becky Chaplin-Kramer/Stanford University (PDF)
  Automated Protocols for Generating Very High-Resolution Commercial Validation Products with NASA High-End Computing Resources
Maggie Wooten/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (PDF)
  Dynamic Seascape to Support a Biogeographic Framework for a Global Marine Biodiversity Observing Network
Maria Kavanaugh/Oregon State University (PDF)
  Forecasting Coral Disease Outbreaks across the Tropical Pacific Ocean Using Satellite-derived Data
Megan Donohue/University of Hawaii at Manoa (PDF)
12:00PM Lunch
1:30PM Project Talks
  Demonstrating an Effective Marine Biodiversity Observation Network in the Santa Barbara Channel
Robert Miller/University of California, Santa Barbara (PDF)
  Expanding Wallace Biodiversity Modelling Software to Support National Biodiversity Change Indicator Calculations for GEO BON Assessment and Reporting
Mary Blair/American Museum of Natural History (PDF)
  A Multidisciplinary Framework for Biodiversity Prediction in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest Hotspot
Ana Carnaval/City University of New York (PDF)
  TunaScape: Coupling Ocean Circulation to the Tuna Fishery of the Eastern Pacific Ocean
Dale Kiefer/University of Southern California (PDF)
  Decision and Information System for the Coastal Waters of Oman (DISCO) - An Integrative Tool for Managing Coastal Resources under Changing Climate
Joaquim Goes/Columbia University (PDF)
2:45PM Break
3:00PM Project Talks
  From Soundscapes to Landscapes: Monitoring Animal Biodiversity from Space Using Citizen Scientists
Matthew Clark/Sonoma State University (PDF)
  Developing and Testing the Dynamic Habitat Index from Terra and Aqua MODIS Data for Biodiversity and Conservation Science
Volker Radeloff/University of Wisconsin, Madison (PDF)
3:30PM NASA Capacity Building - ARSET and DEVELOP (PDF)
Cindy Schmidt/NASA Ames Research Center & Kenton Ross/NASA Langley Research Center
3:45PM NASA Partnerships and Crowdsourcing Favors (PDF) Gupta (PDF)
Jamie Favors and Shobhana Gupta/NASA Headquarters
4:00PM Poster Intro Speed Talks by NASA Earth and Space Science Fellows (PDF)
(3 minutes each, questions afterward at posters)
5:00PM Poster Session

Wednesday, May 22nd

08:30AM Project Talks
  Improving Linkages Between Earth Observations and Ecosystem Service Models with Essential Biodiversity Variables
Becky Chaplin-Kramer/Stanford University (PDF)
  Predicting, Validating and Understanding Zooplankton Distributions from Space in an Eddy Rich Ocean
Victoria Coles/University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (PDF)
  Forecasts of Pelagic Sargassum Blooms and Transports in the Intra-Americas Sea and Tropical Atlantic: Improving a Prototype Decision-making Tool
Chuanmin Hu/University of South Florida (PDF)
  Using NASA Resources to Better Inform Wildlife Conservation in the Anthropocene: Spatially Predicting Impacts of Anthropogenic Nightlight and Noise on Wildlife Habitat Integrity Across the Contiguous United States
Neil Carter/Boise State University (PDF)
09:30AM Project Talks
  NeMO-Net – The Neural Multi-Modal Observation and Training Network for Global Coral Reef Assessment
Juan Torres Perez/NASA Ames Research Center (PDF)
  Monitoring and Forecasting Chimpanzee Habitat Health in Africa to Inform Conservation Actions, Strategies and Measure Success
Lilian Pintea/Jane Goodall Institute (PDF)
  Modeling of Environmental Variables and Land-use/Land-cover Change Influence on Declining Hawaiian Coral Reef Health since 2000 Using HyspIRI-like Images
James Goodman/HySpeed Computing (PDF)
10:15AM Break
10:35AM Project Talks
  Using Remotely-sensed Phenology to Monitor Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Wetlands
Iryna Dronova/University of California, Berkeley (PDF)
  Utilizing Remote Sensing, Models and In Situ Data to Elucidate Ecosystem Hotspots in a Moving Ocean
Monique Messié/Monterey Bay Area Aquarium Research Institute (PDF)
  Laying the Foundation of the Pole-to-Pole Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) of the Americas
Enrique Montes/University of South Florida (PDF)
  Managing Forests for Sustainable Harvest and Wildlife Habitat Using Earth Observations and Modeling of Forest Structure and Landscape Connectivity
Andrew Elmore/University of Maryland (PDF)
11:35AM Speed Talk Introductions for Afternoon Breakout Sessions (PDF)
12:05PM Lunch
02:00PM Breakout Round 1: Trainings and Tutorials
  A. Advanced Phenological Information System
Jeff Morisette/National Invasive Species Council (PDF)
  B. Generative Models to Forecast Community Reorganization with Climate Change
Amanda Schwantes/Duke University
  C. Circuitscape
Kim Hall/The Nature Conservancy (PDF) and MIT/Ranjan Anantharaman (PDF)
  D. NASA Web-based Tools for Satellite Data Analysis
Cindy Schmidt/NASA Ames Research Center and Aaron Friesz/LP DAAC (PDF)
02:40PM Break
02:55PM Breakout Round 2: Trainings and Tutorials
  A. Advanced Phenological Information System
Jeff Morisette/National Invasive Species Council (PDF)
  B. Generative Models to Forecast Community Reorganization with Climate Change
Amanda Schwantes/Duke University
  C. Riverscape Analysis Project
Brian Hand/University of Montana (PDF)
  D. Accessing Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) from ORNL DAAC
Alison Boyer/ORNL DAAC (PDF)
03:35PM Break
03:50PM Breakout Round 3: Trainings and Tutorials
  A. Spectral Data Discovery, Access and Analysis through EcoSIS Toolkits
Ting Zheng/University of Wisconsin, Madison Part 1 (PDF) Part 2 (PDF)
  B. Software Workflows and Tools for Integrating Remote Sensing and Organismal Occurrence Data Streams to Assess and Monitor Biodiversity Change
Walter Jetz/Yale (PDF)
  C. Amplify your work: Storytelling Workshop and Presentation
U.Group (PDF)
  D. A Satellite-based Mobile Warning System to Reduce Atlantic Sturgeon Interactions in Delaware Waters
Matt Oliver/University of Delaware (PDF)
04:30PM Break
04:45PM Breakout Round 3: Trainings and Tutorials
  A. Spectral Data Discovery, Access and Analysis through EcoSIS Toolkits
Ting Zheng/University of Wisconsin, Madison Part 1 (PDF) Part 2 (PDF)
  B. Software Workflows and Tools for Integrating Remote Sensing and Organismal Occurrence Data Streams to Assess and Monitor Biodiversity Change
Walter Jetz/Yale (PDF)
  C. Programmatic Discussion with A.8 PIs
NASA Applied Sciences Team
  D. Programmatic Discussion with A.50 PIs
Gary Geller/NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
05:25PM Adjourn

Thursday, May 23rd

08:30AM Project Talks
  Developing a Mechanistic Understanding of the Influence of (Sub) Mesoscale Features on the Distribution and Behavior of Pelagic Predators
Peter Gaube/University of Washington (PDF)
  Piloting the Use of Earth Observation Data in Support of National and Subnational Ecosystem Accounts in the United States
Mehdi Heris/University of Colorado, Denver (PDF)
  Using Citizen Science to Understand Thirty Years of Change in Global Kelp Cover by Expanding the Zooniverse to NASA Satellite Imagery
Jarrett Byrnes/University of Massachusetts, Boston (PDF)
  East Meets West: Dynamic Biogeography of the Subarctic North Pacific
Kathleen Dohan/Earth and Space Research (PDF)
09:30AM Project Talks
  Vegetation Functional Amplitudes Along a Rainfall Gradient in Indian Ecosystems Using AVIRIS-NG
Phil Townsend/University of Wisconsin, Madison (PDF)
  FloatEco: Study of Physical and Biological Processes Maintaining a Unique Floating Ecosystem of the North Pacific Garbage Patch
Nikolai Maximenko/University of Hawaii and Gregory Ruiz/Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (PDF)
  Integration of Earth Observations for Decision Making on Biodiversity Management and Conservation in Colombia: Consideration of the Colombian Biodiversity Observation Network
Victor Gutierrez-Velez/Temple University (PDF)
  Utilizing Earth Observation Data and Products to Map Ecosystem Extent and Further the Development of a Condition Account to Support the Conservation Province of West Papua, Indonesia
Max Wright/Conservation International and Anurag Ramachandra/Conservation International - Indonesia (PDF)
10:30AM Break
10:50AM Project Talks
  The Freshwater Health Index: NASA-Conservation International Partnership
Derek Vollmer/Conservation International and Ibrahim Mohammed/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (PDF)
  The Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa: NASA-Conservation International Partnership
Celio Sousa/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Miroslav Honzak/Conservation International (PDF)
  Integrating Remote-Sensing and Ecological Forecasting into Decision-Support for Wetland Wildlife Management and Ecosystem Services in the Central Valley of California: Optimizing Across Multiple Benefits
Matthew Reiter/Point Blue Conservation Science (PDF)
  National Marine Sanctuaries as Sentinel Sites for a Demonstration Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON)
Frank Muller-Karger/University of South Florida (PDF)
11:50PM Lunch
01:30PM Project Talks
  Activities to Advance, Build and Deliver Remote Sensing-supported Species Distribution and Species Abundance EBVs
Walter Jetz/Yale University (PDF)
  Informing UN-assisted National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plans with Earth Observations: Application to Forest Integrity and Connectivity
Andrew Hansen/Montana State University (PDF)
  Ecosystem Functional Diversity of the Circumpolar Arctic
Amanda Armstrong/University of Virginia (PDF)
  Harnessing NASA Satellite Remote Sensing in Support of Large-Scale Conservation Management on BLM Lands
Greg Okin/University of California, Los Angeles (PDF)
  Linking Remotely-sensed Optical Diversity to Genetic, Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity to Predict Ecosystem Processes
Jeannine Cavender-Bares/University of Minnesota (PDF)
02:45PM Break
03:05PM Plenary Discussion: Program Updates, Issues, and Concerns (PDF)
Woody Turner and Keith Gaddis/NASA Headquarters
04:00PM Meeting Ends


Excel Report with Emails

Last, First Company/Organization
Abraham, Andrew Mr
Anderson, Clarissa UCSD
Anderson, Robert City College of New York, City University of New York
Armstrong, Amanda University of Virginia
Babich Morrow, Cecina American Museum of Natural History
Bertola, Laura City College of New York
Blair, Mary American Museum of Natural History
Bohrer, Gil OH State University
Boyer, Alison Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Brown de Colstoun, Eric NASA GSFC
Byrd, Kristin USGS
Byrnes, Jarrett University of Massachusetts Boston
Caldwell, Jamie Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology/Stanford University
Canonico, Gabrielle NOAA/US IOOS
Carlson, Ben Yale University
Carnaval, Ana CUNY
Cavender-Bares, Jeannine University of Minnesota
Chaichitehrani, Nazanin University of Maryland, Horn Point Labrotary
Chang, Samuel Pace University
Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca Natural Capital Project, Stanford University
Cherrington, Emil University of Alabama in Huntsville
Childs-Gleason, Lauren SSAI / NASA Capacity Building Program
Chirayath, Ved NASA Ames
Clark, Matthew Sonoma State University
Coles, Victoria UMCES
Cracraft, Joel American Museum of Natural History
Davis, Anita SSAI/Earth to Sky
Denfeld, Blaize NASA HQ
Deppe, Jill National Audubon Society
DiMiceli, Charlene University of Maryland, Dept. of Geographical Sciences
Dobrowski, Solomon University of Montana
Donahue, Megan Hawaii Inst of Marine Biology/University of Hawaii at Manoa
Doughty, Christopher NAU
Dronova, Iryna University of California Berkeley
Dungan, Jennifer NASA Ames Research Center
Dutkiewicz, Stephanie MIT
Ecker, Maddie U.Group/NASA Applied Sciences Communications Team
Ellis Soto, Diego Yale University
Elmore, Andrew University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Estes, Maury University of Alabama in Huntsville
Favors, Jamie NASA Earth Science
Fitzpatrick, Matt UMCES
Friesz, Aaron NASA LP DAAC
Gaube, Peter Applied Physics Laboratory - University of Washington
Geller, Gary NASA/JPL
Goldbaum, Elizabeth NASA/ESTO
Goodman, James HySpeed Computing
Greene, Austin University of Hawaii, Manoa
Griffin, Robert University of Alabama in Huntsville
Guild, Liane NASA Ames Research Center
Gupta, Shobhana NASA
Gutierrez, Victor Temple University
Hall, Cynthia Earth Science Data Systems Comm/SSAI
Hall, Kim The Nature Conservancy
Hand, Brian University of Montana - Flathead Lake Biological Station
Hansen, Andrew Montana State University
Haram, Linsey Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Heris, Mehdi University of Colorado Denver
Hernandez Sandoval, Betzy University of Alabama in Huntsville
Hu, Chuanmin University of South Florida
Jantz, Patrick School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems, Northern Arizona University
Johnson, Erica City University of New York, City College of New York
Jones, Robert The Nature Conservancy
Jongsomjit, Dennis Point Blue Conservation Science
Kalmus, Peter JPL
Kavanaugh, Maria Oregon State University
Keany, Jenna Northern Arizona University
Keck, Aries U.Group
Keys, Pat Colorado State University
Kiefer, Dale System Science Applications
Kilner, Christopher Duke University
Laidre, Kristin University of Washington
Lenahan, McRae U.Group
Lewison, Rebecca San Diego State University
Little, Michael NASA AIST
Lockhart, Steve NOAA IOOS
Marselis, Suzanne University of Maryland
Martinuzzi, Sebastian University of Wisconsin-Madison
Maximenko, Nikolai University of Hawaii
McDonald, Kyle City College of New York
Messié, Monique Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Miller, Robert University of California Santa Barbara
Min, Jee-Eun NASA Ames Research Center/ Earth Science Division
Minich, Taylor Duke University
Montes, Enrique University of South Florida
Morisette, Jeff Department of Interior
Muller-Karger, Frank University of South Florida, College of Marine Science
Nackoney, Janet University of Maryland
Nguyen, Amanda U.Group
Nuñez, Chase Duke University
Okin, Greg UCLA
OLIVER, MATTHEW University of Delaware
Ovienmhada, Ufuoma MIT Media Lab
Palm, Eric University of Montana
Pintea, Lilian the Jane Goodall Institute
Podest, Erika JPL
Portier, Andrea SSAI/ NASA GSFC
Poteet, Lia U.Group
Qi, Yi University of Nebraska Lincoln
Quinn, Colin Northern Arizona University
Radeloff, Volker UW-Madison
Ramachandra, Anurag Conservation International
Rappaport, Danielle University of Maryland
Reid, Jack Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Reiter, Matthew Point Blue Conservation Science
Ross, Kenton NASA DEVELOP Program
Ruiz, Gregory Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Salas, Leonardo Point Blue Conservation Science
Scher, Lane Duke University
Schmidt, Annie Point Blue Conservation Science
Schmidt, Cindy BAERI/NASA
Schneider, Fabian Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Schwantes, Amanda Duke University
Seadler, Abigail NASA/GST
Sharma, Shubhi Duke University
Shelby, Morgan University of Virginia
Siegel, David UCSB
Skiles, Jay NASA Ames Research Center
Sonnewald, Maike Massachusetts institute of technology
Sousa, Celio NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / USRA
Tabor, Karyn Conservation International
Tesser, Derek CUNY Guttman Community College
Theuerkauf, Seth The Nature Conservancy
Torres-Perez, Juan NASA Ames Research Center/Bay Area Environmental Research Institute
Townsend, Phil University of Wisconsin
Turner, Woody NASA
V. C. Oliveira, Pedro South Dakota State University
Vollmer, Derek Conservation International
Wei, Chenyang The State University of New York at Buffalo
Whitehurst, Amanda NASA
Wilson, Adam University at Buffalo
Wood, Danielle Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wooten, Margaret NASA/SSAI
Wright, Timothy Conservation International
Zheng, Ting University of Wisconsin-- Madison
Zuckerberg, Benjamin University of Wisconsin-Madison