NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Team Meeting

April 24 –26, 2018, Washington, DC

Tuesday, April 24th

8:30AM Welcome & Introduction 
(Woody Turner/NASA HQ) (PDF)
8:45AM NASA Earth Science Research Outlook
(Jack Kaye/NASA Headquarters)
9:00AM Questions
9:20AM Project Talks
  Forecasting Coral Disease Outbreaks Across the Tropical Pacific Ocean Using Satellite-Derived Data
Megan Donohue/University of Hawaii, Honolulu (PDF)
  Decision and Information System for the Coastal Waters of Oman (DISCO) - An Integrative Tool for Managing Coastal Resources Under Changing Climate
Joaquim Goes/Columbia University (PDF)
  A Satellite-based Mobile Warning System to Reduce Atlantic Sturgeon Interactions in Delaware Waters
Matthew Oliver/University of Delaware (PDF)
  Coral Reef Condition Across the Hawaiian Archipelago and Relationship to Environmental Forcing
Eric Hochberg/Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science (BIOS) (PDF)
10:20AM Break
10:45AM Project Talks
  EcoCast: Improving Ecological and Economic Sustainability of Marine Fisheries Using Remotely-Sensed Oceanographic Data
Rebecca Lewison/San Diego State University (PDF)
  Using HyspIRI to Identify Benthic Composition and Bleaching in Shallow Coral Reef Ecosystems
Tom Bell/University of California, Los Angeles (PDF)
  The Biogeography and Evolution of Drought Tolerance in Grasses
Fan Qiu/Kansas State University (PDF)
  Developing and Testing the Dynamic Habitat Index from Terra and Aqua MODIS Data for Biodiversity and Conservation Science
Volker Radeloff/University of Wisconsin, Madison (PDF)
11:45AM NASA Capacity Building Resources
  Applied Sciences Remote Sensing Training (ARSET)
Cindy Schmidt/NASA Ames Research Center (PDF)
  DEVELOP: Earth Observations Applications Feasibility Projects
Victor Lenske and Sara Lubkin/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (PDF)
12:00PM Lunch
01:30PM Project Talks
  Using Earth Observations and Ecosystem Modeling to Improve the Sustainability of Agribusiness and Extractive Industries in Working Landscapes
Becky Chaplin-Kramer/Stanford University (PDF)
  Earth Observations to Value Ecosystem Services: A Series of Workshops
Carlos Ramirez-Reyes/University of Minnesota (PDF)
  Using Earth Observations to Inform the Valuation of Ecosystem Services that Support Coastal Resiliency
Valerie Seidel/ The Balmoral Group, LLC (PDF)
  Integrating Remote-Sensing and Ecological Forecasting into Decision-Support for Wetland Wildlife Management and Ecosystem Services in the Central Valley of California: Optimizing Across Multiple Benefits
Matthew Reiter/Point Blue Conservation Science (PDF)
  Mosquito Mappers
Russanne Low/Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (PDF)
02:45PM Break
03:00PM Project Talks
  A System to Forecast the Demographic and Genetic Viability of Salmonid Fish Across Broad Regions Under Changing Climates
Seth Wenger/University of Georgia (PDF)
  Bringing Wildlife Management into Focus: Integrating Camera Traps, Remote Sensing and Citizen Science to Improve Population Modeling
Phil Townsend/University of Wisconsin, Madison (PDF)
  Projecting Effects of Climate Change on Pacific Rim Rivers and Salmon: Integrating Remote Sensing, Landscape Genomics, and Demography to Inform Conservation
Brian Hand/University of Montana (PDF)
  Monitoring and Forecasting Chimpanzee Habitat Health in Africa to Inform Conservation Actions, Strategies and Measure Success
Lilian Pintea/Jane Goodall Institute (PDF)
04:00PM NASA Data Archive Resources
New Tools for Managing Your Data at the Land Processes DAAC Aaron Friesz/USGS (PDF)
04:15PM Speed Talks on Posters by NASA Earth and Space Science Fellows
05:15PM Poster Session

Wednesday, April 25th

08:30AM Project Talks
  Informing UN-assisted National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plans with Earth Observations: Application to Forest Integrity and Connectivity
Andrew Hansen/Montana State University, Bozeman (PDF)
  Using NASA Resources to Better Inform Wildlife Conservation in the Anthropocene: Spatially Predicting Impacts of Anthropogenic Nightlight and Noise on Wildlife Habitat Integrity Across the Contiguous United States
Neil Carter/Boise State University (PDF)
  Adaptive Ecosystem Climatology (AEC)
Sergio deRada/Naval Research Laboratory (PDF)
  Re-wilding Urban Environments: Integrating Remote Sensing and Citizen Science to Study the Environmental Context and Ecological Consequences of Returning Avian Predators
Ben Zuckerberg/University of Wisconsin, Madison (PDF)
09:30AM Project Talks
  Linking Remotely Sensed Optical Diversity to Genetic, Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity to Predict Ecosystem Processes
Jeannine Cavender-Bares/University of Minnesota (PDF)
  Integrating Earth Observations with Improved Topoclimate and Connectivity Tools to Inform Climate-Smart Conservation
Kimberly Hall /The Nature Conservancy (PDF)
  Harnessing NASA Satellite Remote Sensing in Support of Large-Scale Conservation Management on BLM Lands
Bo Zhou/University of California, Los Angeles (ZIP)
  Bayesian Data-Model Synthesis for Biological Conservation and Management in Antarctica
Heather Lynch/SUNY Stony Brook (PDF)
10:30AM Break
10:50AM Scoping Study and Workshop Project Talks
  From Arboreal to Benthic Communities: the ABCs of Land to Ocean Biodiversity Observations
Erin Hestir/University of California, Merced (PDF)
  Scoping Study for Biodiversity Airborne Campaigns
Phil Townsend/University of Wisconsin, Madison (PDF)
  Monitoring Dimensions of Biodiversity in a Mega-Diverse Region of Southern Africa: from Traits to Communities to Ecosystems
Adam Wilson/University at Buffalo (PDF)
  Connecting Biodiversity, Geodiversity, and Remote Sensing across Scales
Sydne Record/Bryn Mawr College (PDF)
  Identify Gaps and Needs for Improving Large-scale Biodiversity Modeling Through Lessons Learned from Climate Models
Bonnie Myers and Sarah Weiskopf/USGS (PDF)
12:05PM Lunch
01:20PM Workshop and MBON Project Talks
  Mapping Linkages Between Geophysical and Biological Diversity Across Space and Time in the Andes, Amazon, and Choco of Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia.
Sherilyn Fritz/University of Nebraska, Lincoln (PDF)
  System for Mapping And Predicting Species Of Concern (SMAP-SOC)
John Olson/ California State University, Monterey Bay (PDF)
  Demonstrating an Effective Marine Biodiversity Observation Network in the Santa Barbara Channel
Robert Miller/University of California, Santa Barbara (PDF)
  National Marine Sanctuaries as Sentinel Sites for a Demonstration Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON)
Frank Muller-Karger/University of South Florida (PDF)
02:20PM Presentation and Discussion - Analytic Centers: Bringing Machine Learning to Biodiversity Studies
NASA Earth Science Technology Office/Mike Little (PDF)
03:10PM Break
03:25PM Presentation and Comment: Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Advanced Planning
Gary Geller/JPL (PDF)
4:25PM Project Talks
  Assessing Simulated HyspIRI Imagery for Detecting and Quantifying Coral Reef Coverage and Water Quality Using Spectral Inversion and Deconvolution Methods
Steve Ackleson/Naval Research Laboratory (PDF)
  Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs: Assessing the Potential for Spectral Discrimination of Coral Symbiont Diversity
Heidi Dierssen/University of Connecticut (PDF)
  Next-Generation UAS-Based Spectral Systems for Environmental Monitoring
Petya Campbell/University of Maryland, Baltimore County (PDF)
05:10PM Adjourn

Thursday, April 26th

08:30AM Project Talks
  Forecasts of Pelagic Sargassum Blooms and Transports in the Intra-Americas Sea and Tropical Atlantic: Improving a Prototype Decision-making Tool
Chuanmin Hu/University of South Florida, Tampa (PDF)
  From Soundscapes to Landscapes: Monitoring Animal Biodiversity from Space Using Citizen Scientists
Scott Goetz/Northern Arizona University (PDF)
  Assembly and Evolution of the Amazonian Biota and its Environment: an Integrated Approach
Kyle McDonald/The City College of New York, CUNY (PDF)
  Managing Forests for Sustainable Harvest and Wildlife Habitat Using Earth Observations and Modeling of Forest Structure and Landscape Connectivity
Andrew Elmore/University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (PDF)
  Animal Telemetry Network
Bill Woodward/NOAA Integrated Ocean Observing System (PDF)
09:45AM Charge to Breakout Groups
09:55AM Break
10:15AM Breakout Discussion Topics
  • Integrating Biological Observations into the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System and the Global Ocean Observing System
  • Ecological Forecasting Projects - Meeting with Associates
  • New Directions in the Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Biodiversity
12:00PM Lunch
01:15PM Reconvene and Report Out
01:45PM Project Talks
  The role of Taxonomic, Functional, Genetic, and Landscape Diversity in Food Web Responses to a Changing Environment
Anthony Ives/University of Wisconsin, Madison (PDF)
  Merging Satellite and Numerical Model Data in the California Current to Create Continuous Imagery and Forecasts of Harmful Algal Blooms
Clarissa Anderson/Scripps Institution of Oceanography (PDF)
  Initiating an Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network (AMBON)
Lee Cooper/University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (PDF)
  A Multidisciplinary Framework for Biodiversity Prediction in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest Hotspot
Andrea Paz/The City College of New York (PDF)
  Deriving Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) and Indicators from eBird Citizen Science Data
Tom Auer/Cornell University (PDF)
03:00PM Break
03:15PM Plenary Discussion: Program Updates, Issues, and Concerns
Woody Turner, Allison Leidner, Keith Gaddis/NASA HQ
04:00PM Meeting Ends


Excel Report with Emails

Last, First Company/Organization
Ackleson, Steven Naval Research Laboratory
Anderson, Clarissa Scripps Institution of Oceanography/Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System
Armstrong, Amanda USRA GESTAR
Auer, Tom Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Bagstad, Ken U.S. Geological Survey
Beard, Doug U.S. Geological Survey
Bell, Tom UC Los Angeles
Blair, Mary Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History
Bond, Pamela NASA Headquarters
Bontempi, Paula NASA Headquarters
Borowitz, Mariel NASA Headquarters
Bosch, Jennifer U.S. IOOS
Boyer, Alison Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Braun, Camrin MIT-WHOI
Brennan, Sarah NASA Headquarters
Bristol, Sky U.S. Geological Survey
Brown de Colstoun, Eric Biospheric Sciences Laboratory GSFC
Bundy, Marie NOAA NOS OCM
Byrd, Kristin U.S. Geological Survey
Caldwell, Jamie University of Hawaii & Stanford University
Campbell, Petya UMBC
Canonico, Gabrielle NOAA/US IOOS
Carter, Neil Boise State University
Cavender-Bares, Jeannine University of Minnesota
Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca Stanford University
Clare, John University of Wisconsin
Clark, Jim Duke University
Clough, Lisa NSF
Comet, Sabra IOOS/NOAA
Conlisk, Erin Point Blue Conservation Science
Cooper, Lee University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Curtis, Caroline University of Massachusetts
Davis, Anita SSAI/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
de Rada, Sergio Naval Research Laboratory
Diamond, Craig The Balmoral Group
Dierssen, Heidi University of Connecticut
Dohan, Kathleen Earth and Space Research
Donahue, Megan Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Dourte, Daniel The Balmoral Group
Dutkiewicz, Stephanie MIT
Eakin, Mark NOAA Coral Reef Watch
Elmore, Andrew University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Erker, Tedward University of Wisconsin-Madison
Estes, Maury University of Alabama in Huntsville
Fatoyinbo, Lola NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Forget, Gaël MIT
Friesz, Aaron NASA LP DAAC
Fritz, Sheri University of Nebraska Lincoln
Frye, Henry University of Connecticut
Gaddis, Keith NASA Headquarters
Gao, Bo-Cai NRL
Geiger, Erick NOAA Coral Reef Watch
Geller, Gary JPL
Gittings, Steve NOAA
Goes, Joaquim Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University
Goetz, Scott Northern Arizona University
Gouldman, Carl U.S. IOOS
Gradone, Joe University of Delaware
Greene, Austin Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Groves, Carolyn National Oceanographic Partnership Program
Gutierrez-Velez, Victor Temple University
Hall, Kimberly The Nature Conservancy
Hand, Brian University of Montana
Hansen, Andy Montana State University
Haram, Linsey Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Hebblewhite, Mark University of Montana
Hellmayr, Christoph Duke University
Heron, Scott NOAA Coral Reef Watch
Hestir, Erin UC Merced
Hu, Chuanmin University of South Florida
Ives, Anthony University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jantz, Patrick Northern Arizona University
Jantz, Samuel University of Maryland
Jetz, Walter Yale University
Jones-Bateman, John Booze Allen Hamilton
Juhn, Daniel Conservation International
Kavanaugh, Maria Oregon State University
Kaye, Jack NASA Headquarters
Khan, Ashfaq The City College of New York
Kiefer, Dale System Science Applications
Killner, Chris Duke University
Kimball, Justine CRIR NOAA
Laporte, Nadine Northern Arizona University
Lara Henao, Wilson Temple University
Laureano-Rosario, Abdiel University of South Florida
Leidner, Allison NASA Headquarters/ASRC Federal
Lenahan, McRae CHIEF
Lenske, Victor NASA DEVELOP
Lewison, Rebecca San Diego State University
Lind, Brianna New Mexico State University
Little, Michael NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Liu, Gang NOAA Coral Reef Watch
Lorenzoni, Laura NASA Headquarters
Low, Russanne IGES
Lynch, Heather Stony Brook University
Marselis, Suzanne University of Maryland
Martinelli, Sebastian University of Wisconsin
Maximenko, Nikolai University of Hawaii
McDonald, Kyle The City College of New York
Messie, Monique MBARI
Messié, Monique Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Miller, Robert Marine Science Institute
Molthan, Andrew NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Montes, Enrique University of South Florida
Morisette, Jeffrey Department of Interior
Muller-Karger, Frank University of South Florida
Myers, Bonnie U.S. Geological Survey
Neigh, Chris NASA Headquarters
Nunes, Chase Duke University
Oliver, Matthew University of Delaware
Olson, John California State University Monterey Bay
Ombres, Erica NOAA OAR OAP
Pavlick, Ryan JPL
Paz Velez, Andrea Graduate Center, City University of New York
Pintea, Lilian the Jane Goodall Institute
Price, Jim U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Qiu, Fan Kansas State University
Quinteros, Natalia City University of New York
Quintrell, Josie IOOS Association 
Radeloff, Volker University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ramirez Reyes, Carlos University of Minnesota
Rappaport, Danielle University of Maryland
Record, Sydne Bryn Mawr College
Reiter, Matthew Point Blue Conservation Science
Rogers, Laura NASA Langley Research Center
Ruiz, Gregory Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Schaffer-Smith, Danica Duke University
Schmidt, Cindy BAERI/NASA
Schultz, Lori University of Alabama at Huntsville
Schwaller, Mathew SUNY Stonybrook
Schwartes, Amanda Duke University
Seadler, Abigail NASA/GST
Seidel, Valerie The Balmoral Group
Shamberger, Katie Texas A&M University, Dept of Oceanography
Shiklomanov, Alexey Boston University
Siegel, David UCSB
Silsbe, Greg University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Skiles, Jay NASA Ames Research Center
Snowden, Derrick NOAA/IOOS
Song, Xiao-Peng University of Maryland
Sousa, Celio USRA
Stone, Brian Axiom Data Science
Swenson, Jennifer Duke University
Townsend, Philip University of Wisconsin-Madison
Turner, Woody NASA Headquarters
Van Leeuwen, Martin University at Buffalo, Dept of Geography
Wei, Jianwei University of Massachusetts Boston
Weiskopf, Sarah U.S. Geological Survey
Wenger, Seth University of Georgia
Whitehurst, Amanda ASTS/NASA Headquarters
Willis, Zdenka NASA Headquarters
Wilson, Adam University at Buffalo
Woodward, Bill NOAA/IOOS/ATN
Wright, Timothy Conservation International
Yu, Qin The George Washington University
Zhou, Bo UCLA
Zuckerberg, Benjamin University of Wisconsin-Madison