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PresenterOrganizationPoster TitlePoster
Ellis Soto, Diego Yale University  Using detailed human activity and remote sensing data to assess
wildlife responses to altered human behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic 
Frye, Henry University of Connecticut  Reflectance spectra of plant families differ in their response to environmental gradients  pdf
Guzmán Q., J. Antonio University of Minnesota  Mapping oak wilt using phenology-informed observations from space  pdf
Herman, Rachael Stony Brook University  Poster: Population structure and demography of gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) within an area of range expansion
Associated Project: Sea ice dynamics as driving mechanism for range expansion and colony establishment in gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) 
Hestir, Erin University of California Merced  Using ECOSTRESS to Monitor and Restore Delta Smelt Thermal Habitats
Rebecca N. Gustine1,4, Cassandra Nickles1, Christine Lee1, Brian A. Crawford2, & Erin L. Hestir3, & Shruti Khanna5
1Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, 2 Compass Resource Management, 3 University of California Merced, 4 Washington State University, 5California Department of Fish and Wildlife 
Jablonski, Andrew University of Virginia  Linking canopy structure and function in a temperate deciduous ecosystem  pdf
Keany, Jenna Northern Arizona University  How do African forest elephant impact canopy structure? Using lidar to investigate elephants' ecological role in Gabon.  pdf
Naudet, Joshua Flathead Lake Biological Station  Species Distribution Modeling for Aquatic Invasive Species  pdf
Olah, Ashley University of Wisconsin - Madison  poster title: Predictive species distribution models from remotely sensed vs. traditional variables
Project: Modeling endangered species' forest habitats, and updating forest land use plans in Argentina in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 
Otis, Dan University of South Florida  Poster Title: High resolution coastal surface temperatures from ECOSTRESS
Project: Examining the Relation Between Biodiversity and Surface Temperature Regimes in Localized Coastal Upwelling Zones Using ECOSTRESS 
Pinti, Jerome University of Delaware  Improving geolocation of tagged animals by including diffuse attenuation coefficient in geolocation algorithms  pdf
Rogova, Natalia University of Wisconsin–Madison  Assessment of Bewick's Swan (Cygnus columbianus bewickii) distribution in Eurasian steppe during their spring migration.
Agricultural abandonment across the Eurasian steppe: effect on fires, vegetation succession and habitat quality for rare waterfowl species. 
Song, Lei Clark University  Using a Nested Multi-Scale Method to Characterize Landscape Utilization and Conservation Status of African Savanna Elephant  pdf
Swenson, Nathan University of Notre Dame  Transcriptomics from Space: Linking Remote Sensing to Tree Gene Expression in a Diverse Set of Species Through the Growing Season and in Response to Water Deficit  pdf
Wiernicki, Caroline University of Delaware  Assessing the capacity of various pelagic shark species to serve as ocean observing platforms in the Mid-Atlantic Bight and beyond  pdf
Woodin, Sarah University of South Carolina Columbia  Validation and use of the new high resolution NASA ECOSTRESS instrument in highly valuable harvested intertidal environments
David S Wethey, Nicolás Weidberg, Sarah A. Woodin NASA 80NSSC20K0074 
Xu, Jin Conservation Biology Institute, National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution  Modeling Worldwide Tree Biodiversity Using Canopy Structure Metrics from Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) data
Associated project: The power of GEDI: Investigate the efficacy of spaceborne Lidar to model biodiversity and characterize habitat heterogeneity at the continental and global scales PI: Qiongyu Huang Proposal/Award Number: 80NSSC21K0936 
Zmina, Stephanie University of Delaware  Testing energy biodiversity theories on marine fishes  pdf
Angel, Yoseline NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - UMD College Park  Blooming Dynamics: Deciphering the Spectra of Flowers  pdf
Campbell, Anthony UMBC/NASA  Tentative poster title and associated project: BioREaCH: Biodiversity-Remote sensing for Estuarine and Coastal Habitat research  pdf
Cawse-Nicholson, Kerry NASA/JPL  Intrinsic dimensionality: a metric of spectral diversity in the Cape Floristic Region  pdf
Chaity, Manisha Das Rochester Institute of Technology  Project: BiosCape
Poster Title: RadSCape: Radiative Transfer Simulation and Validation of the Dynamic Structural and Spectral Properties of the Vegetation of the Cape. 
Gaillard, Camille Northern Arizona University  Unravelling the Role of Vegetation Structure in Ecosystem Functioning with LIDAR, Field Studies and Modelling  pdf
Guild, Liane NASA Ames Research Center  CyanoSCape: Freshwater Phytoplankton and Floating Aquatic Vegetation Biodiversity
BioSCape project 
Inman, Rya Dept. of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland  Applying Global-Coverage Lidar to Enhance Mapping of Shade Coffee Agroforestry in South America   
Keyser, Spencer University of Wisconsin-Madison  Snow cover dynamics as a key ecological filter for species distributions  pdf
KUMAR, DHEERESH University of Delhi  Allergic Pollen count air monitoring and identification of allergic pollen grains   
Mueter, Franz University of Alaska Fairbanks  The Alaska Marine Biodiversity Observations Network  pdf
Roehrdanz, Patrick Conservation International  Developing Ecosystem Accounts in Support of the West Papua Conservation Province; EO4EA - Indonesia  pdf
Salas, Leo Point Blue Conservation Science  Project: BioSoundSCape - Connecting Acoustics and Remote Sensing to Study Habitat-Animal Diversity Across Environmental Gradients
Poster title: The merging of acoustics and citizen science for monitoring ecosystem diversity and health 
Stovall, Atticus University of Maryland / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center  BioREaCH: Biodiversity-Remote sensing for Estuarine and Coastal Habitat research  pdf 
Voirol, Grant University of Delaware  The applicability of Optimum Foraging Theory to Pygoscelis spp.
memory and effort allocation at the sub-mesoscale 
Wei, Chenyang The State University of New York at Buffalo  Poster title: Vegetation Dynamics in Alpine Treeline Ecotones Worldwide 1985-2020
Associated project: Monitoring, Modeling, and Projecting Global Dynamics in Alpine Treeline Ecotones under Climate Change