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Meeting Overview

The NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Team Meeting is a by-invitation, in-person meeting of team members, to be held September 20-22, 2022 at The Hotel in College Park, MD.

Members include principal investigators and their designees funded by the NASA Biological Diversity Program Element or the NASA Ecological Forecasting Program Element. NASA also invites students with relevant projects in the Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology (FINESST) Program, along with their academic advisors, to become part of the team, as well as those addressing relevant topics in the NASA New Investigator Program and other Earth Science programs. Friends of these two NASA programs working within NASA and other U.S. Government agencies are also included on the team.


Meeting Questions:
Woody Turner
NASA Headquarters
Keith Gaddis
NASA Headquarters

Angela Clark-Williams

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COVID Protocols

By attending in person you are self-certifying that you are not currently experiencing COVID symptoms.
The latest update on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 Community Levels Map shows that the DC region is in LOW community transmission level. NASA guidance makes wearing a mask indoors optional. Even if masking isn't required, participants may always choose to wear a mask based on personal preference or assessment of personal risk. Please know that choice is fully supported.
Please consult the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security with your questions related to gatherings/events.