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Modeling the impacts of major forest disturbances on the Earth's coupled carbon-climate system, and the capacity of forests to meet future demands for wood, fuel, and fiber

Hurtt, George: University of Maryland (Project Lead)
Collatz, George (Jim): NASA GSFC - retired (Institution Lead)
Dolan, Katelyn: University of Maryland (Participant)
Fisk, Justin: Applied Geosolutions (Participant)
le Page, Yannick: JGCRI (Participant)

Project Funding: 2010 - 2013

NRA: 2009 NASA: Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science   

Funded by NASA

The carbon balance of forested ecosystems are fundamentally linked to cycles of disturbance and recovery. Two of the most extreme natural disturbances are tropical cyclones and Amazon forest fires. While an average of more than 80 tropical storms and hurricanes occur per year, the number, severity, and impacts of these storms varies though time and may be increasing, while the committed carbon emissions from a single large storm such as Katrina can be as large as the net annual carbon sequestration of U.S. forest trees. Forest fires are a growing concern too, particularly in the sensitive Amazon region where they potentially compound the risk of forest die-back from climate change. The overall science goal of this proposal is to understand how altered natural disturbance rates could affect the carbon balance of terrestrial ecosystems, and as a consequence, the development strategies designed to mitigate against future climate change. In particular, we address two major science questions: (1) How could potentially altered disturbance rates from tropical cyclones and Amazonian fires affect vegetation, carbon stocks and fluxes, and the development of climate change mitigation strategies? (2) How does remote sensing data quantity and quality constrain model projections of the effects of altered disturbance rates on vegetation, carbon stocks and fluxes, and the development of climate change mitigation strategies? These science questions are addressed through four linked objectives: 1) remote sensing and modeling forest disturbances (tropical cyclones and Amazonian fires) (2) assess the consequences of forest disturbances in integrated assessments (3) link ecological and socio-economic models addressing forest disturbance and (4) quantify the implications of forest disturbances for future satellite missions and Earth System models. This proposal address NNH09ZDA001N-IDS sub-element 1: Integrated Earth System Responses to Extreme Disturbances.


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2015 NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop Poster(s)

  • The integrated Ecosystem Demography (iED) model: Linking ecological and socio-economic models for improved integrated assessments of climate mitigation   --   (Justin P Fisk, George Hurtt, Yannick le Page, Pralit Patel)   [abstract]
  • Integrating Lidar Canopy Height and Landsat-based Forest Disturbance History with Ecosystem Demography Model for Carbon Change Estimation, A Case in Charles County, Maryland   --   (Maosheng Zhao, Chengquan Huang, George Hurtt, Ralph Dubayah, Justin Fisk, Anu Swatantran, Wenli Huang, Hao Tang)   [abstract]

2013 NASA Terrestrial Ecology Science Team Meeting Poster(s)

  • Modeling the Impacts of Major Forest Disturbances on the Earth's Coupled Carbon-Climate System, and the Capacity of Forests to Meet Future Demands for Wood, Fuel, and Fiber   --   (George Hurtt, Jae Edmonds, Jeffrey Chambers, Steve Frolking, Yannick LePage, Justin Fisk, Louise Chini, Robinson Negron-Juarez, Katelyn Dolan, Steve Flanagan, Qing Ying, Doug Morton, Jim Collatz, Anthony Anthony)   [abstract]

2011 NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop Poster(s)

  • Assessment of hurricane-related disturbances in US forest ecosystems   --   (Robinson Negron-Juarez, Jeffrey Q. Chambers, George Hurtt, Justin Fisk)   [abstract]
  • Sensitivity of Vegetation Structure and Dynamics to Climate Data   --   (Steve Flanagan, George Hurtt, Justin Fisk, Oliver Rourke, Louise Parsons Chini, Amanda Armstrong)   [abstract]
  • Impacts of altered ecosystem disturbance rates on climate change mitigation strategies within an integrated assessment model.   --   (Yannick le Page, George Hurtt, Allison Thomson, Ben Bond-Lamberty, Marshall Wise, Katherine Calvin, Justin Fisk, Jae Edmonds, Anthony C Janetos)   [abstract]
  • iED: Linking ecological and socio-economic models for improved integrated assessments of climate mitigation and adaptation   --   (George Hurtt, Jae Edmonds, Justin Fisk, Ben Bond-Lamberty, Yannick LePage, Louise Chini, Allison Thomson, Ralph Dubayah, Anthony Janetos, Steve Frolking, Doug Morton, Jeff Chambers)   [abstract]
  • Secondary forests from agricultural abandonment in Amazonia   --   (Douglas Morton, Pipa Elias)   [abstract]

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