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Using NASA Remote Sensing and Models to Advance Integrated Assessments of Coupled Human-Forest Dynamics for North America

Hurtt, George: University of Maryland (Project Lead)
Bond-Lamberty, Ben: Pacific NW National Lab (Co-Investigator)
Chini, Louise: University of Maryland (Co-Investigator)
Edmonds, Jae: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Joint Global Change Research Institute (Co-Investigator)
Frolking, Steve: University of New Hampshire (Co-Investigator)
Janetos, Anthony (Tony): Boston University (Co-Investigator)
Thomson, Allison: Joint Global Change Research Institute (Co-Investigator)
Dolan, Katelyn: University of Maryland (Participant)
Fisk, Justin: Applied Geosolutions (Participant)
Flanagan, Steve: University of Maryland (Participant)
Imhoff, Marc: Joint Global Change Research Institute (Participant)

Project Funding: 2010 - 2013

NRA: 2009 NASA: Terrestrial Ecology   

Funded by NASA

Human activity has significantly altered basic element cycles, the water cycle, and the land surface at local to planetary scales, and these alterations are influencing the global environment, including the Earth's climate system. Population and the demand for energy, food, fiber, and water will increase in the future, placing even greater pressure on the Earth system. Planning for the next century requires accurate models of the Earth system, including human activity. Recent studies with integrated assessment models models linking human and natural systems at a global scale highlight the importance of terrestrial systems in climate stabilization efforts. We propose to link remote sensing, terrestrial ecosystem modeling, and integrated assessment modeling to improve assessments of carbon dynamics, land-use change, and climate mitigation policies. Our research aims to reduce uncertainties associated with forest modeling within integrated assessments, and to quantify the impacts of climate change on forest growth and productivity for integrated assessments of terrestrial carbon management. In particular, we address the following three major science questions: (1) How can remote sensing and mechanistic ecosystem models be used to improve integrated assessments involving coupled human-forest dynamics? (2) What are the opportunities for land-use strategies such as afforestation or woody bioenergy crop production to contribute to stabilization of atmospheric CO2 concentrations? (3) What are the linked remote sensing/ecosystem modeling requirements for improving integrated assessments of climate mitigation strategies? To answer these questions, we will build upon and integrate our teams leadership experience and ongoing efforts in three key areas: Lidar-initialized Ecosystem Demography (ED) modeling, MiniCAM integrated assessment modeling, and global land- use modeling. This work will yield new and innovative coupled models that will be used to mechanistically simulate the interactive effects of ecosystem dynamics and human land-use in the context of climate change and the development of strategies to mitigate it.


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2015 NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop Poster(s)

  • Plant migrations role on future carbon balance from climate change in Northern North America   --   (Steve Flanagan, George Hurtt, Justin Fisk, Ritvik Sahajpal)   [abstract]
  • The integrated Ecosystem Demography (iED) model: Linking ecological and socio-economic models for improved integrated assessments of climate mitigation   --   (Justin P Fisk, George Hurtt, Yannick le Page, Pralit Patel)   [abstract]
  • Quantifying spatial and temporal patterns of forest disturbance over a quarter century and across three distinct regions of the US   --   (Katelyn Dolan, George Hurtt, Chang Huang, Jeffrey Masek, Justin Fisk, Ralph Dubayah)   [abstract]
  • Integrating Lidar Canopy Height and Landsat-based Forest Disturbance History with Ecosystem Demography Model for Carbon Change Estimation, A Case in Charles County, Maryland   --   (Maosheng Zhao, Chengquan Huang, George Hurtt, Ralph Dubayah, Justin Fisk, Anu Swatantran, Wenli Huang, Hao Tang)   [abstract]

2013 NASA Terrestrial Ecology Science Team Meeting Poster(s)

  • Using NASA Remote Sensing and Models to Advance Integrated Assessments of Coupled Human-Forest Dynamics for North America   --   (George Hurtt, Jae Edmonds, Ralph Dubayah, Louise Chini, Steve Frolking, Ritvik Sahajpal, Katelyn Dolan, Steve Flanagan, Anthony Janetos)   [abstract]
  • High-Resolution Ecosystem Modeling as part of Robust Carbon Monitoring System   --   (Maosheng Zhao, George Hurtt, Ralph Dubayah, Justin Fisk, Amanda Armstrong, Anuradha Swatantran, Naira Pinto, Oliver Rourke, Steve Flanagan, Chengquan Huang)   [abstract]

2011 NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop Poster(s)

  • Sensitivity of Vegetation Structure and Dynamics to Climate Data   --   (Steve Flanagan, George Hurtt, Justin Fisk, Oliver Rourke, Louise Parsons Chini, Amanda Armstrong)   [abstract]
  • iED: Linking ecological and socio-economic models for improved integrated assessments of climate mitigation and adaptation   --   (George Hurtt, Jae Edmonds, Justin Fisk, Ben Bond-Lamberty, Yannick LePage, Louise Chini, Allison Thomson, Ralph Dubayah, Anthony Janetos, Steve Frolking, Doug Morton, Jeff Chambers)   [abstract]
  • Linking Models and Data on Vegetation Structure: Implications for Predictions of North American Carbon Stocks and Fluxes   --   (George Hurtt, Justin Fisk, Ralph Dubayah, Steve Flanagan, Katelyn Dolan, Michael Lefsky, Naiara Pinto, Hank Shugart, Marc Simard)   [abstract]

2010 NASA Terrestrial Ecology Science Team Meeting Poster(s)

  • Integration of long term Landsat observations with DESDynI measurements for monitoring terrestrial carbon fluxes within and beyond the DESDynI mission   --   (Chengquan Huang, Ralph Dubayah, George Hurtt, Jeffrey G Masek, Samuel N Goward)   [abstract]
  • Harmonization of Global Land-Use Scenarios for the Period 1500-2100 for the 5th IPCC Assessment   --   (Louise Parsons Chini, George Hurtt, Steve Frolking, Richard Betts, Johannes Feddema, Gunther Fischer, Kees Klein Goldewijk, Kathy Hibbard, Anthony Janetos, Chris Jones, Georg Kindermann, Tsuguki Kinoshita, Keywan Riahi, Elena Shevliakova, Steve Smith, Elke Stehfest, Allison Thomson, Peter Thornton, Detlef van Vuuren, Yingping Wang)   [abstract]

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