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Meeting Summary
For the first time since 2015, the NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems (CCE) Focus Area programs held a Joint Science Workshop (JSW) at The Hotel in College Park, MD, from May 8 - 12, 2023. The CCE Focus Area includes four program elements: Land-Cover and Land-Use Change, Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry, Terrestrial Ecology, and Biological Diversity, which provide knowledge of the interactions of global biogeochemical cycles and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems with global environmental change and the implications for Earth's climate, productivity, and natural resources. The JSW combined input and community members from these programs and their Applied Sciences counterpart program, Ecological Conservation, which takes research capability built from CCE and develops it into decision making capability for conservation agents and land and water managers. Read full summary

NASA Leadership Round Table - May 10, 2023

JSW Plenary Session, Day Two - May 11, 2023