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NASA Biodiversity
and Ecological Forecasting Team Meeting Agenda

October 5 - 6, 2011
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria, VA

Meeting Room: Arbors

Wednesday, October 5

2:00 PM   Welcome and Introduction Woody Turner/NASA HQ presentation
2:20 PM   Project Talks (All project talks should focus on new results of the past year.)
      Assessing Biodiversity of Ocean Phytoplankton Communities from Optical Remote Sensing Rick Reynolds/Scripps Institution of Oceanography presentation
      Remote Sensing of Forest Genetic Diversity and Assessment of Below Ground Microbial Communities in Populus tremuloides Forests Michael Madritch/
Appalachian State University
      Satellite Driven Studies of Climate Mediated Changes in Antarctic Food Webs Matt Oliver/
University of Delaware
      Utilizing Ecosystem Information to Improve Decision Support for
Central California Salmon
Brian Wells/ NOAA presentation
3:20 PM   Questions and Comments
3:40 PM   Break
4:00 PM   Project Talks
      The Arctic Sea Ice Landscape and Movement of Marine Mammals Kristin Laidre/
University of Washington
      Integrating Remotely Sensed Data and Ecological Models to Assess Species Extinction Risks under Climate Change Resit Akcakaya/
SUNY Stony Brook
      A Decision Support System for Ecosystem-based Management of Tropical Coral Reef Environments Frank Muller-Karger/
University of South Florida
      Synergistic Analyses of Data from Active and Passive Sensors to Assess Relationships between Spatial Heterogeneity of Tropical Forest Structure and Biodiversity Dynamics Geoffrey Henebry/
South Dakota State University
5:00 PM   Questions and Comments
5:20 PM   New Project Introductions – Part 1  (≤ 2-minutes, 1-slide introductions of the following projects)

Seasonal to Interannual Variability in Phytoplankton Biomass and Diversity on the New England Shelf

Heidi Sosik/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution presentation
      Sensitivity of Coastal Zone Ecosystems to Climate Change Ilka Feller/Smithsonian Environmental Research Center presentation
      Climate Change, Sea Ice Loss, and Polar Bears in Greenland Kristin Laidre/
University of Washington
      Forecasting Changes in Habitat Use by Bowhead Whales in Response to Arctic Climate Change Elizabeth Holmes/NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center presentation
      Physiological Impacts of Climate Change Using Remote Sensing David Wethey/
University of South Carolina
      WhaleWatch Helen Bailey/UMD Center for Environmental Science presentation
      Management and Conservation of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and Other Highly Migratory Fish in the Gulf of Mexico under IPCC Climate Change Scenarios Mitch Roffer/Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service, Inc. presentation
      Evaluating User Needs for Models and Decision Tools to Predict the Impacts of Climate Change on the Marine Environment Pat Halpin/Duke University presentation
      From the Watershed to the Ocean: Using NASA Data and Models to Understand and Predict Variations in Central California Salmon Eric Danner/University of California, Santa Cruz presentation
      Extending the Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (TOPS) to applications of the NPP mission Rama Nemani/NASA Ames Research Center presentation
5:40 PM   Questions and Comments
6:00 PM   Retire to Happy Hour for More Discussion
Thursday, October 6
8:00 AM   Project Talks
      Toward Monitoring the Relationship between Vegetation Conditions and Volcanic Activity with HyspIRI Alexander Koltunov/
University of California, Davis
      Evaluation of Synergies between VNIR-SWIR and TIR Imagery in a Mediterranean-climate Ecosystem Dar Roberts/University of California, Santa Barbara presentation
      Detection of Key Leaf Physiological Traits Using Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imagery Phil Townsend/University of Wisconsin, Madison presentation
8:45 AM   Questions and Comments
9:00 AM  

Conservation NGO Panel: A Discussion of Key Organizational Objectives and Priorities for the Conservation Community over the Coming Decade

Naikoa Aguilar Amuchastegui/
World Wildlife Fund

Tim Boucher/ The Nature Conservancy
Marc Steininger/
Conservation International
Tom Brooks/ NatureServe
Jeff Ardron/ Marine Conservation Institute
Robert Rose/
Wildlife Conservation Society
10:00 AM   Questions and Comments of the Panel and Open Discussion
10:30 AM   Break
10:45 AM   Project Talks
      Predicting Global Patterns of Ant Diversity and Endemism Using Fine-grained Remote Sensing Clinton Jenkins/North Carolina State University presentation
      Continental Scale Modeling of Bird Diversity Using Canopy Structure Metrics of Habitat Heterogeneity Scott Goetz/
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
      Using LIDAR to Assess the Roles of Climate and Land-Cover Dynamics as Drivers of Changes in Biodiversity Colin Beier/
SUNY Syracuse
      Tropical Forest Tree Species Community Assembly along Wind Disturbance Gradients in Amazonian Forest Jeff Chambers/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory presentation
11:45 AM   Questions and Comments
12:05 PM   LUNCH
1:30 PM   Talk on the NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity Program and Plans for a Joint NSF-NASA Solicitation under this Program George Gilchrist/NSF presentation
1:50 PM   Questions and Comments
2:10 PM   New Project Introductions – Part 2 (≤ 2-minutes, 1-slide introductions of the following projects)

Spatial Responses to Climate across Trophic Levels

Joseph Sexton/University of Maryland, College Park presentation
      Global Population Dynamics and Climate Change: Comparing Species-level Impacts on Two Contrasting Large Mammals Mark Hebblewhite/
University of Montana
      Combining Remote Sensing and Biological Data to Predict the Consequences of Climate Change on Hummingbird Diversity Catherine Graham/
SUNY Stony Brook
      Discovering Relationships between Climate and Animal Migration with New Tools for Linking Animal Movement Tracks with Weather and Land Surface Data Gil Bohrer/
Ohio State University
      Integrating Global Species Distributions, Remote Sensing Information and Climate Station Data to Assess Recent Biodiversity Response to Climate Change Walter Jetz/
Yale University
      Mapping of Stress on Native Tree Species across the Western United States and Canada Richard Waring/
Oregon State University
      Using NASA Resources to Inform Climate and Land Use Adaptation Andrew Hansen/
Montana State University
      Effects of Extreme Climate Events on Avian Demographics Patricia Heglund/U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Region 3 presentation
      Using the USGS “Resource for Advanced Modeling” to Connect Climate Drivers to Biological Responses Jeff Morisette/U.S. Geological Survey, Fort Collins Science Center presentation
      Ecosystems in Transition: Decision Support Tools to Measure, Monitor and Forecast Climate Impacts on Migratory Species Robert Crabtree/ Yellowstone Ecological Research Center presentation
2:30 PM   Questions and Comments
2:45 PM   BREAK
3:00 PM   Project Talks
    A Decision Support System for Monitoring, Reporting and Forecasting Ecological Conditions of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail Yeqiao Wang/
University of Rhode Island
    GEO Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON) Update Gary Geller/
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
3:30 PM   Questions and Comments
3:45 PM   Open Forum 1: Suggestions for the Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Programs Facilitated by Woody Turner/NASA HQ
    Open Forum 2: Facilitated Discussion of the Potential for an EOS for Biodiversity Facilitated by Woody Turner/NASA HQ
4:45 PM   Meeting Ends


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