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Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry (OBB) Program

OBB Campaign Scoping Studies

Under the NASA ROSES 2012 A.3 Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry program element, NASA advertised for scoping studies to identify the scientific questions and develop the initial study design and implementation concept for a new NASA Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry field campaign or related team project (scale on par with ICESCAPE, SO GasEx, etc.).

Three scoping study projects were funded in 2012 & 2013 for a future Field Campaign.  View abstracts.

EXPORTS: EXport Processes in the Ocean from RemoTe Sensing:

EXPORTS Draft Implementation Plan Open for Community Comment
Comments due by COB September 1, 2016

View EXPORTS Website

Arctic COLORS: Arctic-COastal Land Ocean InteRactionS

Arctic-COLORS Final Strategic Science Plan
(PI Antonio Mannino—NASA GSFC)

View NASA GSFC Arctic COLORS Website
PI: Antonio Mannino NASA GSFC

ICESOCC: Scoping for Interdisciplinary Coordinated Experiment of the
Southern Ocean Carbon Cycle

PI: Brian Mitchell Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Science Plan will be reviewed in 2016

2016 Annual NASA Ocean Color Research Team (OCRT) Meeting

2—4 May 2016, Silver Spring, Maryland
View agenda


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Points of Contact:

Paula Bontempi
     Program Scientist, Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Program
     NASA Headquarters
     Science Mission Directorate
     Earth Science Division, Mail Suite 3V75
     300 E St., SW
     Washington, D.C.  20546-0001
     Telephone: +1 202 358-1508