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DRAFT: Implementation Plan

The draft OBB-EXPORTS Implementation Plan is available for community comment. Please email your comments to: by close of business September 1, 2016.

The EXPORTS program does not yet exist and may not unless the ocean science community communicates their desires to NASA. The EXPORTS Science Plan has already been thoroughly vetted with the community. The draft Implementation Plan suggests an efficient strategy to implement the EXPORTS Science Plan. We are keenly interested in comments from the community on this draft Implementation Plan and how it enables the EXPORTS Science Plan to be conducted.
We welcome comments on the suitability of the plans presented, but are especially interested in comments regarding:

  • Alternative descoping options to those suggested,
  • Costing of the Goal Plan and the descoping options,
  • Input on potential national and international partnerships and their interactions with the suggested timeline,
  • Proposed timeline and phasing of the Goal Plan program and the cruises,
  • Project and data management and
  • Capacities not reflected in the plan that could make important contributions to the measurement suite and/or modeling. 

Prior to commenting, please be familiar with the EXPORTS Science Plan (see and/or the recent synopsis published in Frontiers of Marine Science (Siegel et al. 2016;

Documents [download all]

  • Implementation Plan [PDF]
  • Measurement Table [XLS]
  • Measurement Table Footnotes [PDF]
  • Notional Cruise Plan [XLS]
  • Platform Requirements [PDF]
  • Science Budgets [XLS]
  • International Cooperation [XLS]