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Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Program Field Campaign Scoping Studies

PIInstitutionProject Title
Mannino, Antonio NASA GSFC  Land-Ocean Interactions in the Arctic: An Integrative Field Campaign to Assess the Impacts of Natural and Anthropogenic Changes to Coastal Ocean Biology, Biogeochemistry and Biodiversity
Start Year: 2013      Duration: 1.50 year(s)
Mitchell, Greg Scripps Institution of Oceanography  Scoping for Interdisciplinary Coordinated Experiment of the Southern Ocean Carbon Cycle (ICESOCC)
Start Year: 2014      Duration: 2.00 year(s)
Siegel, Dave UC Santa Barbara  Controls on Open Ocean Productivity and Export eXperiment - COOPEX.
Start Year: 2012      Duration: 2.00 year(s)