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U.S. Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON)
All-Hands Meeting

May 3, 2016, Silver Spring, MD

  Agenda Participants  

Tuesday, May 3

8:30AM Welcome, introductions and marching orders (Gabrielle, Jim, Woody)
9:00AM MBON Status
  Project Updates
Sanctuaries MBON (Frank Muller-Karger, Francisco Chavez) PDF
Santa Barbara Channel MBON (Bob Miller) PDF
Arctic MBON (Lee Cooper, Jackie Grebmeier) PDF
Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network, TMON (Emmett Duffy) PDF
  Cross-MBON Progress: Integrative Activities (Frank)  
Successes and challenges with integration  
Joint data management  
Outputs and outreach  
11:00AM Global MBON
  EOVs, EBVs and global MBON (Emmett and Bob) PDF
  Global EMUs (Roger Sayre)
12:00PM Lunch
12:30PM Global MBON, continued (Gabrielle and Frank)
1:00PM Data Management PDF
  Data management reports from each project
Cross-MBON data management coordination
Prototype datasets (2 types)
IOOS Program Office: Biological data variables and DMAC needs
Demonstration of prototype MBON tool
Plans for integration with environmental data
2:30PM Additional data considerations: The importance of permanent archiving (Jim Price, BOEM)
3:00PM The Operational MBON: long-term sustainability strategies and implementation
  BOEM long-term monitoring needs, criteria, and approaches (Jim Price)
MBON for ecosystem based management (with Mark Monaco and Steve Gittings) PDF
Communications needs: Making the case for a long-term MBON with products and stories (CJ Reynolds and Mitch Roffer) PDF
4:00PM Wrap-up discussion