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Funded Research
The 504 currently funded (as of July 2011) and previously funded (recently ended 2009+) research activities in the Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Focus Area are listed below in alphabetical order by the Principal Investigator's last name.
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(Student if applicable)
InstitutionProject Title
Albertson, John Duke University  Optimal Dynamic Predictions of Semi-Arid Land Cover Change and Implications for Ecosystem Goods and Services  details
Anderson, Martha USDA-ARS  Routine mapping of land-surface carbon  details
Arellano, Ave The University of Arizona  Development of a Carbon Monitoring System from an Ensemble Coupled Data Assimilation Perspective  details
Arrigo, Kevin Stanford University  Investigations of Climate and Environmental Change on Arctic Pacific Shelves (ICECAPS)  details
Arrigo, Kevin
(Palmer, Molly)
Stanford University  Modeling primary productivity and carbon cycling in the Beaufort Sea, Canadian Arctic, using a multi-satellite approach  details
Arrigo, Kevin
(Brown, Zachary)
Stanford University  The environmental drivers of phytoplankton production in the Bering Sea: a remote sensing approach  details
Avissar, Roni Duke University  Processing, Analysis, and Interpretation of the Observations Conducted with the Duke University Helicopter Observation Platform during Clasic 2007  details
Bailey, Helen U of Maryland Center for Environmental Studies  WhaleWatch: A tool using satellite telemetry and remote sensing environmental data to provide near real-time predictions of whale occurrence in the California Current System to reduce anthropogenic impacts  details
Balch, Barney Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences  Generating Environmental Data Records of Ocean Particulate Inorganic Carbon with NPP/NPOESS  details
Balch, Barney Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences  Science data analysis for the MODIS ocean product for particulate inorganic carbon (PIC)  details
Balch, Jennifer Penn State University  Understanding Climate and Land Use Drivers of Invasive-Grass Fueled Fires Across the Western U.S.  details
Barros, Ana
(Brun, Julien)
Duke University  Using Satellite Data to Characterize the Role of Tropical Cyclones in the Ecohydrology of the Southeast US  details
Bates, Nicholas Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences  Investigation of the Controls and Feedbacks on the Biogeochemical Cycling of Inorganic Carbon, Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes and Ocean Acidification Effects on the Arctic Pacific Shelves  details
Becker-Reshef, Inbal UMD  Food, Price and Conflict: Earth Observations-based Agricultural Production forecasting to assess potential impacts on grain markets and civil unrest  details
Bender, Michael
(Huang, Kuan)
Princeton University  Net Community Production and the f-ratio off the Western Antarctica Peninsula: Estimates from measurements of O2 properties and satellite-based data  details
Bergen, Kathleen University of Michigan  Regional Synthesis: LCLUC over Changing Socio-Economic Eras in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc  details
Bohrer, Gil
(Bova, Anthony)
Ohio State University  Incorporating the effects of tree-scale land-surface heterogeneity on litter moisture for use in regional models of wildland fire dynamics and fire risk  details
Bohrer, Gil
(Kenny, William)
Ohio State University  Modeling the effect of high-resolution land-surface heterogeneity and forest structure on emission, chemistry, and dispersion of volatile organic compounds and reactant species  details
Bohrer, Gil Ohio State University  Type B: Discovering relationships between climate and animal migration with new tools for linking animal movement tracks with weather and land surface data  details
Boschetti, Luigi University of Maryland  MODIS-Landsat data fusion for high spatial resolution multiannual wall to wall burned area mapping of the conterminous United States  details
Boschetti, Luigi University of Maryland  Prototyping global industrial forest mapping, a Landsat spatio-temporal approach  details
Boss, Emmanuel
(Estapa, Margaret)
University of Maine  Assessing impacts on carbon transport from land to ocean: photochemical transformations of particulate organic carbon  details
Bounoua, Lahouari NASA GSFC  A Satellite Supported Inverse Biophysical Modeling Approach for the Detection of Irrigated Agricultural Land and the Determination of the Amount of Irrigation in Arid and Semi Arid Regions.  details
Bounoua, Lahouari NASA GSFC  Combining satellite data and models to assess the impacts of urbanization on the continental United States surface climate.  details
Bourgeau-Chavez, Laura Michigan Tech Research Institute  Linking Remote Sensing and Process-Based Models to Better Understand the Influence of Land Use and Climate Changes on Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands  details
Bourgeau-Chavez, Laura Michigan Tech Research Institute  Vulnerability of North American Boreal Peatlands to Interactions between Climate, Hydrology, and Wildland Fires  details
Brown de Colstoun, Eric NASA GSFC  Using Landsat Global Land Survey Data to Measure and Monitor Worldwide Urbanization  details
Brown, Dan
(Qing, Tian)
University of Michigan  From Vulnerability to Sustainability: Vulnerability and Sustainable Development in the Context of Climatic and Institutional Changes in Rural China  details
Brown, Dan University of Michigan  Grassland Ecosystems and Societal Adaptations Under Changing Grazing Intensity and Climate on the Mongolian Plateau  details
Brown, Molly NASA GSFC  Cereal price forecasting in West Africa using NASA Satellite Remote Sensing - PI  details
Brown, Molly NASA GSFC  Developing a Framework for Evaluating CMS Pilot Products to Promote Engagement with the User Community  details
Brown, Molly NASA GSFC  Linking Remote Sensing Data and Energy Balance Models for a Scalable Agriculture Insurance System for sub-Saharan Africa  details
Bruce, Lori Mississippi State University  Applying NASA HyspIRI Observations to Precision Vegetation Mapping for Ecological Forecasting Applications  details
Buermann, Wolfgang UCLA Institute of the Environment  Detection and Attribution of Rapid Large-scale Shifts in the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle  details
Buesseler, Ken
(Owens, Stephanie)
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  Investigating the spatial variability and processes controlling upper ocean particle flux on global and regional scales  details
Byrd, Kristin USGS  Advanced remote sensing to quantify temperate peatland capacity for belowground carbon capture  details
Camille, Phil Bowdoin  Historical and projected changes in carbon export to the Gulf of Maine from land use and climate change  details
Campbell, Petya NASA GSFC/JCET/UMBC  Assessing ecosystem diversity and urban boundaries using surface reflectance and emissivity at varying spectral and spatial scales  details
Carroll, Mark Sigma Space@NASA GSFC  Determining the extent and dynamics of surface water for the ABoVE field campaign  details
Castello, Leandro Virginia Tech  Impacts of floods and droughts on aquatic macrophytes, forests, and fisheries of central Amazonian river floodplains  details
Chambers, Jeffrey Tulane University  Tropical forest tree species community assemblage along wind disturbance gradients in Amazonian forests  details
Chapman, Bruce JPL  Enabling Global Vegetation Structure Estimation from SRTM Correlation Data  details
Chavez, Francisco MBARI  Utilizing ecosystem information to improve the decision support system for central California salmon  details
Checkley, Dave
(Davison, Peter)
Scripps Institution of Oceanography  Carbon Export from the Epipelagic Ocean by the Deep Scattering Layer  details
Chen, Jiquan The University of Toledo  Interactive Changes of Ecosystems and Societies on the Mongolian Plateau: From Coupled Regulations of Land Use and Changing Climate to Adaptation  details
Chen, Jiquan The University of Toledo  LCLUC Synthesis: Ecosystem-Society Interactions on a Changing Mongolian Plateau  details
Chini, Louise University of Maryland  Using NASA Remote Sensing Data to Reduce Uncertainty of Land-use Transitions in Global Carbon-Climate Models  details
Chopping, Mark Montclair State University  A Decade of Changes in Aboveground Live Standing Dry Biomass, Canopy Cover, Height, and Understory Density in the Southwestern United States from EOS MISR and MODIS  details
Chopping, Mark Montclair State University  A new approach for mapping woody plants in the southwestern United States using NASA Earth Observing System Data  details
Chopping, Mark Montclair State University  Mapping Changes in Shrub Abundance and Biomass in Arctic Tundra using NASA Earth Observing System Data: A Structural Approach  details
Clark, Mateo Sonoma State University  Spectral and temporal discrimination of vegetation cover across California with simulated HyspIRI imagery  details
Coble, Paula University of South Florida  North American Carbon Program and (NACP) and Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Interim Coastal Carbon Synthesis  details
Cobourn, Kelly VA Tech University  Water Institutions and Agricultural Land-Use Change across the Western U.S.  details
Cochrane, Mark
(Barber, Christopher)
South Dakota State University/GIScCE  Applied remote sensing for conservation monitoring  details
Cochrane, Mark South Dakota State University/GIScCE  Biodiversity Implications of Forest Disturbance and Related Landscape Dynamics in the Brazilian Amazon  details
Cochrane, Mark South Dakota State University/GIScCE  Filling a Critical Gap in Indonesia's National Carbon Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification Capabilities for Supporting REDD+ Activities: Incorporating, Quantifying and Locating Fire Emissions from Within Tropical Peat-swamp Forests  details
Cochrane, Mark South Dakota State University/GIScCE  Quantifying fuel treatment effectiveness over time and its extreme weater conditions  details
Cochrane, Mark South Dakota State University/GIScCE  Shifting Fire Regimes of the United States, Australia and the Brazilian Amazonia: The Roles of Climate Change, Land Use, and Mitigation Efforts  details
Coe, Michael WHRC  Climate and land use change at the Amazonian agro-frontier: Historical and future effects on the surface energy balance  details
Coe, Michael WHRC  Linking Historical and Future Land-Use Change to the Economic Drivers and Biophysical Limitations of Agricultural Expansion in the Brazilian Cerrado  details
Cohen, Warren USDA Forest Service  An Historically Consistent and Broadly Applicable MRV System Based on Lidar Sampling and Landsat Time-series (Tested in the US, and applied to the US NGHGI reporting system)  details
Cohen, Warren
(Pflugmacher, Dirk)
USDA Forest Service  Using Landsat-derived disturbance and succession history to extend lidar estimates of forest biomass  details
Collatz, Jim NASA GSFC  Impacts of disturbance history on carbon fluxes and stocks in North America  details
Conard, Susan US Forest Service (Emeritus Ecologist)  The Influence of Changing Forestry Practices on the Effects of Wildfire and on Interactions between Fire and Changing Climate in central Siberia  details
Cook, Bob Environmental Sciences Division, ORNL  A Modeling and Synthesis Thematic Data Center for the North American Carbon Program  details
Cook, Bruce NASA GSFC  Improving Forest Biomass Mapping Accuracy with Optical-LiDAR Data and Hierarchical Bayesian Spatial Models  details
Crabtree, Bob YERC  Development of RRSC Models for Use within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Strategic Habitat Conservation Framework  details
Crabtree, Bob YERC  Ecosystems in Transition: Decision Support Tools to Measure, Monitor and Forecast Climate Impacts on Migratory Species  details
Crain, Renee NSF  USCGC Healy Science Technical Support - ICESCAPE  details
Crow, Wade USDA ARS HRSL  Ecological and agricultural productivity forecasting using root-zone soil moisture products derived from the NASA SMAP mission.  details
Crow, Wade USDA ARS HRSL  Enhancing the USDA Global Crop Production Decision Support System with NASA Land Information System and Water Cycle Satellite Observations  details
Csiszar, Ivan NOAA  The Active Fire Data Record from NPP VIIRS  details
Curran, Lisa Stanford University  Socio-economic and political drivers of oil palm expansion in Indonesia: Effects on rural livelihoods, carbon emissions and REDD  details
Dall'Olmo, Giorgio Oregon State University  Investigating the size-dependence of remotely-sensed and in-situ optical proxies of phytoplankton physiology  details
Danner, Eric NOAA Fisheries  From the watershed to the ocean: Using NASA data and models to understand and predict variations in central California salmon  details
Danner, Eric NOAA Fisheries  Improving Stream Temperature Predictions for River Water Decision Support Systems  details
Davidson, Eric The Woods Hole Research Center  Linking High-Frequency, Automated Measurements of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Soils with Microwave-Based Estimates of Soil Saturation in Agricultural and Forest Landscapes  details
Davis, Ken The Pennsylvania State University  Probabilistic Carbon Flux Upscaling Across a Northern Forest Ecoregion  details
Davis, Ken The Pennsylvania State University  Regional Atmospheric Inversions to Determine Land-Atmosphere Carbon Fluxes in the Southeastern Forests of the United States  details
DeFries, Ruth Columbia University  Growing Up Fragmented: Using Hyperspectral Imagery to Improve Estimates of Ecosystem Services from Tropical Reforestation  details
DeFries, Ruth Columbia University  Multi-sensor Fusion to Determine Climate Sensitivity of Agricultural Intensification in South Asia  details
DeFries, Ruth
(Macedo, Marcia)
Columbia University  Tropical Deforestation and the Land-Water Interface: Linking Land Use, Stream Connectivity, and the Health of Freshwater Fish Communities  details
Denning, Scott Colorado State University  Estimation of Regional CO2 Budgets and Biomass by Fusion of LandSat, MODIS, and Atmospheric Observations  details
Denning, Scott
(McGrath-Spangler, Erica)
Colorado State University  Using Satellite Observations of PBL Depth to Improve Estimates of CO2 Sources and Sinks  details
Deutsch, Curtis
(Weber, Thomas)
UCLA  Satellite-derived estimates of phytoplankton N/P ratios and application to carbon and nitrogen cycle modeling  details
Di, Liping GMU  A national crop progress system based on NASA Earth science results  details
Didan, Kamel The University of Arizona  Terra and Aqua MODIS Vegetation Index Product Suite: Where to go From Here? Transition Toward Core Production and Readiness for VIIRS era  details
Dubayah, Ralph
(Duncanson, Laura)
University of Maryland  Combining lidar/radar fusion, allometric scaling theory, and ecosystem modeling for improved estimation of forest biomass, structure and dynamics  details
Dubayah, Ralph University of Maryland  Development of a Prototype MRV System to Support Carbon Ecomarket Infrastructure in Sonoma County  details
Dubayah, Ralph University of Maryland  Exploring the Potential of Single Photon Lidar for Ecosystem Structure Derivation  details
Dubayah, Ralph University of Maryland  High Resolution Carbon Monitoring and Modeling: A CMS Phase 2 Study  details
Dubayah, Ralph University of Maryland  Integrating Vegetation 3D Structure and Ecological modeling for Continental Scale Assessments of Biodiversity, Biomass and Disturbance  details
Dunn, Rob NC State Univ.  Predicting Global Patterns of Ant (and Insect) Diversity and Endemism Using Fine-Grained Remote Sensing Data (ROSES 2008).  details
Duren, Riley NASA JPL  CMS System Design Study  details
Eldering, Annmarie JPL/Caltech  TES and ACOS Expertise for CMS Flux Project  details
Elmore, Andrew UMCES Appalachian Laboratory  Assessing the influence of local phenology on the response of forest productivity to changes in growing season length  details
Esaias, Wayne NASA GSFC  Improved Prediction of Africanized Honey Bee Distribution and Migration in the US and Honey Bee Climate Responses Using Satellite derived Land Cover Type and Phenological Data  details
Fagan, William
(Casanovas, Paula)
University of Maryland, College Park  Identification and characterization of penguin distributions and population drivers using remote sensing data  details
Falkowski, Michael Michigan Technological University  Fuel Consumption and Carbon cycling in northern peatland ecosystems: Understanding vulnerability to burning, fuel consumption, and emissions via remote sensing of fuel moisture and fire radiative energy  details
Fan, Peille Michigan State University  China's urbanization and its sustainability under future climate change  details
Fargion, Giulietta CHORS/SDSU  Management and Future Expansion of Ocean Color Validation Data Bases  details
Feller, Ilka Smithsonian Institute  Sensitivity of Coastal Zone Ecosystems to Climate Change  details
Follows, Mick MIT  Phytoplankton Community Organization by Cell Size, Optical Properties and Meso-scale Motions in an Eddy Resolving Ocean Model.  details
Fox, Jefferson University of Hawaii  Forest, agricultural, and urban transitions in Mainland Southeast Asia: Synthesizing knowledge and developing theory  details
Franz, Bryan NASA Ocean Biology Processing Group  MODIS Aqua and Terra Calibration and Validation, Atmospheric Correction, and Community-Based Algorithm Development in Support of Ocean Products  details
French, Andrew U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center  Monitoring Arid Land Cover Change with Simulated HyspIRI Data  details
French, Nancy Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)  Biomass Burning Assistance for NASAs Carbon Monitoring System  details
French, Nancy Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)  Impacts and Implications of Increased Fire in Tundra Regions of North America  details
Friedl, Mark Boston University  4-D Modeling of the Regional Carbon Cycle in and Around Urban Environments: An Interdisciplinary Study to Advance Observational and Modeling Foundations  details
Friedl, Mark
(Salmon, Meghan)
Boston University  Future Trend of Irrigation Water Demand Using Integrated Remote Sensing and Physical Models  details
Friedl, Mark Boston University  Towards a Land Cover Climate Data Record from VIIRS  details
Friedl, Mark Boston University  Using MODIS to Monitor Dynamics in Land Cover and Phenology at Seasonal to Decadal Time Scales  details
Friedl, Mark Boston University  Using Three Decades of Landsat Data to Characterize Changes and Vulnerability of Temperate and Boreal Forest Phenology to Climate Change  details
Friedrichs, Marjy Virginia Institute of Marine Science  Impacts of Changing Climate and Land Use on Carbon Cycling and Budgets of the Coastal Ocean Margin: Observations, Analysis, and Modeling  details
Friedrichs, Marjy
(Xiao, Yongjin)
Virginia Institute of Marine Science  The Impacts of Climate Change on Phytoplankton Community Structure along the U.S. Northeastern Continental Margin  details
Friedrichs, Marjy Virginia Institute of Marine Science  U.S. Eastern Continential Shelf Carbon Cycling (USECoS): modeling, data assimilation and analysis  details
Frouin, Robert Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD  Improving existing satellite color observations of the Chukchi and Beaufort seas for biogeochemical modeling  details
Galantowicz, John AER  Use of SMAP Seasonal Inundation and Soil Moisture Estimates in the Quantification of Global Biogenic Gas Fluxes  details
Galford, Gillian University of Vermont  Environmental and socioeconomic outcomes of the new African Green Revolution  details
Galvin, Kathy
(Tredennick, Andrew)
  Fuelwood, Savannas, and Climate Change: Integrating Modeling, Field Experimentation, and Optical and Radar Remote Sensing  details
Gao, Bo-Cai Naval Research Laboratory  Characterization and Atmospheric Corrections to the AVIRIS-Classic and AVIRISng Data to Support the HyspIRI Preparatory Airborne Activities  details
Gatebe, Charles Universities Space Research Association (USRA)  Pilot Study to Demonstrate Tree Height Retrievals from CAR Multiangular/Multispectral Data  details
Giglio, Louis NASA GSFC / University of Maryland  MODIS Collection 6 Active Fire Maintenance and Validation  details
Giri, Chandra EROS  Mapping Mangroves  details
Gitelson, Anatoly UNL  A Satellite-Based Quantification of Carbon Exchange of the Dominant Ecosystems (Maize-Soybean) in the NACP Mid-Continent Intensive (MCI) Region  details
Glenn, Nancy Idaho State University  Scalable vegetation structure for ecosystem modeling in the western US  details
Glover, David Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  Assessing the Impact of Ocean Acidification on Marine Planktonic Calcification Using Satellite Anlaysis and Earth System Modeling  details
Gos, Goes Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory  Climate change and its impact on the ecosystem of the Arabian Sea  details
Goetz, Scott Woods Hole Research Center  Continental scale modeling of bird diversity using canopy structure metrics of habitat heterogeneity  details
Goetz, Scott Woods Hole Research Center  Modeling Strategies for Adaptation to Linked Climate and Land Use Change in the United States  details
Goetz, Scott Woods Hole Research Center  Quantifying Changes in Northern High Latitude Ecosystems and Associated Feedbacks to the Climate System  details
Goncalves, Luis NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / University of Maryland  Integrating NASA Earth Sciences Research results into Decision Support Systems for Agriculture and Water Management in South America  details
Goncalves, Luis NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / University of Maryland  The Data-Model Intercomparison Project for the Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment of the Amazon (LBA-DMIP)  details
Gong, Peng
(Dronova, Iryna)
Berkeley  Analysis of spatio-temporal association between plant functional diversity and flooding at Poyang Lake, PRC using remote sensing and simulation-based modeling.  details
Goulden, Michael
(Kelly, Anne)
UC Irvine  Climate controls on forest biomass, productivity, and species distribution along the western Sierra Nevada gradient  details
Goward, Samuel University of Maryland College Park  Role of North America Forest Disturbance and Regrowth In NACP: Integrated Analyzes Of Landsat and U.S. Forest Service FIA Data - Phase 2  details
Goward, Samuel University of Maryland College Park  US Forest Disturbance History from Landsat  details
Grace, Kathryn University of Utah  Examining the links between agriculture and human health in a context of climate change: A case study of three West African countries - Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali  details
Graham, Catherine Stony Brook Unversity  Combining remote-sensing and biological data to predict the consequences of climate change on hummingbird diversity  details
Graham, Catherine
(Velasquez, Jorge)
Stony Brook Unversity  Using remote sensing products to predict the impact of climate and land-cover change on the abundance and distribution of Andean Birds  details
Green, Rob JPL  Next Generation AVIRIS Airborne Mission Assistance and Collaboration  details
Gregg, Watson NASA GSFC  Radiative Coupling in the Ocean using MODIS-Aqua Ocean Radiance Data  details
Gregg, Watson NASA GSFC  Reducing Error in Global Ocean Chlorophyll Estimates  details
Grosse, Guido Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research  Assessing the spatial and temporal dynamics of thermokarst and related carbon cycling in Siberia and Alaska (  details
Haddad, Nick
(Wilson, John)
North Carolina State University  Using Landsat Data to Quantify the Combined Effects of Habitat Loss and Climate Change on West African Wildlife  details
Hagen, Steve Applied Geosolutions  Operational multi-sensor design for national scale forest carbon monitoring to support REDD+ MRV systems  details
Hagen, Steve Applied Geosolutions  Rangeland Decision Support System: Improving the decision making process at the USDA by incorporating grassland canopy cover estimates derived from MODIS observations and a web-based geospatial data delivery tool  details
Hall, Forrest NASA GSFC/JCET  Multi-Sensor Retrieval of Vegetation 3-D Structure and Biomass using Physically-Based Algorithms  details
Halpin, Pat Duke University  Integrating Ocean Observing Data to Enhance Protected Species Spatial Decision Support Systems  details
Hanan, Niall South Dakota State University  African Carbon Exchange II: a systems approach for diagnosis and prediction of carbon, vegetation and disturbance dynamics in the natural and anthropogenic grasslands, savannas and forests of Africa  details
Hanan, Niall South Dakota State University  Partitioning Savanna Tree and Grass LAI and fPAR from MODIS and VIIRS Aggregates: Methods, Validation and Applications  details
Hanan, Niall South Dakota State University  Partitioning savanna tree and grass LAI and fPAR from MODIS and VIIRS aggregates: methods, validation and applications.  details
Hansen, Andrew Montana State University  Using NASA resources to inform climate and land use adaptation: Ecological forecasting, vulnerability assessment, and evaluation of management options across two USDI Landscape Conservation Cooperatives  details
Hansen, Matthew University of Maryland College Park  Advancing methods for global crop area estimation  details
Hansen, Matthew
(Munzimi, Yolande)
University of Maryland College Park  Hydrological response to land cover and land use change in the Congo Basin  details
Hansen, Matthew University of Maryland College Park  Integrating MODIS, Landsat and GLAS in characterizing forest extent, structure and change  details
Hao, Wei Min US Forest Service  Integrating Historic Patterns of Wildfire, Emissions, and Integrating Historic Patterns of Wildfire, Emissions, and Climate for Siberia as a Basis for Estimating the Impacts of Fire on Carbon Cycling, Quantifying Past Fire/Climate Interactions, and Projecting Future Fire/Climate Change Impacts  details
Hayes, Daniel Oak Ridge National Laboratory  Diagnosis and attribution of the contemporary North American terrestrial CO2 sink: the role of disturbance and land use change  details
Healey, Sean USDA Forest Service  A Global Forest Biomass Inventory Based upon GLAS Lidar Data  details
Healey, Sean USDA Forest Service  Assessing Potential Impacts of Ground Sample Bias in Global CMS Biomass Estimates, Now and in the DESDynI Era  details
Healey, Sean USDA Forest Service  Installation of a Carbon Monitoring and Management Support Tool for the National Forest System  details
Hebblewhite, Mark University of Montana  Global population dynamics and climate change: comparing species-level impacts on two contrasting large mammals  details
Heglund, Patricia USFWS  Effects of extreme climate events on avian demographics: the role of refugia in mitigating climate change  details
Henebry, Geoff South Dakota State University  Storms, Forms, and Complexity of the Urban Canopy: How Land Use, Settlement Patterns, and the Shapes of Cities Influence Severe Weather  details
Henebry, Geoff South Dakota State University  Synergistic analyses of data from active and passive sensors to assess relationships between spatial heterogeneity of tropical forest structure and biodiversity dynamics  details
Hess, Laura   Land and resource use on the Amazon floodplain under evolving management systems and environmental change: Fish, forests, cattle, and settlements  details
Holmes, Elizabeth NOAA National Marine Fisheries Services  Forecasting Changes in Habitat Use by Bowhead Whales in Response to Arctic Climate Change  details
Hook, Simon JPL  Improving the VIIRS Land Surface Temperature Product for use as an Earth System Data Record  details
Hook, Simon JPL  In Flight Validation of ASTER and MODIS Mid and Thermal Infrared Data and Products and ASTER Product Refinement for Earth Science  details
Hook, Simon JPL  In Flight Validation of VIIRS Mid and Thermal Infrared Data and Products for Earth Science  details
Hornbuckle, Brian
(Patton, Jason)
Iowa State University  Comparing Different Sources of Vegetation Water Content Data for Use in SMAP Soil Moisture Retrieval  details
Houghton, Skee The Woods Hole Research Center  Biomass for Carbon Budgeting  details
Hu, Chuanmin University of South Florida  ECOHAB: Remote detection of harmful algal blooms in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico  details
Huang, Chang University of maryland  Using Landsat Global Land Survey Data to Measure and Monitor Worldwide Urbanization  details
Huang, Cheng University of Maryland  Assessment of North American Industrial Forests: Disturbances, Biomass Extraction, and Growth Vigor  details
Huang, Cheng University of Maryland  Integration of long term Landsat observations with DESDynI measurements for monitoring terrestrial carbon flux within and beyond the DESDynI mission  details
Huete, Alfredo   Scaling photosynthesis in tropical systems: from forest to savanna, from seasons to extreme events  details
Hughes, Malcolm University of Arizona  Response of forest growth to climate variability and change: remotely-sensed and in situ data for European Russia  details
Hungate, Bruce
(Hampton, Haydee)
  Climate forcing implications of southwestern ponderosa pine management  details
Huntzinger, Deborah Northern Arizona University  Reduction in Bottom-up Land Surface CO2 Flux Uncertainty in NASA's Carbon Monitoring System Flux Project through Systematic Multi-Model Evaluation and Infrastructure Development  details
Hurtt, George University of Maryland  Modeling the Impacts of Major Forest Disturbances on the Earth's Coupled Carbon-Climate System, and the Capacity of Forests to Meet Future Demands for Wood, Fuel, and Fiber  details
Hurtt, George University of Maryland  Using NASA Remote Sensing and Models to Advance Integrated Assessments of Coupled Human-Forest Dynamics for North America  details
Iraci, Laura NASA Ames Research Center  ARC support for CMS ground validation activity.  details
Irwin, Daniel NASA MSFC  SERVIR Africa  details
Ito, Taka Georgia Institute of Technology  High-resolution modeling of the Southern Ocean carbon cycle based on ECCO state estimates  details
Jacob, Daniel
(Wecht, Kevin)
Harvard University  Quantifying Methane Sources in the United States Using Satellite and Aircraft Observations  details
Jain, Atul University of Illinois  Biogeophysical-Biogeochemical Interactions in the Northern High-Latitudes using a Land Surface Model Integrating Recent Advances in Terrestrial Modeling, and Land Use Change  details
Jain, Atul University of Illinois  Land Cover and Land Use Changes and Their Effects on Carbon Dynamics in South and South East Asia: A Synthesis Study  details
Jenerette, George University of California, Riverside  Assessing Relationships Between Urban Land Cover, Surface Temperature, and Transpiration Along a Coastal to Desert Climate Gradient  details
Jetz, Walter Yale University  Integrating global species distributions, remote sensing information and climate station data to assess recent biodiversity response to climate change  details
Jin, Xin UCLA  The Impacts of the Offshore Transport of Carbon and Nutrients from the Continental Margins on the Carbon Cycle and Air-Sea CO2 Balance of the Pacific Ocean  details
Jin, Yufang University of California  Fire-induced Changes in Albedo and the Associated Radiative Forcing: A Comparison of Boreal Canada and Australia Tropical Savannas  details
Jin, Yufang University of California  Fires in Southern California: Interactions between climate change, ecosystems, and humans  details
Julian, Jason Texas State University  Land Management Impacts on Water Quality in New Zealand across Political Boundaries  details
Justice, Chris
(Whitcraft, Alyssa)
University of Maryland  Developing an Image Acquisition Strategy for Global Agricultural Monitoring  details
Justice, Chris University of Maryland  Global Agricultural Monitoring: Transitioning NPP VIIRS Observations into the USDA FAS Decision Support System  details
Justice, Chris
(O'Neal, Kelley)
University of Maryland  Impacts of grazing, fire, and precipitation variability on woody plant cover in Chihuahuan Desert grasslands, USA  details
Justice, Chris University of Maryland  MODIS Burned Area Maintenance, Improvement and Validation  details
Justice, Chris University of Maryland  Sentinel-3 Science Products: A US Contribution  details
Justice, Chris University of Maryland  Transitioning an Operational NASA MODIS Agricultural Monitoring System into the USDA FAS Decision Support System  details
Kasischke, Eric University of Maryland  Assessing the impacts of fire and insect disturbance on the terrestrial carbon budgets of forested areas in Canada, Alaska, and the Western United States  details
Kasischke, Eric University of Maryland  Evaluation of Approaches for Assessing the Impacts of Natural Disturbances on Aboveground Carbon Storage in and Emissions from U.S. Forests - A Carbon Monitoring System Science Definition Team Proposal  details
Kasischke, Eric University of Maryland  The Forest Disturbance Carbon Tracking System -- A CMS Pilot Project  details
Kasischke, Eric
(Hoy, Liz)
University of Maryland  The influence of fire-free interval on carbon cycling in the Alaskan boreal forest  details
Kaushal, Sujay University of Maryland  Understanding and Forecasting Impacts of Climate Change and Land Use on Terrestrial Carbon Fluxes in Coastal Watersheds  details
Kawa, Randy NASA GSFC  Modeling the Global Atmospheric Carbon Cycle in Preparation for OCO Data  details
Kawa, Randy NASA GSFC  Science Definition Team for Carbon Monitoring System: Carbon Flux Evaluation  details
Keeling, Ralph UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography  Recent trends and physiological constraints on northern extra-tropical ecosystems from atmospheric and satellite data  details
Keller, Michael USDA Forest Service  A data assimilation approach to quantify uncertainty for estimates of biomass stocks and changes in Amazon forests  details
Keller, Michael USDA Forest Service  A Historical Reconstruction of Vegetation Change and a Carbon Budget for the Brazilian Cerrado Using Multiple Satellite Sensors and Historical Aerial Photography  details
Keller, Michael
(Hunter, Maria)
USDA Forest Service  Measurement and Modeling of Natural Disturbance and Recovery in the Brazilian Amazon using Airborne and Spaceborne LIDAR  details
Kellndorfer, Josef Woods Hole Research Center  Mapping Biomass - Past Experiences and Future Directions in Data Fusion and Product Validation  details
Kellndorfer, Josef Woods Hole Research Center  Time Series Fusion of Optical and Radar Imagery for Improved Monitoring of Activity Data, and Uncertainty Analysis of Emission Factors for Estimation of Forest Carbon Flux  details
Kempler, Steven NASA GSFC  NASA Data and Services Supporting Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study in Eastern Asia  details
Kennedy, Robert Boston University  Integrating and expanding a regional carbon monitoring system into the NASA CMS  details
Kennedy, Robert Boston University  Leveraging temporal variation in climate and management across national parks in the western U.S. to characterize three decades of landscape vegetation dynamics  details
Kennedy, Robert
(Meigs, Garrett)
Boston University  Mapping disturbance interactions from Earth and space: Insect effects on fuels and wildfires across forests of the Pacific Northwest  details
Kiefer, Dale USC  Pelagic Habitat Analysis Module (PHAM): Enhanced Decision Support for Pelagic Fisheries and Marine Sanctuaries  details
Kiefer, Dale
(Lam, Chi-Hin)
USC  Synthesizing a habitat analysis framework for top marine predators via data storage tags and remote-sensing products  details
Kimball, John University of Montana  Analysis and Attribution of Recent Changes in Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange Using MODIS and AMSR-E  details
Kimball, John University of Montana  Development of a Satellite-based Terrestrial Carbon Flux Model in Support of SMAP Carbon Cycle Science  details
Kimball, John
(Jones, Lucas)
University of Montana  Global Mapping of Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange Using Integrated Satellite Optical-IR and Microwave Remote Sensing.  details
King, Michael   Science Team Leader of the NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) Terra and Aqua MODIS Science team and Associated Research  details
Kline, Kristi USGS  GLS-2010 work; Landsat-5 data ingestion  details
Knyazikhin, Yuri Boston University  Biophysical Parameters From MISR Sensor  details
Knyazikhin, Yuri Boston University  Remote Sensing of Forest Structure Across Multiple Scales From Leaves to Canopies and Stands  details
Koltunov, Alex University of California, Davis  Toward monitoring the relationship between vegetation conditions and volcanic activity with HyspIRI  details
Krankina, Olga Oregon State University  Contribution to studies of LCLUC in Northern Eurasia  details
Kudela, Raphael UCSC  Using HyspIRI at the Land/Sea Interface to Identify Phytoplankton Functional Types  details
Kushnir, Yochanan Columbia University  Vulnerability of the U.S. Atlantic Coast to hazards associated with extreme winter storms  details
Laidre, Kristin University of Washington  Climate change, sea ice loss, and polar bears in Greenland  details
Laidre, Kristin University of Washington  The Fractured Arctic Sea Ice Landscape and the Movements of Belugas and Narwhals  details
Laney, Samuel Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  Deciphering the Natural Fluorescence Dynamics of Phytoplankton  details
Laney, Samuel Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  Monitoring Climate-Driven Changes in Arctic Algal Assemblages  details
Lange, Mark National Academy of Sciences  Land-Change Modeling Study  details
Lavalle, Marco Jet Propulsion Laboratory  Extracting structural and temporal parameters of forests from repeat-pass Pol-InSAR data  details
Lefsky, Michael Colorado State  Estimates of aboveground biomass from lidar and L-band radar in the Amazon Basin  details
Leifer, Ira   Hyperspectral imaging spectroscopic investigation of California natural and anthropogenic fossil methane emissions in the short-wave and thermal infrared  details
Leisz, Stephen Colorado State University  Increased accessibility, landscape changes, rural transformations, and urbanization: Impacts of the east-west economic corridor from Da Nang, Vietnam, to Khon Kaen, Thailand  details
Lettenmaier, Dennis University of Washington  Assimilation of tower and satellite-based methane observations for improved estimation of methane fluxes over northern Eurasia  details
Lettenmaier, Dennis University of Washington  Atmospheric rivers and changing flood risk in the Pacific Coast region of the Western U.S.  details
Lettenmaier, Dennis University of Washington  Diagnosis and prognosis or changes in lake and wetland extent on the regional carbon balance of northern Eurasia  details
Levine, Elissa NASA GSFC  Monitoring Seasons through Global Learning Communities (MSTGLC)  details
Li, Changsheng University of New Hampshire  Modeling Impacts of Climate Change on Carbon Dynamics in Northern High Latitude Wetlands  details
Li, Lin   Remote Sensing of Global Warming-Affected Inland Water Quality: Challenge, Opportunity and Solution  details
Liang, Shunlin University of Maryland  Characterizing surface energy budget of different surface types under varying climatic conditions from AVIRIS and MASTER data  details
Litvak, Marcy University of New Mexico  Improving the estimation of carbon stocks and fluxes in semi-arid ecosystems of the southwestern US using full-waveform lidar measurements  details
Liu, Jack
(Carter, Neil)
Michigan State University  Coupled Human and Natural System Approach to Studying Tiger-Human Interactions in Chitwan National Park, Nepal and Beyond  details
Liu, Jack
(Hull, Vanessa)
Michigan State University  Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Animal Habitat Selection across a Coupled Human and Natural System  details
Liu, Jack
(Tuanmu, Mao-Ning)
Michigan State University  Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Understory Vegetation Under Different Climate Change Scenarios: Implications for Wildlife Conservation  details
Liu, Junjie JPL  An integrated carbon data assimilation system to advance understanding and predictions of the carbon cycle  details
Lobell, David Stanford University  Agricultural applications of multi-year remote sensing: a research and education program  details
Loboda, Tatiana Univ. Maryland  Long-term multi-sensor record of fire disturbances in High Northern Latitudes  details
Loboda, Tatiana Univ. Maryland  Social drivers of land cover change around African transboundary Peace Parks  details
Louchouarn, Patrick Texas A & M University @ Galveston  Examining the relationships between land use change, wetland alteration, and carbon sequestration in the Gulf of Mexico  details
Lyapustin, Alex NASA GSFC/GEST UMBC  A Comprehensive Operational and Science Evaluation of Algorithm MAIAC for the MODIS Land Processing  details
Lyapustin, Alex NASA GSFC/GEST UMBC  Development of well-calibrated multi-sensor surface reflectance data record  details
Lyapustin, Alex NASA GSFC/GEST UMBC  VIIRS Surface Reflectance and Aerosol EDR Assessment and Cal-Val Support  details
Macauley, Molly Resources for the Future  Development and Evaluation of Pilot Projects for a Carbon Monitoring System  details
Madden, Marguerite
(Bernardes, Sergio)
University of Georgia  Vegetation Responses to Extreme Climatic Events: Changes in Primary Productivity, Vegetation and Drought Indices in the Southeast United States Following the 2006-2009 Drought  details
Madritch, Mike Appalachian State University  Remote sensing of forest genetic diversity and assessment of belowground microbial communities in Populus tremuloides forests  details
Mannino, Antonio NASA GSFC  Development of Novel MODIS Global Ocean Data Products: Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) and Dissolved Organic Carbon Algorithms  details
Mannino, Antonio NASA GSFC  Land-Ocean Interactions in the Arctic: An Integrative Field Campaign to Assess the Impacts of Natural and Anthropogenic Changes to Coastal Ocean Biology, Biogeochemistry and Biodiversity  details
Mannino, Antonio NASA GSFC  The Impacts of Climate Variability on Primary Productivity and Carbon Distributions in the Middle Atlantic Bight and Gulf of Maine  details
Maritorena, Stephane UCSB  From UV to Fluorescence, a Semi-analytical Ocean Color Model for MODIS and Beyond.  details
Masek, Jeff NASA GSFC  Albedo Trends Related to Land Cover Change and Disturbance: A Multi-sensor Approach  details
Masek, Jeff NASA GSFC  GLS-2010 project  details
Masek, Jeff NASA GSFC  Recent North American Forest Dynamics via Integration of ASTER, MODIS, and Landsat Reflectance Data  details
Masuoka, Edward NASA GSFC  Terra/Aqua Land Algorithm Maintenance Support  details
Mattson, David USGS Colorado Plateau Research Station  Spatial responses to climate across trophic levels: monitoring and modeling plants, prey, and predators in the Intermountain Western United States  details
McCarty, Jessica Michigan Tech Research Institute  The role of environmental, socioeconomic, institutional, and land-cover/land-use change factors to explain the pattern and causal drivers of anthropogenic fires in post-Soviet Eastern Europe  details
McClain, Chuck NASA GSFC  Assessment and Impact of Carbon Variability in the Nordic Seas  details
McClain, Chuck NASA GSFC  Constructive Assessment of VIIRS Ocean Color Data Quality Towards NASA Climate Data Record Continuity  details
McClain, Chuck NASA GSFC  Improved Pigment Detection and Quantitation for Quality-Assured HPLC Production Analyses  details
McDonald, Kyle The City College of New York  Vegetation Phenology Assessment Using Satellite Radar Remote Sensing: Global Monitoring of Daily and Seasonal Changes in Canopy Structure and Water Status  details
McGillicuddy, Dennis WHOI  Carbon cycling in the North Atlantic from regional to basin scales: satellite data, in situ observations, and numerical models  details
McGillicuddy, Dennis
(Olson, Elise)
WHOI  Understanding the role of the nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium Trichodesmium in the oceanic nitrogen and carbon cycles: in situ measurement, satellite observation, and biogeochemical modeling.  details
McKellip, Rodeny NASA SSC  Comparison of Alternate Data Sources to Landsat  details
McKinley, Galen University of Wisconsin  Connecting phytoplankton cell size to variability in the ocean carbon sink  details
McKinley, Galen
(Chen, Haidi)
University of Wisconsin  Impact of Mesoscale Eddies and Mode Water Circulation on Surface Chlorophyll and Phytoplankton Size Distribution in the North Atlantic  details
McKinley, Galen University of Wisconsin  Modeling the Carbon Cycle and Climate: Ocean Processes to Global Predictions  details
McKinley, Galen University of Wisconsin  The Impact of Thermocline Induction on Decadal Variability of the North Atlantic Carbon Sink  details
Melack, John University of California  Analysis and synthesis of carbon dynamics on Amazon floodplains.  details
Meskhidze, Nicholas
(Gantt, Brett)
North Carolina State University  Defining the Role of Ocean Biology and Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Surface Layer to Marine Cloud Properties and Global Climate  details
Messina, Joseph
(DeVisser, Mark)
Michigan State University  NESS Fellowship: Land Cover Change and Disease Ecology: The Unintended Impacts of Prosopis juliflora in Kenya  details
Michalak, Anna Carnegie Inst. for Science  Carbon Monitoring System Science Definition Team membership proposal for Anna M. Michalak (Integrated Emission/Uptake Pilot Product)  details
Michalak, Anna
(Chatterjee, Abhishek)
Carnegie Inst. for Science  Geostatistical Data Assimilation for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory  details
Michalak, Anna Carnegie Inst. for Science  Mapping Global CO2: Development and application of geostatistical algorithms for gap filling and uncertainty assessment for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory  details
Michalak, Anna Carnegie Inst. for Science  Mapping Global CO2: Development and application of geostatistical algorithms for gap filling and uncertainty assessment for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory  details
Michalak, Anna Carnegie Inst. for Science  The North American Carbon Program Multi-Scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project  details
Middleton, Betsy NASA GSFC  Spectral Bio-Indicators of Ecosystem Photosynthetic Efficiency II: Synthesis and Integration  details
Milesi, Cristina CSUMB/NASA ARC  Mapping of Urban Expansion Using Multi-Decadal Landsat and Nightlights Data Over North America  details
Miller, Chip NASA JPL  Improving Carbon Source/Sink Estimates Using Atmospheric CO2 Vertical Profile Constraints  details
Mitchell, Brian Scripps Institution of Oceanography  ICESCAPE: Bio-Optical Measurement and Modeling of the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas  details
Mitchell, Brian Scripps Institution of Oceanography  Scoping for Interdisciplinary Coordinated Experiment of the Southern Ocean Carbon Cycle (ICESOCC)  details
Miura, Tomoaki University of Hawaii  Evaluation and Validation of NPP VIIRS Vegetation Index EDR for Earth System and Climate Sciences  details
Mladenoff, David
(Foster, Jane)
University of Wisconsin-Madison  Forest insect defoliation and carbon dynamics: linking remote sensing with simulation modeling  details
Moghaddam, Mahta
(Akbar, Ruzbeh)
USC  Development of an integrated radar-radiometer estimation algorithm for retrieval of soil moisture from SMAP  details
Moghaddam, Mahta USC  Mapping Wetlands Dynamics for Reducing Uncertainties in the Boreal North American Carbon Budget and Diagnosis and Prognosis of changes in Lake and Wetland Extent on the regional Carbon Balance of northern Eurasia  details
Monger, Bruce Cornell University  Lagrangian Study of Surface Chlorophyll Variability Within Subtropical Eddies  details
Moorcroft, Paul
(Longo, Marcos)
Harvard University  Interaction between convection, disturbance, and deforestation in the Amazon: a remote sensing and modeling study  details
Moorcroft, Paul Harvard University  Linking Terrestrial Biosphere Models with Imaging Spectrometry Measurements of Ecosystem Composition, Structure, and Function  details
Morisette, Jeff USGS  Using the USGS "Resource for Advanced Modeling" to connect climate drivers to biological responses  details
Morrison, John
(Goodwin, Deb)
Univ of North Carolina Wilmington  Satellite-derived Fluorescence Quantum Yields as Indicators of Phytoplankton Physiology  details
Morton, Doug NASA GSFC  Dynamics of Amazon Forest Disturbance and Recovery from Multi-temporal Airborne LiDAR  details
Mountrakis, Giorgos SUNY  Satellite-derived Anthropogenic Land Use/land Cover Changes: Integrating Detection, Modeling and Educational Approaches  details
Mountrakis, Giorgos SUNY  Using LIDAR to Assess the Roles of Climate and Land-Cover Dynamics as Drivers of Changes in Biodiversity  details
Muller-Karger, Frank University of South Florida  A Decision Support System for Ecosystem-Based Management of Tropical Coral Reef Environments  details
Munger, Bill Harvard University  Development of a Data-Assimilation Framework for Integrating 25 Years of Surface and Airborne observations to assess patterns of net CO2 Exchange from Arctic Ecosystems  details
Mustard, John Brown university  Rates and Drivers of Land Use Land Cover Change in the Agricultural Frontier of Mato Grosso, Brazil  details
Myint, Soe Arizona State University  Understanding Impacts of Desert Urbanization on Climate and Surrounding Environments to Foster Sustainable Cities Using Remote Sensing and Numerical Modeling  details
Myneni, Ranga Boston University  A Synergistic Study for LIDAR and Passive Optical Remote Sensing of Forest Horizontal Structure in Support of DESDynI Mission  details
Myneni, Ranga Boston University  Global LAI/FPAR Earth System Data Records from NPP-VIIRS to Extend the EOS-MODIS Time Series  details
Myneni, Ranga Boston University  Modest Maintenance of Terra and Aqua MODIS LAI/FPAR Products and Transitioning to Core Production  details
Myneni, Ranga
(Xu, Liang)
Boston University  Remote Sensing of Forest Canopy Structure Across Multiple Scales from Synergistic Analysis of Lidar, Hyperspectral and Multiangle Data With Time-Dependent Stochastic Radiative Transfer Based Algorithm  details
Nelson, Norm Uninversity of California, Santa Barbara  Bermuda Bio-Optics Project: Enhancement of measurements for new ocean color applications  details
Nelson, Norm Uninversity of California, Santa Barbara  Ocean color observations on CLIVAR: Inherent optical properties and community structure on trans-ocean sections.  details
Nelson, Ross NASA GSFC  A Joint USFS-NASA Pilot Project to Estimate Forest Carbon Stocks in Interior Alaska by Integrating Field, Airborne and Satellite Data  details
Nelson, Ross NASA GSFC  A Lidar-Radar-Optical Data Fusion Approach for Estimating the Aboveground Carbon Stocks of North American Forests: Means and Uncertainties at Regional to Continental Scales  details
Nelson, Ross NASA GSFC  Using the ICESAT-GLAS LiDAR to Estimate the Amount, Spatial Distribution, and Statistical Uncertainty of Aboveground Carbon Stocks of the North American Boreal Forest  details
Nemani, Rama NASA ARC  Extending the Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (TOPS) to NPP Applications  details
Nemani, Rama NASA ARC  Understanding and predicting continental-scale disturbances with prognostic and diagnostic models: bark beetle outbreaks in North America  details
Neuenschwander, Amy University of Texas  Investigations and Error Analysis of Vegetation Structure Retrieval Algorithms from Spaceborne Laser Altimetry for the DESDynI Mission  details
Nghiem, Son NASA JPL  Mega Urban Changes and Impacts in the Decade of the 2000s  details
Numata, Izaya South Dakota State University  Assessing vulnerability and responses of forest edges to drought in Amazonia  details
Ogle, Kiona
(Tucker, Colin)
University of Wyoming  Wintertime plant, soil, and ecosystem carbon cycling: Scaling plot-level mechanisms to landscape level patterns  details
Ogle, Stephen Colorado State University  Resolving Net CO2 Exchange in the Mid-Continent Region of North America by Comparing and Reconciling Results from Inverse Modeling and Inventory-Based Approaches  details
Oliver, Matt University of Delaware  3-D Mapping of Ocean Water Masses and Biomes  details
Oliver, Matt University of Delaware  PECASE AUGMENTATION: Satellite Driven Studies of Climate Mediated Changes in Antarctic Food-Webs  details
Oliver, Matt University of Delaware  Satellite Driven Studies of Climate Mediated Changes in Antarctic Food-Webs  details
Ollinger, Scott University of New Hampshire  Effects of Disturbance and N Deposition on Nitrogen-Albedo Relations in Forests  details
Ollinger, Scott University of New Hampshire  Exploring Relationships among Carbon Cycling, Vegetation Nitrogen Status and Surface Albedo across North American Ecosystems to Improve Land Surface Models  details
Ollinger, Scott University of New Hampshire  Exploring Relationships Among Water Use Efficiency, Canopy Nitrogen and Carbon Cycling across North American Ecosystems to Improve Land Surface Models  details
Ozdogan, Mutlu University of Wisconsin - Madison  Investigating the Relationship Between Land Use/Land Cover Change, Hydrologic Cycle, and Climate in Semi-Arid Central Asia  details
Painter, Thomas University of California, Los Angeles  Integrated Hydrologic Response to Extreme Dust Deposition to the Snow Cover of the Colorado River Basin  details
Palace, Michael CSRC-University of New Hampshire  Drought-induced vegetation change and fire in Amazonian forests: past, present, and future  details
Palace, Michael CSRC-University of New Hampshire  Estimation of tropical forest structure using multiple remote sensing platforms and field based data  details
Palace, Michael CSRC-University of New Hampshire  Scaling Forest Biometric Properties Derived from High Resolution Imagery to the Amazon Basin using Moderate Resolution Spectral Reflectance Data  details
Pearson, Richard AMNH  Integrating remotely sensed data and ecological models to assess species extinction risks under climate change  details
Pelletier, Jon University of Arizona  Development of a High-Resolution Global Soil Depth Dataset  details
Perry, Mary
(Briggs, Nathan)
Univ. of Maine  Estimating particle size in the ocean from high-frequency variability in in-situ optics  details
Perry, Mary Univ. of Maine  Reducing uncertainty in the marine carbon cycle by coupling satellite and in-water robotic measurements  details
Pidgeon, Anna University of Wisconsin-Madison  Effects of fire, extreme weather, and anthropogenic disturbance on avian biodiversity in the United States  details
Podest, Erika Jet Propulsion Laboratory  Remote Sensing of Palm Swamp Distribution and Flooding Status in the Amazon Basin for Assessing Carbon Dioxide and Methane Release  details
Popescu, Sorin Texas A&M University  A multi-scale approach using lidar and MODIS products for assessing forest carbon  details
Potter, Christopher NASA ARC  Modeling the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle with Land Cover Disturbance Based on Satellite Remote Sensing  details
Prince, Steve University of Maryland  Vegetation dynamics in drylands and implications for regional climate: analysis of two decades of observations in the African Sahel  details
Radeloff, Volker University of Wisconsin-Madison  200 years of land use and land cover changes and their driving forces in the Carpathian basin in Central Europe  details
Radeloff, Volker
(Brandt, Jodi)
University of Wisconsin-Madison  Land Use and Land Cover Change in Southwest China's Himalayan Mountains and the implications for alpine meadows, forest ecosystems, and avian biodiversity  details
Radeloff, Volker University of Wisconsin-Madison  Land use change, protected areas, and biodiversity in the Caucasus and Ural Mountains  details
Radeloff, Volker University of Wisconsin-Madison  Synthesis of studies on institutional change and LCLUC effects on carbon, biodiversity, and agriculture after the collapse of the Soviet Union  details
Rahman, Faiz Indiana University  Carbon Dynamics, Land Cover Change, and Vulnerability of the World's Largest Coastal Mangrove Ecosystem to Climate Change  details
Rahman, Faiz Indiana University  Improved Per-Pixel Estimates of Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes across Eastern US Forests  details
Ramsey, Elijah USGS  Response of Coastal Wetlands to the Gulf Oil Spill  details
Randerson, Jim UC Irvine, Dept. of Earth System Science  Global Carbon Emissions from Fires: Improving our Understanding of Interactions between Land Use, Fires, and Climate Change  details
Randerson, Jim UC Irvine, Dept. of Earth System Science  Global fire emissions derived from Terra and Aqua satellites  details
Ranson, Jon NASA GSFC  Amount, Spatial Distribution, and Statistical Uncertainty of Aboveground Carbon Stocks in the Circumpolar Boreal Forest  details
Rawlins, Michael University of Massachusetts, Amherst  Synthesis and Integration of Recent Research Characterizing the Carbon Cycle of Northern Eurasia  details
Raymond, Peter Yale University  United States Stream and River CO2 Evasion  details
Reynolds, Rick Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD  Optical detection of particle concentration, composition, and size within Arctic waters  details
Richardson, Andrew Harvard University  Improving predictions of terrestrial carbon, water, and energy cycling using novel plant phenology observation and modeling  details
Roberts, Dar
(Toomey, Michael)
UC Santa Barbara  Amazonian drought response: land surface temperature patterns and ecological implications  details
Roberts, Dar UC Santa Barbara  Evaluation of synergies between VNIR-SWIR and TIR imagery in a Mediterranean-climate Ecosystem  details
Roberts, Dar UC Santa Barbara  HyspIRI discrimination of plant species and functional types along a strong environmental-temperature gradient  details
Roberts, Dar UC Santa Barbara  Spatial, Spectral and Temporal Requirements for Improved Hyperspectral Mapping of Plant Functional Type, Plant Species, Canopy Biophysics, and Canopy Biochemistry  details
Rodgers, Keith Princeton University  A new method for identifying anthropogenic changes in ocean biogeochemistry through the combined use of repeat hydrographic measurements and remote sensing data  details
Roesler, Collin
(Sauer, Michael)
Bowdoin College  How Green is the Gulf of Maine: How Have the Dynamics of CDOM and Phytoplankton Influenced Remotely-Sensed Estimates of Chlorophyll?  details
Roesler, Collin Bowdoin College  Remote Assessment of algal functional groups in absence of extreme blooms: application to Alexandrium fundyense in the Gulf of Maine  details
Roffer, Mitch Roffer's Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service  Improving The NOAA NMFS and ICCAT Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fisheries Management Decision Support System  details
Roffer, Mitch Roffer's Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service  Management and conservation of Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) and other highly migratory fish in the Gulf of Mexico under IPCC climate change scenarios: A study using regional climate and habitat models.  details
Rosenzweig, Cynthia NASA GISS  Integration of NASA Models and Missions into Agricultural Decision Support  details
Roy, David South Dakota State University  Changing Field Sizes of the Conterminous United States, a Decennial Landsat Assessment  details
Roy, David
(Sathyachandran, Sanath)
South Dakota State University  Fire Type Classification in the Brazilian Legal Amazon  details
Running, Steven University of Montana  Integrating MODIS Primary Production, and Evapotranspiration Datasets to Monitor Carbon and Water Dynamics for Terrestrial Ecosystem.  details
Running, Steven University of Montana  Validation, improvement and applications of MODIS global terrestrial primary production MOD 17 and a test MODIS evapotranspiration product: Green Compute Cluster  details
Saatchi, Sassan CALTECH/JPL  Detecting Changes of Forest Biomass from Fusion of Radar and Lidar: Developing DESDynl measurement requirements  details
Saatchi, Sassan CALTECH/JPL  Prototyping MRV Systems Based on Systematic and Spatial Estimates of Carbon Stock and Stock Changes of Forestlands  details
Saatchi, Sassan CALTECH/JPL  Quantifying Variations of Tropical Forest Structure and Biomass along Altitudinal Gradient  details
Salisbury, Joe UNH  Lagrangian tracking of satellite products with a numerical model: A new method for diagnosing net community productionand carbon export in the ocean  details
Sarabandi, Kamal The University of Michigan  VEGEX3D: LiDAR-SAR/InSAR Extrapolation and Simulation Models for Retrieving Vegetation 3D Structure and Biomass  details
Schaaf, Crystal University of Massachusetts Boston  Albedo and Bidirectional Reflectance Climate Data Records from NPP/VIIRS  details
Schaaf, Crystal University of Massachusetts Boston  Albedo and Bidirectional Reflectance Climate Data Records from NPP/VIIRS  details
Schaaf, Crystal University of Massachusetts Boston  MODIS Albedo, Nadir Reflectance, and Reflectance Anisotropy for Environmental Modeling and Monitoring  details
Schaaf, Crystal University of Massachusetts Boston  MODIS Albedo, Nadir Reflectance, and Reflectance Anisotropy for Environmental Modeling and Monitoring  details
Schaefer, Kevin National Snow and Ice Data Center  Quantifying Uncertainty in the Permafrost Carbon Feedback  details
Schmitz, Oswald Yale Univ.  Use of airborne LiDAR to model three-dimensional habitat use by neotropical primates  details
Schwalm, Christopher Northern Arizona University  Using observations to assess the sensitivity of land-atmosphere carbon exchange to climate variability  details
Seablom, Michael NASA Goddard Space Center  An Advanced Learning Framework for High Dimensional Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Data  details
Seto, Karen Yale University  Multi-Scale and Multi-Sensor Analysis of Urban Cluster Development and Agricultural Land Loss in China and India  details
Shugart, Hank University of Virginia  Carbon Monitoring  details
Shugart, Hank University of Virginia  Evaluation of Habitat Availability for Large Carnivores Under a Changing Climate and Disturbance Regime: the Amur Tiger and Amur Leopard Case Study  details
Shugart, Hank University of Virginia  Synthesis of forest growth, response to wildfires and carbon storage for Russian forests using a distributed, individual-based forest model  details
Shuttleworth, Jim
(Rosolem, Rafael)
  Impact of Vegetation Phenology on Amazonian Energy, Water, and Carbon Exchanges: Integration of Field Experiments, Satellite Remote Sensing, and Land Surface Modeling  details
Siegel, Dave UC SantaBarbara  A Mechanistic Approach Towards the Remote Assessment of Carbon Export by Sinking Particles in the Open Ocean.  details
Siegel, Dave
(Henderikx Freitas, Fernanda)
UC SantaBarbara  Bio-optical variability of plumes, blooms, and relaxations in the Santa Barbara Channel: How biased are our current assessments?  details
Siegel, Dave UC SantaBarbara  Controls on Open Ocean Productivity and Export Experiment - COOPEX  details
Siegel, Dave UC SantaBarbara  Evaluating NPP Ocean Color Data Products in a Complex Coastal Environment: The Plumes and Blooms Program.  details
Siegel, Dave
(Lawson, Rebecca)
UC SantaBarbara  Phytoplankton Community Composition and Inherent Optical Properties (IOP) in a Complex Coastal Environment.  details
Siegel, Dave UC SantaBarbara  Remote Assessment of Giant Kelp Dynamics-The Engineer of California's Nearshore Ecosystems.  details
Silander, John
(Wilson, Adam)
University of Connecticut  Fire, phenology, and weather: implications of climate change in Mediterranean ecosystems  details
Simard, Mac Caltech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory  3D Vegetation Structure using L-band InSAR and Lidar  details
Simard, Mac Caltech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory  Estimating Canopy Height using Repeat-Pass Polarimetric Interferometric (PolinSAR) Data from UAVSAR  details
Simard, Mac Caltech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory  Vulnerability assessment of mangrove forests in the Americas  details
Siqueira, Paul University of Massachusetts  A Segmentation Approach for Combining RaDAR Backscater, InSAR and LiDAR Measurements to Determine Vegetation 3D Structure and Biomass from Space  details
Siqueira, Paul University of Massachusetts  Modeling and evaluation of Polarimetric SAR and InSAR for forest structure estimation  details
Skole, David Michigan State Univeristy  Monitoring and Mapping the Area, Extent and Shifting Geographies of Industrial Forests in the Tropics  details
Slayback, Dan NASA GSFC / SSAI  The impact of disappearing tropical Andean glaciers on pastoral agriculture  details
Slesnick, Catherine Draper Laboratory  Climate Extremes and Landscape Hazards: An Interdisciplinary Study of Change  details
Smith, Alistair University of Idaho  Quantifying the characteristics and investigating the biogeoscientific and societal impacts of extreme wildland fires in the United States northern Rockies region  details
Smithwick, Erica Pennsylvania State University  Influence of Disturbance and Seasonality on Regional Carbon Flux Upscaling  details
Sokolik, Irina Georgia Institute of Technology  Multiscale synthesis of land cover and land use, climatic and societal changes in drylands of Central Asia  details
Song, Conghe
(Gray, Josh)
Univ. of North Carolina Chapel Hill  Hydrologic Response of Forested Catchments to Climate and Land Cover/Land-Use Changes  details
Sosik, Heidi Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  Seasonal to Interannual Variability in Phytoplankton Biomass and Diversity on the New England Shelf: In Situ Time Series for Validation and Exploration of Remote Sensing Algorithms  details
Southworth, Jane   Understanding and predicting the impact of climate variability and climate change on land use and land cover change via socio-economic institutions in Southern Africa  details
Spies, Thomas USDA Forest Service  Tradeoffs among carbon and other ecosystem services associated with different forest management practices  details
Stammerjohn, Sharon University of California Santa Cruz  Improving Current Assessments and Future Predictions of Carbon Fluxes in the Southern Ocean as Mediated by the Dynamical Response of Ice-Ocean-Ecosystem Interactions to Climate Change  details
Steele, Michael University of Washington  The Autonomous Polar Productivity Sampling System (APPSS)  details
Stehman, Steve SUNY College of Environ Sci & Forestry  Developing Statistically Rigorous Sampling Design and Analysis Methods to Reduce and Quantify Uncertainties Associated with Carbon Monitoring Systems  details
Stone, Thomas US Geological Survey  Lunar Calibration for the Next Generation of Earth-Observing Satellite Sensors  details
Stow, Douglas San Diego State University  The Urban Transition in Ghana and Its Relation to Land Cover and Land Use Change Through Analysis of Multi-scale and Multi-temporal Satellite Image Data  details
Stramski, Dariusz   Assessing biodiversity of phytoplankton communities in the ocean from optical remote sensing  details
Sun, Guoqing NASA GSFC/UMD  Data Fusion Algorithms for Forest Biomass Mapping From Lidar and SAR Data  details
Sun, Guoqing NASA GSFC/UMD  Proposal to be a member of the Science Definition Team for Carbon Monitoring System (CMS)  details
Swenson, Jennifer
(Gonzalez-Roglich, Mariano)
  Spatio-temporal dynamics of woody plant encroachment in semiarid rangelands of Argentina: changes in C stocks and climate change implications  details
Swenson, Jennifer   Spatiotemporal variability of inland waterbodies along the Pacific Flyway using 30+ years of Landsat  details
Tadesse, Tsegaye University of Nebraska-Lincoln  Seasonal Prediction of Hydro-Climatic Extremes in the Greater Horn of Africa under Evolving Climate Conditions to Support Adaptation Strategies  details
Taff, Greg The University of Memphis  Capacity building for NEESPI and GOFC-GOLD  details
Teng, Bill NASA GSFC GES DISC (Wyle)  Improving World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates by Integrating NASA Water Cycle-Related Data and Technologies into USDA World Agricultural Outlook Board Decision Making Environment  details
Thenkabail, Prasad   Water Use and Water Productivity of Key World Crops using Hyperion-ASTER, and a Large Collection of in-situ Field Biological and Spectral Data in Central Asia  details
Thornton, Peter Oak Ridge National Laboratory  Surface weather data with uncertainty quantification for terrestrial ecosystem process models  details
Townsend, Phil
(Serbin, Shawn)
University of Wisconsin  An integrative approach for quantifying the effects of disturbance on regional forest carbon cycling  details
Townsend, Phil University of Wisconsin  Assimilation of imaging spectroscopy data to improve the representation of vegetation dynamics in ecosystem models  details
Townsend, Phil University of Wisconsin  Characterization of forest functional types and their role in mediating ecosystem response to environmental change  details
Townsend, Phil University of Wisconsin  Detection of key leaf physiological traits using spectroscopy and hyperspectral imagery  details
Townsend, Phil University of Wisconsin  Ecological Spectral Information System (ESIS): Integration of Spectral Data with Measurements of Vegetation Functional Traits  details
Townsend, Phil University of Wisconsin  Measurement of ecosystem metabolism across climatic and vegetation gradients in California for the 2013-2014 NASA AVIRIS/MASTER airborne campaign  details
Townshend, John University of Maryland  Enhanced Land Cover and Land Cover Change Products from MODIS  details
Townshend, John University of Maryland  Enhanced Land Cover Products from MODIS: Vegetation Continuous Fields Maintenance and Refinements  details
Treuhaft, Robert JPL, California Institute of Technology  Data Fusion, Error Analysis, and a Global Biomass Product: Proposal for Membership on the Carbon Monitoring System Science Definition Team  details
Treuhaft, Robert JPL, California Institute of Technology  The Performance of Structure and Biomass Estimation from InSAR 3-D Vegetation Missions at L-band over Tropical Forests  details
Treuhaft, Robert JPL, California Institute of Technology  Tropical Moist Forest Structure and Biomass Estimation from Bistatic InSAR at X-band (TanDEM-X), Small- and Large-Spot Lidar, and Field Measurements  details
Tucker, Compton NASA GSFC  Identifying and Understanding 25 Years of North American Carbon Cycle Disturbances  details
Turner, David Oregon State University  Assessing the Sensitivity of Net Ecosystem Exchange over North America to Climate and Disturbance with Prognostic and Diagnostic Models  details
Turner, David Oregon State University  Time Series Analysis of Disturbance Impacts on the Pacific Northwest Regional Carbon Balance  details
Tzortziou, Maria ESSIC-Univ. of Maryland / GSFC-NASA  Spatial and temporal variability of atmospheric NO2 and other trace gases and aerosols over Eastern US coastal regions: applications to remote sensing observations and studies of nitrogen deposition.  details
Urban, Edward Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) Secretariat  International coordination, development, scientific and training activities in the field of satellite ocean-colour radiomtery (OCR)  details
Ustin, Susan University of California Davis  Coastal Wetland and Near Shore Ecosystem Impacts from the Gulf of Mexico Horizon BP Oil Spill Monitored by NASA's AVIRIS and MASTER Imagers  details
Ustin, Susan University of California Davis  Identification of Plant Functional Types By Characterization of Canopy Chemistry Using an Automated Advanced Canopy Radiative Transfer Model  details
Ustin, Susan University of California Davis  Near Real Time Science Processing Algorithm for Live Fuel Moisture Content for the MODIS Direct Readout System  details
Ustin, Susan
(Kefauver, Shawn)
University of California Davis  Remote Sensing of Bio-Indicators for Forest Health Assessment  details
van Aardt, Jan Rochester Institute of Technology  Investigating the impact of spatially-explicit sub-pixel structural variation on the assessment of vegetation structure from HyspIRI data  details
Vargas, Rodrigo University of Delaware  A framework for carbon monitoring and upscaling in forests across Mexico to support implementation of REDD+  details
Vierling, Lee University of Idaho  Quantifying thresholds in arctic tundra vegetation structure and ecosystem function using LiDAR and multispectral remote sensing  details
Vorosmarty, Charles University of New Hampshire  Assesment of threatened River Delta Systems  details
Walker, Skip University of Alaska Fairbanks  Adaptation to Rapid Land-Use and Climate Changes on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia: Remote Sensing and Models for Analyzing Cumulative Effects  details
Walker, Skip University of Alaska Fairbanks  Recovery and archiving of key Arctic Alaska vegetation map and plot data for long-term vegetation analyses  details
Walker, Skip University of Alaska Fairbanks  Yamal LCLUC Synthesis: A synthesis of remote-sensing studies, ground observations and modeling to understand the social-ecological consequences of climate change and resource development on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia and relevance to the circumpolar Arct  details
Walter Anthony, Katey University of Alaska, Fairbanks  Characterization of CH4 emissions from high latitude lakes in North America using multi-scale remote sensing  details
Wan, Zhengming Univ. CA, Santa Barbara  Science Data Analysis Including TIR BRDF Retrieval for Improvements of the MODIS Land-Surface Temperature/Emissivity Products in Long-term Accuracy and Consistency.  details
Wang, Jun
(Peterson, David)
University of Nebraska - Lincoln  The Interannual Variability of Biomass Burning in North America using MODIS Data: Fire Weather Forecasting Applications  details
Wang, Menghua NOAA/NESDIS/STAR  Evaluation and Improvement of the NPP/NPOESS VIIRS Ocean Color EDRs  details
Wang, Wendy UMD/ESSIC  Decadal Changes in the Equatorial Pacific Ecosystem Structure and Functioning: Impact of Climate Conditions  details
Wang, Wendy UMD/ESSIC  Reducing the Global Carbon Cycle Uncertainties: Understanding the Tropical Ocean-Atmosphere CO2 fluxes  details
Wang, Y.Q. University of Rhode Island  A decision support system for monitoring, reporting and forecasting the ecological conditions of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail  details
Waring, Richard Oregon State University  Mapping of stress on native tree species across the western United States and Canada: interpretation of climatically-induced changes using a physiologically-based approach  details
Waring, Richard Oregon State University  Predicting current and future outbreaks of insect and disease attacks on native tree species in the Pacific Northwest with a physiologically-based model  details
Welch, Ron University of Alabama-Huntsville  Environmental Stability of Forest Corridors in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor region  details
Wendland, Kelly University of Idaho  Land tenure, property rights, and land cover and land use change at transboundary sites in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor  details
Wennberg, Paul Caltech  The Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON): Ground-based Observations in Support of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory  details
West, Tris Joint Global Change Research Institute  Carbon Monitoring of Agricultural Lands: Developing a Globally Consistent Estimate of Carbon Stocks and Fluxes  details
West, Tris Joint Global Change Research Institute  Estimating Global Inventory-based Net Carbon Exchange from Agricultural Lands for Use in the NASA Flux Pilot Study  details
Westberry, Toby Oregon State University  Development of a Globally Consistent AQUA MODIS Fluorescence Line Height (FLH) Record and Its Science Applications  details
Westberry, Toby Oregon State University  Ecosystem carbon dynamics in high-latitude seasonal seas of the subarctic North Pacific and North Atlantic  details
Westberry, Toby Oregon State University  Investigating the Causes of Trichodesmium Blooms in the World Oceans  details
Wethey, Dave University of South Carolina  Physiological impacts of climate change using remote sensing: An integrative approach to predicting patterns of species abundance and distribution and thresholds of ecosystem collapse  details
White, Angelicque Oregon State University  Primary productivity as a function of absorption, pigment based phytoplankton diversity and particle size distributions  details
Wilhelmi, Olga University Corporation for Atmospheric Research  System for Integrated Modeling of Metropolitan Extreme Heat Risk (SIMMER)  details
Wimberly, Mike South Dakota State University  TE: Integrating Multi-Sensor Satellite Data for Malaria Early Warning in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia  details
Wofsy, Steve
(Chow, Victoria)
Harvard University  An integrated approach to quantify regional carbon budgets in North America and Amazonia by assimilation of high-resolution meteorological and remote sensing data  details
Wofsy, Steve Harvard University  Budgets for Carbon Cycle Gases (CO2, CH4, and CO) in the Amazon Basin from aircraft and remote sensing data  details
Wofsy, Steve Harvard University  Source attribution, emission monitoring and treaty verification by combining remote sensing and suborbital data  details
Wofsy, Steve Harvard University  Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Sources for non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases (CH4, CO, N2O) and aerosols over Amazonia  details
Wolfe, Robert NASA GSFC  Advanced geolocation algorithms for Earth Science Data Records from moderate resolution sensors  details
Wolfe, Robert NASA GSFC  Land Product Validation Continuity  details
Wolfe, Robert NASA GSFC  Maintaining NASAs Land Product Validation Infrastructure and Using Related Data for Model Sensitivity Studies  details
Wolfe, Robert NASA GSFC  VIIRS Geometric Calibration and Validation for NPP Earth System and Climate Data Records.  details
Woodcock, Curtis Boston University  Enhancing Compatibility of Sentinel 2 and Landsat products for improved monitoring of the Earth System  details
Woodcock, Curtis Boston University  Quantifying the accuracy and uncertainty in remote sensing products of land use change: implications for carbon monitoring  details
Xiao, Jingfeng University of New Hampshire  Providing Scientific and Technical Guidance to the Development and Evaluation of the Integrated Flux Pilot Product: Forcing Evaluation, Parameter Optimization, Uncertainty Assessment and Product Validation  details
Xiao, Xiangming University of Oklahoma  Mapping industrial forest plantations in tropical monsoon Asia through integration of Landsat and PALSAR imagery  details
Xiao, Xiangming University of Oklahoma  Quantifying changes in agricultural intensification and expansion in monsoon Asia during 2000-201  details
Xiao, Xiangming University of Oklahoma  Quantifying Leaf Chlorophyll Content, Light Absorption by Chlorophyll and Gross Primary Production  details
Xiao, Xiangming University of Oklahoma  Quantifying Leaf Chlorophyll Content, Light Absorption by Chlorophyll and Gross Primary Production  details
Yang, Zong-Liang The University of Texas at Austin  Developing and Applying an Integrated Multi-scale Earth System Modeling Framework to Study the Impacts of Changing Climate, Local Weather, and Land Use on Watersheds and Downstream Coastal Ecosystems  details
Yeo, In-Young University of Maryland  Mapping and Monitoring of Wetland Dynamics for Improved Resilience and Delivery of Ecosystem Services in the Mid-Atlantic Region  details
Yu, Mei University of Puerto Rico  Vulnerability and adaptive management of tropical coastal wetlands  details
Yvon-Lewis, Shari Texas A&M  Ocean Acidification of the Greater Caribbean Region 1999 - 2009  details
Zhang, Qingyuan GESTAR/USRA & GSFC/NASA  Carbon Monitoring and Ecosystem Feedbacks Prediction Using fAPARchl and the Community Land Model (CLM)  details
Zhang, Tingjun University of Colorado at Boulder  Remotely-Sensed Active Layer Thickness (ReSALT) Product Derived from InSAR Data over North American Arctic Regions  details
Zhang, Xuesong Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  Anticipating Agroecosystem Impacts of and Feedbacks to Climate Change in the Midwest US through Integration of a Coupled Climate-Agroecosystem Model with Satellite Data  details
Zhou, Yuyu PNNL  Understanding and Simulating Global Urban Expansion in the Context of Climate Change  details
Zhuang, Qianlai Purdue University  Changes of Land Cover and Land Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Northern Eurasia: Impacts on Human Adaptation and Quality of Life at Regional and Global Scales  details
Zhuang, Qianlai Purdue University  Regional and Global Climate and Societal Impacts of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in Northern Eurasia: A Synthesis Study Using Remote Sensing Data and An Integrated Global System Model  details

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