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EXPORTS is a scoping study for a major NASA field campaign.

The Science Definition Team (SDT) has been tasked with providing assistance to NASA in developing an Implementation Plan for the EXPORTS scientific field campaign. This plan will include a reasonably detailed study design or implementation options with a modular approach, and a description of required field and remote sensing observations, required field infrastructure, logistics, technologies, modeling, and data management capabilities. The SDT is currently finalizing their recommendation on an Implementation Plan, which will be presented to the scientific community and further discussed during the 2016 OCB Summer Workshop.

Goal: Predict the export and fate of ocean Net Primary Production (NPP) from satellite and other observations.

Hypothesis: Carbon export from the euphotic zone and its fate within the twilight zone can be predicted knowing characteristics of the surface ocean ecosystem.

  • EXPORTS Draft Implementation Plan Open for Community Comment – July 18, 2016 >>
    Comments due by COB September 1, 2016
  • Siegel DA, Buesseler KO, Behrenfeld MJ, Benitez-Nelson CR, Boss E, Brzezinski MA, Burd A, Carlson CA, D'Asaro EA, Doney SC, Perry MJ, Stanley RHR and Steinberg DK (2016) Prediction of the Export and Fate of Global Ocean Net Primary Production: The EXPORTS Science Plan. Front. Mar. Sci. 3:22. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2016.00022
  • EXPORTS Science Definition Team Status – March 2016 >>
  • NASA Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Research Announcement for
    Pre-EXPORTS activities >>
        Notices of intent due: January 7, 2016
        Proposals due: March 3, 2016
        Questions concerning this program element may be directed to: Paula Bontempi