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Land Cover/Land Use Change
Poster Presentations
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Cooling Index derived from satellite data (1985-2007) in upwelling areas Case: Moroccan coastal upwelling (Benazzouz Aïssa, Demarcq Hervé, Orbi Abdellatif)   [abstract]
Role of Glaciers and Snow Cover in Rivers Discharge and LCLU Changes over Central Asia and South Siberia (Vladimir Aizen, Elena Aizen, Arzhan Surazakov, Roland Geerken, Genadiy Nosenko, Stanislav Nikitin, Alexander Finaev, Valeriy Kuzmichenok)   [abstract]   [poster]
Counting Wildlife from Space; The How, When, Where, and for Which species to use hyper-spatial resolution satellite imagery to count wildlife in wild places. (Scott Bergen, Eric W Sanderson)   [abstract]
Temporal and spatial patterns in optical properties of CDOM on Florida&rsquos Gulf Coast: Shelf to Stream to Aquifer (Robyn Nicole Conmy, Paula G Coble)   [abstract]
Spectral Indices to Monitor Nitrogen Driven Carbon Sequestration in Vegetation (Lawrence A. Corp, Elizabeth M. Middleton, Petya K.E. Campbell, Karl F. Huemmrich, Yen Ben Cheng, Craig S.T. Daughtry)   [abstract]
Direct contribution of phytoplankton-sized particles to optical backscattering in the open ocean (Giorgio Dall'Olmo, Toby Westberry, Michael Behrenfeld, Emmanuel Boss, Wayne Slade)   [abstract]
Deformation, Ecosystem Structure, and Dynamics of Ice (DESDynI) Mission (Andrea Donnellan, K. Jon Ranson, Marc Simard, Robert Treuhaft, Ralph Dubayah, H. Hank Shugart)   [abstract]   [poster]
Effects of land use change on fire, vegetation and wildlife dynamics in arid grasslands of Southern Russia (Maxim Dubinin, Anna Lushchekina, Volker C Radeloff)   [abstract]
Remote quantification of the micro-scale vegetation structural features influencing a rare forest antelope's habitat selection (Lyndon D. Estes, Adam G. Mwangi, Gregory S. Okin, Paul R. Reillo, Herman H. Shugart)   [abstract]
Assessment of Biomass Consumption Variability in Forest Fires Using Satellite Remote Sensing (Nancy HF French)   [abstract]   [poster]
Satellite Estimation of Air-Sea Gas Transfer Velocity During GasEx-3 Using QuikSCAT and Jason-1 Microwave Radar Backscatter (David M. Glover, Nelson M. Frew, Michael J. Caruso)   [abstract]   [poster]
Climate Change Impacts on Phytoplankton Biodiversity and Its Consequences for the Ecosystem of the Arabian Sea (Joaquim I. Goes, Helga do R. Gomes, Prasad G. Thoppil, Prabhu G. Matondkar, Adnan R. Al-Azri, John T. Fasullo, Sergio deRada, Fei Chai, John C Kindle, Richard T Barber)   [abstract]   [poster]
Application of Lifetime Analyses in the Upper Ocean to the Interpretation of Satellite-Based, Solar Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Signals (Maxim Gorbunov, Paul Falkowski)   [abstract]   [poster]
Two decades of forest disturbance and regrowth across the United States evaluated using the Landsat record for the North American Carbon Program (Samuel N. Goward, Chengquan Huang, Nancy Thomas, Jeffrey G. Masek, Warren B. Cohen, Gretchen G. Moisen, Scott L. Powell, Robert B. Kennedy, Sean P. Healey, Karen Schleeweis, Khaldoun Rishwami)   [abstract]
Satellite chlorophyll and carbon sensitivity analysis of Southern Ocean ecosystem model (Michael R Hiscock, Patrick Schultz, Jorge L Sarmiento)   [abstract]
Information requirements for accurate forward modeling of fire emissions on heterogeneous landscapes (Edward J. Hyer, Jeffrey S. Reid)   [abstract]   [poster]
Satellite detection of seasonal and secular change of global ocean biome distributions (Andrew J Irwin, Matt J Oliver, Paul G Falkowski, Oscar ME Schofield)   [abstract]
Characterizing Forest Cover Change in the Congo Basin from 1990 to 2000: Results from the first basin-wide, wall-to-wall mapping effort (Erik J Lindquist, Matthew C Hansen)   [abstract]
Opinions of Experts Drive Baseline Mapping of Noxious Weed Habitat in National Parks (Peter Ma, Jeffrey T. Morisette, Joel Silverman, Monique Rocca, Jeffrey E. Pedelty, Neal Most, Nate Benson, Kara Paintner, John L. Schnase)   [abstract]
News and Notes from the Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC). (Thomas Krueger Maiersperger, Tom Sohre)   [abstract]   [poster]
Development of Carbon Data Products for the Coastal Ocean using SeaWiFS and MODIS-Aqua (Antonio Mannino, Mary Elizabeth Russ, Stanford B. Hooker)   [abstract]   [poster]
Improvements in Radiometric Data Processing for SORTIE (Scott McLean, Marlon Lewis, Giuseppe Zibordi, Yuqin Zong, Steven Brown, B. Carol Johnson, Keith Lykke, Mike Feinholz, Mark Yarborough, Stephanie Flora, Charles Trees, James Mueller, Dennis Clark, Susanne Craig, Andrew Barnard, Ron Zaneveld, Ken Voss)   [abstract]
Applications of Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Modeling for Monitoring and Management of U.S. National Parks (Forrest Melton, Rama Nemani, Hiatt Sam, Hirofumi Hashimoto, Michaelis Andrew, Milesi Cristina, Wang Weile)   [abstract]   [poster]
Applications of North American Forest Dynamics technology within the Forest Inventory and Analysis program (Gretchen Moisen, Sean Healey, Mark Nelson, Randy Morin, John Shaw, Will McWilliams, Rachel Riemann, Brett Butler, Jock Blackard, Sam Goward, Warren Cohen, Jeff Masek)   [abstract]
El-Nino signal in the Arabian Sea Chlorophyll Concentration as Estimated from the SeaWiFS Observations (Rajeev Mudgal, Mihir Kumar Dash, Prem Chand Pandey)   [abstract]
Physics to Fish: Allometric Scaling and the Mid-trophic Ladder (Raghu Murtugudde, Patrick Lehodey, Inna Senina, John Sibert, Laurent Bopp)   [abstract]
Nutrient budgets and carbon export in the subtropical North Atlantic gyre (Susanne Neuer, Peer Helmke, Andres Cianca)   [abstract]
Diagnosing Atmospheric Correction Performance for the Santa Barbara Channel: Do We Really Know Aerosol Optical Properties for Complex Coastal Environments? (Bill O'Hirok, Dave Siegel, Stephane Maritorena)   [abstract]
Radar Remote Sensing of Wetlands in Boreal Eurasia and North America for use in Methane Emission Modeling (Erika Podest, Kyle McDonald, Ted Bohn, Dennis Lettenmaier, Mahta Moghaddam, Jane Whitcomb)   [abstract]   [poster]
Tree cover gross loss estimations in the boreal regions using MODIS time-series data sets (Peter Potapov, Matthew C Hansen, Stephen Stehman, Thomas R Loveland, Kyle Pittman)   [abstract]   [poster]
Mapping of Methane Emissions from Naturally Occurring Marine Seeps using Imaging Spectrometry (Dar Alexander Roberts, Eliza S Bradley, Leifer Ira, Cheung Ross, Dennison E Philip, Dylan Parenti)   [abstract]   [poster]
Spectral and Structural Differences Between Coniferous and Broadleaf Forest derived from LIDAR and AVIRIS (Dar Alexander Roberts, Keely L Roth, Eliza S Bradley, Parker G Geoffrey, Dennison E Philip, Natour Bothaina)   [abstract]   [poster]
Analysis of NASA Earth Science Data through Giovanni: Demonstration of System Features and Sample Applications (Suhung Shen, Gregory Leptoukh, Stephen Berrick, Hualan Rui, Steve Kempler)   [abstract]
Connectivity in the Meso-American Barrier-Reef System inferred from 1998-2006 satellite ocean color observations (Inia Soto, Serge Andrefouet, Chuanmin Hu, Frank E Muller-Karger, Carrie Wall, Jinyu Sheng, Bruce G Hatcher)   [abstract]
Application of MODIS data to Coastal Regions with Pamlico Sound, USA as an Example (Richard P Stumpf, Kimberly J.W. Hyde, Timothy T. Wynne, Robert A. Warner, Michelle C. Tomlinson, R. Wayne Litaker, William C. Holland, Patricia A. Tester)   [abstract]
The application of MODIS 250m data to monitor algal blooms in a southwestern US reservoir system (Philip Tarrant, Susanne Neuer)   [abstract]
Influence of Satellite Observed Environmental Conditions on Recreational King Mackerel Catches. (Carrie Wall, Frank Muller-Karger, Mitchell A Roffer, Chuanmin Hu)   [abstract]   [poster]
MODIS Land Reprocessing (Robert E Wolfe)   [abstract]   [poster]
Development of the Shrub Submodel for the Community Land Model-Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (CLM-DGVM) (Xubin Zeng, Xiaodong Zeng, Mike Barlage, Koichi Sakaguchi, Zhuo Wang)   [abstract]   [poster]



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