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Poster Guidelines

  • Posters will be displayed in Conference Center's Concourse area on the main level throughout the meeting. You should be at your poster during its scheduled session. See agenda for a schedule of poster sessions.
  • Poster size is restricted to 48 by 48 inches. Poster display boards and push pins will be provided; poster authors must provide all other materials.
  • Instructions on hanging your poster:
    • When? Sunday (8/20) after 6:00 PM or Monday morning.
    • Where? The poster session area will be in the Concourse of the conference center. By 6:00 PM Sunday, poster display boards will be organized by session and labeled with the poster location identifier assigned to that display board. Presenters will find their specific poster location information inside their registration packet.
  • Poster Take-down: Posters should be removed from the display boards on Thursday evening. All posters left hanging after Friday 1:00 PM will be discarded.
  • Reminder to Upload your Poster Presentation: Each presenter is encouraged to upload his or her presentation to the website. To upload your presentation, sign in to your website account (click on the [Sign In] link), and select the "Upload a Presentation File" option on the Welcome Menu webpage.











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