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Joint Workshop on NASA Biodiversity,
Terrestrial Ecology,
and Related Applied Sciences

August 21-25, 2006,
University of Maryland Inn and Conference Center
3501 University Boulevard East
Adelphi, MD

Goals for this meeting included

  • encourage information exchange,
  • foster future research collaborations,
  • expose funded researchers to NASA's program activities and future plans,
  • and receive input from workshop participants on program content and future plans.

This meeting helped our new Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Management Operations Working Group (MOWG) to prepare for NASA's next science plan and respond to the results of the National Research Council's (NRC) Decadal Survey of Earth science and applications from space.

This meeting also fostered more understanding of, and contributed to planning for, four elements in the Applied Sciences program: agricultural efficiency, carbon management, ecological forecasting and invasive species.

FINAL Summary of Workshop Findings
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