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Two Scoping Studies for Future Field Campaigns

NASA’s Terrestrial Ecology Program solicited proposals in ROSES 2008 for scoping studies to identify the scientific questions and develop the initial study design and implementation concept for possible future NASA field campaigns. In January 2009, two scoping studies were selected.
Each scoping study held workshops and has prepared final reports.

NASA Terrestrial Ecology Tree-Grass Project

Status: The Terrestrial Ecology Program review of the Tree-Grass scoping study report found this field campaign to be of potential high merit, but in need of further study and planning. In particular, the choice of sites/transects/region(s) that will allow key science questions to be addressed needs to be fundamentally re-thought. The following next steps were suggested: The Tree-Grass scoping study proponents must consider the concerns raised in this review and whether they wish to further develop the planning for a Tree-Grass field campaign. If so, a revised scoping study report should be once again opened for community comment and review.

Principle Investigator: Niall Hanan, Colorado State University

Abstract:  Challenges and Opportunities in Remote Sensing of Global Savannas: A Scoping Study for a New TE Field Campaign [link]

Final Report: “Savannas in a Changing Earth System” , The NASA Terrestrial Ecology Tree-Grass Project [PDF]

Summary of Community-Submitted Comments on Tree-Grass Final Report available here.  Comment period closed 1.30.12.

Website: http://www.nrel.colostate.edu/projects/srs

Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE)

Status: ABoVE was selected in 2012 for a Field Campaign.

Visit the ABoVE website for more information

Principle Investigator: Eric Kasischke, University of Maryland

Abstract: Arctic-Boreal Vulneralbility Experiment (ABoVE) The Role of Interactions between Climate, Permafrost, Hydrology, and Disturbance in Driving Ecosystem Processes (formerly named Vulnerability and Resiliency of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Landscapes (VuRSAL) [link]