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Terrestrial Ecology Agenda
Thursday, October 6, 2011
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria, VA
Meeting Room: Plaza B

8:30 AM      Welcome – Logistics, Agenda [Peter Griffith, NASA GSFC/Sigma; Diane Wickland, NASA HQ]

8:40 AM      Terrestrial Ecology Program Update and Meeting Goals [Diane Wickland, NASA HQ] [presentation]

9:10 AM    Next Terrestrial Ecology Field Campaign [60 min]

    • Heritage and Scoping Studies from TE08 Solicitation [5 min]
    • Update on Challenges and Opportunities in Remote Sensing of Global Savannas [15 min / Niall Hanan, South Dakota State University]  [presentation]
    • ABoVE [15 min / Eric Kasischke, University of Maryland]  [presentation]
    • Review of ABoVE Scoping Study Report [15 min / Fred Huemmrich, NASA GSFC/UMBC]  [presentation]
    • NASA Recommendation on ABoVE (if known) [10 min /Diane Wickland, NASA HQ]

10:10 AM    BREAK

10:40 AM      Reports from Terrestrial Ecology Working Groups [15 min each]

    • Data Products and Data Access [Bob Cook, ORNL]  [presentation]
    • Modeling [George Hurtt, U. Maryland]   [presentation]
    • Vegetation Structure [Ralph Dubayah, U. Maryland and Forrest Hall, UMBC/GSFC]  [presentation]
    • Airborne Science [Dar Roberts, U. California Santa Barbara]  [presentation]
    • Field Campaigns [Fred Huemmrich, NASA GSFC/UMBC]  [presentation]

11:55 AM    LUNCH

1:30 PM      Open Discussion of Issues / Challenges / Opportunities for TE Program
        (to identify topics for break-out discussions and  follow-on action) [60 min.]

-working group reports, findings, recommendations
-next steps for proposed field campaign(s)
-any other priority topics for the TE Program

2:15 PM     Breakout Discussions on Selected Topics OR Continued Plenary Discussion [75 min]

3:30 PM     BREAK

4:00 PM     Plenary Reports of Break-out Group’s Findings and Recommendations [~5-10 min. each]

4:30 PM     General Discussion & Wrap Up

-identification of priority recommendations
-formation/dissolution of Working Groups
-assignment of actions
-set time for next TE Team Meeting

5:00 PM     ADJOURN






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