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LCLUC Science Team Meeting
Science Focus on High Latitudes in the Context of the International Polar Year
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Thursday, May 1, 2008
Room 2100/ 2102/ 2104
9:00 AM Introduction and goals for the workshop (Garik Gutman, NASA Headquarters; Chris Justice, University of Maryland, College Park)  Gutman presentation , Justice presentation
9:25 AM Overview of satellite observations of recent land cover/ vegetation disturbance and productivity changes in high latitudes (Scott Goetz, Woods Hole Research Center)  presentation
10:00 AM Mapping boreal zone (Matt Hansen & Peter Potapov, South Dakota State University)  presentation
10:25 AM Cumulative effects of resource development, reindeer herding, and climate change on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia (Skip Walker, University of Alaska)  presentation
10:45 AM BREAK
11:15 AM Human dimensions in the Arctic tundra under changing climate conditions (Nancy Maynard, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)  presentation
11:30 AM Climate adaptation in relation to reindeer herding (Svein Mathiesen, Saami University College, Norway)  presentation
11:50 AM Recent developments in the GOFC GOLD Land Cover program (Curtis Woodcock, Boston University)  presentation
12:20 PM LUNCH (Ballroom)
1:15 PM Update on current Landsats and LDCM instrument and data system (Thomas Loveland, U.S. Geological Survey, EROS Data Center)  presentation
1:45 PM Update on Global Land Surveys: past, present and future (Jeff Masek, NASA/GSFC)  presentation
2:50 PM
Overview of LCLUC interactions with Arctic hydrology with emphasis on land use (Charles Vörösmarty, University of New Hampshire)  presentation
3:25 PM
LCLUC interactions with Arctic hydrology with emphasis on linkages to carbon cycle (Kyle McDonald, Jet Propulsion Laboratory) presentation
4:00 PM
LCLUC and carbon cycling in high latitudes (Olga Krankina, Oregon State University)  presentation
4:35 PM
Friday, May 2, 2008
Room 2100/ 2102/ 2104
9:00 AM Overview of changes in permafrost in Northern Hemisphere; link to carbon cycle (Vladimir Romanovsky, University of Alaska, Fairbanks)  presentation
9:30 AM Overview of radiation and arctic aerosol interactions with LCLUC (Irina Sokolik, Georgia Institute of Technology)  presentation
10:00 AM Social science data for high latitudes (Robert Chen, Center for International Earth Science Information Network)  presentation
10:30 AM BREAK
11:00 AM The NASA Land Long Term Data Record Initiative: Status (Eric Vermote, University of Maryland)  presentation
11:30 AM The Land Portal Initiative (Tres Montano) presentation
11:45 PM Discussion of the Arctic LCLUC Book (Garik Gutman)  presentation - pages 24-25
Future directions for Arctic LCLUC Research
Update and planning for Arctic LCLUC book
12:15 PM Summary statements and Feedback Discussion ( Garik Gutman/Chris Justice)
1:00 PM Boxed Lunch


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