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Impacts of Changing Climate and Land Use on Carbon Cycling and Budgets of the Coastal Ocean Margin: Observations, Analysis, and Modeling

Friedrichs, Marjorie (Marjy): Virginia Institute of Marine Science (Project Lead)
Hofmann, Eileen: Old Dominion University (Project Lead)
Lee, Cindy: Retired-Stony Brook University (Co-Investigator)
Najjar, Raymond (Ray): Pennsylvania State University (Co-Investigator)
Signorini, Sergio: NASA GSFC (Co-Investigator)
Tabatabai, Aboozar: Rutgers University (Co-Investigator)
Tian, Hanqin: Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society, Boston College (Co-Investigator)
Wilkin, John: Rutgers University (Co-Investigator)
Hyde, Kimberly (Kim): NOAA (Institution Lead)
Mannino, Antonio: NASA GSFC (Institution Lead)
Feng, Cathy: Virginia Institute of Marine Science (Participant)
Xiao, Yongjin: Virginia Institute of Marine Science (Participant)
Yang, Qichun: Pacific NW National Lab (Participant)

Project Funding: 2011 - 2015

NRA: 2009 NASA: Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science   

Funded by NASA

The overall goal of this project is to investigate the impact of climate variability, climate change, and land-cover/land-use change on the transport and cycling of carbon and nitrogen to and within the coastal ocean margins. This goal will be achieved by linking an ocean biogeochemical-circulation model of the Northeastern North American continental shelf (NENA) to a Dynamic Land Ecosystem Model (DLEM). Both models will be initialized, forced and evaluated with a large suite of satellite data products. Three interconnected research questions will be addressed: 1) how do extreme climate events (floods, droughts) and climate change (temperature, precipitation, solar radiation) affect the magnitude and seasonality of river discharge, and transports of carbon and nitrogen from upland landscapes to the continental margin; 2) what are the impacts of these changes in terrestrial runoff on ecosystem processes and biogeochemical cycling within the continental margin and o n cross-shelf nutrient and carbon fluxes; and 3) how will projected land use, climate variability, and climate change influence carbon and nitrogen cycling in the US eastern coastal ocean margins through changing the structure and function of terrestrial ecosystems in major watersheds on time scales of a century from now? These research questions will be addressed with an integrated modeling and data analysis approach. Much of the development and evaluation of the terrestrial (DLEM) and coastal ocean (NENA) models has been accomplished through prior activities, and thus the emphasis now is to couple the models and initiate coupled land-ocean simulations to address our interdisciplinary research questions.


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2015 NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop Poster(s)

  • Satellite-Derived Properties of Dissolved Organic Matter within Estuarine and Continental Shelf Waters Along the Northeastern U.S. Coast   --   (Antonio Mannino, Michael Novak, Peter Hernes, Kimberly Hyde, Sergio Signorini)   [abstract]
  • Dissolved organic carbon fluxes and stocks in the Mid-Atlantic Bight   --   (Sergio Signorini, Antonio Mannino, John Wilkin, Marjorie Friedrichs, Raymond Najjar)   [abstract]
  • Synergistic impacts of population growth, urbanization, and climate change on watersheds and coastal ecology of the northeastern United States   --   (Raymond Najjar, Marjorie Friedrichs, Eileen Hofmann, Kimberly Hyde, Antonio Mannino, Hanqin Tian, John Wilkin, Sergio Signorini)   [abstract]
  • Contemporary and projected lateral carbon fluxes from North America to Oceans: A process-based modeling study   --   (Hanqin Tian, Qichun Yang, Wei Ren, Chaoqun Lu, Bowen Zhang, Shufen Pan, Bo Tao, Steven Lohrenz, Wei-Jun Cai, Ruoying He, Marjorie Friedrichs, Raymond Najjar)   [abstract]

2011 NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop Poster(s)

  • Interannual Variability of Primary Production and Carbon Fluxes on Northeast North American Shelf: Sensitivity to Climate Change?   --   (Bronwyn Cahill, Katja Fennel, John Wilkin)   [abstract]
  • The effect of river freshwater discharge on the carbon cycling of the US Eastern continental shelf: Results from a three-dimensional total dissolved organic matter model study   --   (Jianhong Xue, Marjorie Friedrichs, Antonio Mannino, Bronwyn Cahill, John Wilkin, Cindy Lee, Katja Fennel, Eileen Hofmann, Raymond Najjar, Kimberly Hyde)   [abstract]
  • Exports of Water, Carbon and Nutrients to the U.S. East Coast during 1901-2008 as simulated by DLEM: Results from a NASA IDS Project   --   (Hanqin Tian, Mingliang Liu, Qichun Yang, Marjy Friedrichs, Eileen Hofmann)   [abstract]
  • Model-based Analyses of Nitrogen Cycling on the Middle Atlantic Bight Continental Shelf   --   (Tian Tian, Marjorie Friedrichs, Eileen Hofmann)   [abstract]
  • The U.S. Eastern Continental Shelf Carbon Cycling Project (U.S. ECoS)   --   (Marjorie Friedrichs, Eileen Hofmann, Bronwyn Cahill, Katja Fennel, Kimberly Hyde, Antonio Mannino, Raymond Najjar, Sergio Signorini, Hanqin Tian, John Wilkin, Yongjin Xiao, Jianhong Xue)   [abstract]

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