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High-Resolution Carbon Monitoring and Modeling: Continuing Prototype Development and Deployment

Hurtt, George: University of Maryland (Project Lead)
DeCola, Philip (Phil): IG3IS (Co-Investigator)
Dolan, Katelyn: University of Maryland (Co-Investigator)
Dubayah, Ralph: University of Maryland (Co-Investigator)
Morales, Valeria: University of Maryland (Participant)
Campbell, Elliott: Maryland Department of Natural Resources (Stakeholder)
Canick, Michelle: The Nature Conservancy (Stakeholder)
Chu, Hong-Hanh: Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs (Stakeholder)
Czarnecki, Greg: Pennsylvania DCNR Bureau of Forestry (Stakeholder)
Feldt, Rob: Maryland Forest Service (Stakeholder)
Hagell, Suzanne: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Office of Climate Change (Stakeholder)
Kroon, Jimmy: Delaware Forest Service (Stakeholder)
Lehman, Shawn: Pennsylvania DCNR Bureau of Forestry (Stakeholder)
Leon, Bennet: Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (Stakeholder)
Mapes, Jeffrey: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Office of Climate Change (Stakeholder)
Murphy, Charles: Baltimore City Recreation & Parks (Stakeholder)
Ngai, Anna: The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) (Stakeholder)
O'Connor, Robert: Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs (Stakeholder)
Randolph, Nathan: Baltimore City Recreation & Parks (Stakeholder)
Snyder, Jared: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Office of Climate Change (Stakeholder)
St. Laurent, Kari: Delaware DNREC (Stakeholder)
Strebel, Don: Versar, Inc. (Stakeholder)
Townsend, Kevin: Blue Source (Stakeholder)

Project Funding: 2014 - 2018

NRA: 2014 NASA: Carbon Monitoring System   

Funded by NASA

The overall goal of our project is the continuing development of a framework for estimating high-resolution carbon stocks and dynamics and future carbon sequestration potential using remote sensing and ecosystem modeling linked with existing field observation systems such as the USFS Forest Inventory. In particular, we seek to demonstrate an approach that provides the basis for the rapid expansion from Maryland to nearby states, and which additionally enables the monitoring of annualized changes in stocks through time at fine spatial resolution. We believe this build-out is possible today and is a critical step in the development of a national CMS. Specifically we will address the following objectives: (1) Improve our existing methodology for carbon stock estimation and uncertainty based on lessons learned from our Phase 2 study; (2) Provide wall-to-wall, high-resolution estimates of carbon stocks and their uncertainties for the 3-state region of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland; (3) Initialize and run a prognostic ecosystem model for carbon at high-spatial resolution over multiple eastern states; (4) Validate national biomass maps using Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) data and high-resolution biomass maps over an expanded domain; (5) Develop and test methods for monitoring changes in carbon stocks through time using repeat lidar data, satellite imagery, forest inventory data, and remote sensing driven mechanistic modeling; (6) Demonstrate MRV efficacy to meet stakeholder needs in our 3-state region, and a vision for future national-scale deployment. Our work has followed a logical expansion of effort, from proof-of concept starting with just two counties in our Phase 1 pilot study, to an entire state (24 counties) in Phase 2. This research has emphatically demonstrated the feasibility of large-scale mapping using airborne lidar. We propose to build on these efforts to encompass another qualitative increase in spatial extent, new MRV-relevant product prototyping, and a vision for future operational deployment of MRV systems that are responsive to local, national and international interests in management and policy.


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2015 NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop Poster(s)

  • High-Resolution Carbon Monitoring and Modeling: Continuing Prototype Development and Deployment   --   (George Hurtt, Richard Birdsey, Molly Elizabeth Brown, Philip DeCola, Katelyn Dolan, Ralph Dubayah, Vanessa Marie Escobar, Andrew Finley, Chang Huang, Kristofer Johnson, Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne, Maosheng Zhao)   [abstract]
  • Integrating Lidar Canopy Height and Landsat-based Forest Disturbance History with Ecosystem Demography Model for Carbon Change Estimation, A Case in Charles County, Maryland   --   (Maosheng Zhao, Chengquan Huang, George Hurtt, Ralph Dubayah, Justin Fisk, Anu Swatantran, Wenli Huang, Hao Tang)   [abstract]

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