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Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Presentations
2005 NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Team Meeting
August 29 – 31, 2005, Westin Grand Hotel in Washington, DC

Stewart Banks
State of the Galapagos Marine Reserve presentation 
Richard Barber
Impact of Pacific Climate Variability on Ocean Circulation, Marine Ecosystems and Living Resources
Ron Birk
The Research to Applications Transition: Integrating Physical and Biological Data for Decision Support via Networks presentation 
Eric Brown de Colstoun
Consequences of Land Cover/Use Changes for National Parks presentation
Diane Davies
CARPE — Central African Regional Program for the Environment presentation
Larry Deysher
Monitoring of Global Change in Temperate Reef Communities using Satellite Remote Sensing Technologies presentation
Jason Drake
Multidimensional Characterization of Southern Pine Forest Structure and Integrity
Ralph Dubayah
Characterizing Forest Structure for Assessments of Carbon Cycling and Biodiversity
Richard Fisher
Science at NASA: An Update
Gary Geller
Protected Area Archive and NASA Protected Area Management presentation
Catherine Graham
Remote Sensing and Biodiversity in a Changing Climate presentation 
Dennis Grossman
The VISTA Decision Support Tool for Integrating Biodiversity Values into Land-Use Planning presentation
Andrew Hansen
Testing Biophysical and Land Use Controls on Biodiversity
Brian Helmuth
Climate Change and Intertidal Biogeography presentation 
Dan Irwin
SERVIR — A Mesoamerican Visualization and Monitoring System for Sustainable Environmental Management
Jeff Morisette
Value Added Products from MODIS Time-Series Data Sets to Support DOI/USGS Invasive Species Management presentation
John Morrison
Connectivity and Upwelling Dynamics on the Galapagos Marine Reserve presentation
Chris Moses
Environmental Assessments of Coral Reef Ecosystems presentation 
Frank Muller-Karger
EAGLE-EYE — Ecological Assessment of Generalized Littoral Environments presentation 
Udaysanker Nair
Using Climate Data to Detect the Boundaries of Tropical Montane Cloud Forests in Costa Rica presentation 
Rama Nemani
Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System
Volker Radeloff
Post-USSR Land Cover Change in Eastern Europe — Socioeconomic Forcings, Effects on Biodiversity, and Future
Mitch Roffer
Study of Ocean Environmental Parameters to Forecast the Effects of Climate Variability on Pelagic Fish Resources presentation 
Sassan Saatchi
Quantifying Patterns of Biodiversity in a Changing Climate presentation 
Eric Sanderson
Monitoring Large Wildlife Directly through High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing presentation
Tom Sever/Bill Saturno
Collapse of the Classic Maya Civilization — Understanding the Past as a Tool for Managing Mesoamerica's Future
Hank Shugart
Hydrologic and Nutrient Controls on the Structure and Function of Southern African Savannas presentation
Marc Simard
Large Scale Assessment of Landscape Changes and Recovery in Forest Structure of Mangrove Wetlands presentation 
Ashbindu Singh
UNEP's Atlas of Our Changing Environment
David Skole
A Global Tropical Forest Information Center and Peer-to-Peer Solution to Improve Access to Satellite Data
James A Smith
The Distribution and Abundance of Bird Species — Toward a Satellite Data-driven Avian Energetics and Species Richness Model presentation 
Tom Stohlgren
Protected Area Archive & NASA Protected Area Management presentation 
Jim Strittholt/ Holly Strand
Decision Support for the Convention on Biodiversity 2010 Goal presentation
John Townshend
The Global Land Cover Facility and Biodiversity Conservation presentation
Woody Turner
Change in Biology along the Road to Prediction presentation 
Woody Turner
Wrap Up Discussion: Program Concerns, Future Directions in Research & Applications, Making the links between Research & Applications, Other Issues? presentation
Richard Waring
Predicting Tree Species Diversity across the Contiguous USA from Seasonal Patterns in Photosynthesis Derived with Satellite-driven Models presentation 
Fred Watson
Systems Integration and Visualization of Yellowstone presentation
Keith Weber

Managing Western Rangelands for Invasive Species