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List of Ten Pilot Projects Chosen for Implementation by NASA/NGO/Museum Steering Committee

Land Cover Mapping & Biodiversity in Mongolia
Lead Institution: Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (ANSP)
PI: Clyde E. Goulden - ANSP
CoPIs: Compton Tucker - NASA
Cully Hession - ANSP

Chihuahua Desert Ecoregional Analysis
Lead Institution: The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
PI: Gary P. Bell - TNC, New Mexico

Amphibian Populations & Global Climates
Lead Institution: Smithsonian Institution (SI)
PIs: Cynthia Carey - University of Colorado
Ronald Heyer - SI

Tracking Natural Community Fragmentation & Changes in Land Use & Land Cover: A Case Study of Chicago Wilderness
Lead Institution: The Field Museum (FMNH)
PIs: Debra Moskovits, John Bates - FMNH
Yeqiao Wang - University of Illinois at Chicago
Stephen Packard - TNC
Tim Sullivan - Chicago Zoological Society
Brett Ward - Chicago Wilderness

A Proposal for a Remote Sensing & Biodiversity Data Center for Amazonian & Andean Regions in South America
Lead Institution: American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)
PIs: Eleanor Sterling - AMNH
Timothy Killeen - Missouri Botanical Garden
James Comiskey - SI/Man and the Biosphere Program
Compton Tucker - NASA

Predictive Modeling of Threats to the Dense Forests of the Dzanga-Nouabale Region of the Congo Basin
Lead Institution: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
PI: Richard Carroll - WWF
CoPI: David Wilkie - Associates in Forest Research and Development

Assessment & Monitoring of Biodiversity Change in Hispaniola (Dominican Republic & Haiti)
Lead Institution: Center for Marine Conservation (CMC)
PI: Jose A. Ottenwalder - UNDP & GEF
CoPI: Michael L. Smith - CMC

Detecting Change & Connectivity Among Wider Caribbean Coral Reef Communities
Lead Institution: CMC
PI: Jack Sobel - CMC

Global Land Cover Classification for Biodiversity Assessments
Lead Institution: Conservation International (CI)
PI: Silvio Olivieri - CI
CoPI: Donat Agosti - AMNH

On the Combination of Remote Sensing and Biodiversity Data: The Development of a Detailed Land Cover Classification for the Atlantic Forest in South Bahia, Brazil
Lead Institution: CI
PI: Donat Agosti - AMNH
CoPIs: Keith Alger - Institute for Social and Environmental Studies
Silvio Olivieri - CI

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