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Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Lead – Paula Bontempi

Research Programs

  • Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry  –   Paula Bontempi
  • Land Cover and Land Use Change  –   Garik Gutman
  • Terrestrial Ecology  –  Hank Margolis
  • Biological Diversity  –   Woody Turner

Applied Sciences

  • Water Resources  –   Brad Doorn
  • Ecological Forecasting  –   Woody Turner

HQ Contact Information

Paula Bontempi 202.358.1508
Brad Doorn 202.358.2187
Garik Gutman 202.358.0276
Woody Turner 202.358.1662
Hank Margolis 202.358.4760
CCE Support Office    
Manager Peter Griffith 301.614.6610