Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) All-Hands Meeting

April 27, 2018, Washington, DC



Friday, April 27th

08:30AM Welcome & Goals for the meeting 
Woody Turner/Gabrielle Canonico
08:45AM Kickoff and welcome
09:00AM MBON Status
  • What have you done in the past year, and how is that work addressing the needs of your targeted users?
  • How are you measuring your impact on the user community that you serve?
  • How are you progressing with shared cross-MBON priorities, e.g. advancing eDNA methods for the MBON community, and leveraging seascapes?
  Sanctuaries MBON
Frank Muller Karger (PDF)
  Santa Barbara Channel MBON
Bob Miller (PDF)
  Artic MBON
Katrin Iken (PDF)
Emmett Duffy (PDF)
11:00AM Break
11:15AM Animal Telemetry Network ATN
Bill Woodward (PDF)
  • Status and updates--regional workshops, network development, and the Data Assembly Center
11:45AM Data Management Progress and Solutions-Updates
  Advancing standards for biological data: IOOS-OBIS Biological Data Training
Jennifer Bosch and Gabrielle Canonico (PDF)
  Progress of the MBON projects towards making standardized data available
Jennifer Bosch
  MBON Portal Demonstration and Updates on User Interactions
Jennifer Bosch and Brian Stone
12:30PM Lunch
01:30PM Data Mangement Progress and Solutions: Updates
  MBON Explorer and Infographics
Frank Muller-Karger
  MBON Seascapes
Maria Kavanaugh (PDF)
02:15PM Global Updates
  New GEO projects - Pole 2 Pole and Global Seascapes
Enrique Montes and Maria Kavanaugh (PDF)
  G7 Future of Seas and Oceans
Laura Lorenzoni (PDF)
  GOOS and OBIS partnerships and other global connections
Frank Muller-Karger (PDF)
  World Conference on Marine Biodiversity/Global MBON Meeting
Gabrielle Canonico
03:00PM Break
03:30PM Long-term, Sustained Biological Observations (Group)
  • Summary of the April 26 NASA Marine PI Breakout Session
  • Planning for a Fall joint ATN-MBON Workshop on the West Coast
  • Partnerships and integration of existing activities, including MBON, ATN, and the IOOS Regional Associations
  • How can we build on what we've done so far to better coordinate observations - from seascapes classification of ocean regions, to in situ data on organisms (from telemetry, acoustics, surveys), to genomics and eDNA? What should agencies do to advance this?
  • Interested agencies, emerging partnerships and new ideas
04:15PM Final thoughts and Next Steps
04:30PM Adjourn


Excel Report with Emails

Last, First Org/Company
Ackleson, Steven Naval Research Laboratory
Anderson, Clarissa Scripps Institution of Oceanography/Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System
Bond, Pamela NASA Headquarters
Bontempi, Paula NASA Headquarters
Bosch, Jennifer U.S. IOOS
Braun, Camrin MIT-WHOI
Bristol, Sky U.S. Geological Survey
Canonico, Gabrielle NOAA/US IOOS
Coleman, Heather NOAA Fisheries
Comet, Sabra IOOS/NOAA
Cooper, Lee University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Davis, Anita SSAI/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Dornback, Matt NOAA/NCEI Northern Gulf Institute
Duffy, Emmett Smithsonian Institution
Estes, Maury University of Alabama in Huntsville
Fleming, Alyson Smithsonian Institution
Forget, Gaël MIT
Gaddis, Keith NASA Headquarters
Geller, Gary JPL
Groves, Carolyn National Oceanographic Partnership Program
Haram, Linsey Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Hourigan, Thomas NOAA Fisheries
Howard, Jennifer Conservation International
Iken, Katrin University of Alaska Fairbanks
Kavanaugh, Maria Oregon State University
Leidner, Allison NASA Headquarters/ASRC Federal
Lorenzoni, Laura NASA Headquarters
McKee, Katherine National Oceanographic Partnership Program
Miller, Robert Marine Science Institute
Montes, Enrique University of South Florida
Muller-Karger, Frank University of South Florida
Myers, Bonnie U.S. Geological Survey
O'Brien, Margaret Santa Barbara Channel MBON/UC Santa Barbara
Price, Jim U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Ramirez Reyes, Carlos University of Minnesota
Ramos, Jorge Conservation International
Ruiz, Gregory Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Siegel, David UCSB
Skiles, Jay NASA Ames Research Center
Turner, Woody NASA Headquarters
Woodward, Bill NOAA/IOOS/ATN