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  • Project Measurements [PDF]
  • Measurements Table (July 2017) [XLS]

Implementation Plan Documents [download all]

  • Final Implementation Plan (October 2016) [PDF]
  • Implementation Plan Measurement Table [XLS]
  • Implementation Plan Measurement Table Footnotes (October 2016) [PDF]
  • Notional Cruise Plan (July 2016) [XLS]
  • Platform Requirements (July 2016) [PDF]
  • Science Budgets (July 2016) [XLS]
  • International Partnerships (October 2016) [XLS]
  • Summary of Draft EXPORTS Implementation Plan Reviews & Steps Forward (Sep 2016) [PDF]

Additional Documents

  • EXPORTS Science Plan (May 18, 2015) [PDF]
  • EXPORTS overview (Sept 2015) [PPTX]


  • Siegel DA, Buesseler KO, Behrenfeld MJ, Benitez-Nelson CR, Boss E, Brzezinski MA, Burd A, Carlson CA, D'Asaro EA, Doney SC, Perry MJ, Stanley RHR and Steinberg DK (2016) Prediction of the Export and Fate of Global Ocean Net Primary Production: The EXPORTS Science Plan. Front. Mar. Sci. 3:22. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2016.00022

NASA Documents

  • Earth’s Living Ocean: ‘The Unseen World’, An advanced plan for NASA’S  Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Research, 2006 (DRAFT) [PDF]