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A Modeling and Synthesis Thematic Data Center for the North American Carbon Program

Yaxing Wei, ORNL, (Presenter)
Robert B. Cook, Environmental Sciences Division, ORNL,
Wilfred M. Post, University of Tennessee Knoxville,
Peter E. Thornton, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
Deborah Nicole Huntzinger, Northern Arizona University,
Daniel Ricciuto, ORNL,
Daniel Hayes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
Michele M. Thornton, ORNL,
Shishi Liu, ORNL,
Andy Jacobson, University of Colorado and NOAA Earth System Research Lab,
Kevin M Schaefer, National Snow and Ice Data Center,
Kenneth James Davis, The Pennsylvania State University,

The Modeling and Synthesis Thematic Data Center (MAST-DC) supports the North American Carbon Program (NACP) by providing data products and data management services needed for modeling and synthesis activities at multiple scales, including site, regional, and global. The NACP Science Plan calls for coordination among observational, experimental, and modeling efforts for the terrestrial and atmospheric components of the carbon cycle. MAST-DC assembles, standardizes, and distributes critical carbon flux and biomass observations, along with model input and output data for ecosystem process (bottom-up) and inverse (top-down) modeling. In close collaboration with the NACP community, especially the Multi-Scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project (MsTMIP), MAST-DC provides a source of standardized model input driver data sets, including climate, CO2, land cover change, phenology, and soil, at two different scales: global half degree and North American quarter degree. MAST-DC is also standardizing the terrestrial biosphere models (TBMs) outputs from the MsTMIP project and preparing the long-term archival of both model input and output data. With support from MAST-DC, the daily 1-km gridded meteorological Daymet product has been expanded to cover North America (south of 52 North) from 1980 to 2011. The latest Daymet data product has been officially released through a newly developed gateway ( with multiple on-demand data access mechanisms.

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