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Recent developments in ODIAC fossil fuel CO2 emission dataset

Tomohiro Oda, USRA at NASA/GSFC, (Presenter)
Shamil Maksyutov, NIES,
Robert J Andres, CDIAC,
Chris D Elvidge, NOAA/NGDC,

The Open-Data Inventory for Anthropogenic Carbon dioxide (ODIAC) is a high spatial resolution emission dataset for CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion. In 2009, the original version of ODIAC was developed for prescribing an inverse model for the Japanese Greenhouse Gas Observing Satellite (GOSAT) project. ODIAC first introduced the combined use of nightlight data and individual power plant emission/location profiles to estimate the spatial extent of fossil fuel CO2 emissions and it achieved the global emission fields at a 1x1km. The ODIAC emission data has been widely used by the international carbon cycle research community and appeared in a number of publications in the literature. Since its original publication in 2011, numerous modifications have been made to the ODIAC emission model and the emission data have been updated. We are now switching from BP-based emission estimates to estimates made by Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In recent versions of ODIAC data, the emission seasonality has been adopted from the CDIAC monthly emission estimates. The emissions from international bunkers, which are not included in the CDIAC gridded emission data, are also estimated using the UN Energy Database and included with the spatial distributions. In the next version of ODIAC emission data, we will explore the use of satellite data collected by the NASA’s Suomi National Polar-orbiting Program (NPP) satellite with a hope of improving spatial distribution to 500x500 m. We also plan to expand our two emission sector distributing approach (power plant emission and non-point source emissions) by introducing a transportation emission sector which should improve emission distributions in urban and rural areas

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  • Oda, Tom: A Fine-Scale Global Fossil Fuel and Biomass Burning Emissions Dataset Using Suomi-NPP/VIIRS Satellite Data ...details

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