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Breakout Session Discussion Forum

Breakout Session: Landscapes to coasts to ocean and connections

Session Date: Tuesday, April 29 - 2:30 PM

Chairs: Paula Coble, Jeff Richey

Purpose Statement & Core Questions (popup window)


Final Breakout Report:
  • LandOcean_Final_(Draft)_Breakout_Report.doc -   Final (draft) Report. This report is a summary of the working goup discussion it should not be interpreted as the 'definitive statement.'  Contributed/Presented by: Richey Richey Presenter/Contributor: Richey
    Final (draft) Report. This report is a summary of the working goup discussion it should not be interpreted as the 'definitive statement.' (.doc)   – submitted by Jeffrey (Jeff) Richey at 2008-05-18 12:23:22
Breakout Reports & Presentations:

Science question: What inferences can we draw from changes in the pattern of fluvial export of organic carbon about terrestrial carbon cycling. This question is born from an attempt to address the frequently posed question (from the terrestrial carbon folks)about whether DOC fluxes are relevant to the carbon cycle since they are so much smaller in magnitude than NPP, or total respiration. I think we need to develop a coherent argument that explicitly defines how changes in the pattern of fluvial organic carbon fluxes provide insight into changes in terrestial cabon cycling. As a possible example, a decrease in DOC export could be related to a change in the partitioning of decaying organic matter between respiration versus leaching and transport. In other words, if we see a decrease in DOC export that is not explained by a simple decrease in water exported it could indicate that more of the decaying carbon is being respired - possibly indicating a decrease in hydrologic connectivity, a lowering of water tables in wetlands, warmer conditions that lengthen the period of higher hetertrophic respiration.
– submitted by Thomas Huntington at 2008-04-29 15:41:55


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