Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Presentations
2006 Joint Workshop on NASA Biodiversity, Terrestrial Ecology,and Related Applied Sciences
August 21-25, 2006, University of Maryland Inn and Conference Center

Scott Bergen
Counting Animals from Space: Chapter Two: Transitions form Captivity to Wild Places
Pat Comer
NatureServe Vista: Methods and Tools to Integrate Biodiversity into Land Use Planning presentation 
Eric Brown de Colstoun
Using Vegetation Continuous Fields for Land Cover Change Monitoring of National Parks presentation 
Diane K Davies
Global Fire Information for Resource Management

Ralph Dubayah
Characterizing Forest Structure for Assessments of Carbon Cycling and Biodiversity: An Integrated Approach Using Lidar Remote Sensing, Field Studies, and Ecosystem Modeling presentation 
Larry Deysher
Kelp Distribution and Biodiversity along the Pacific Coasts of North and South America presentation 
Catherine Graham
Remote-sensing Correlates of Biodiversity

Andrew Hansen
Biophysical and Land-use Controls of Biodiversity: Regional to Continental Scales presentation 
Brian Helmuth
Ecological Forecasting in the Intertidal Zone: How Can Remote Sensing Tell Us Where and When to Look for the Consequences of Climate Change? presentation 
Eric Hochberg
Empirical Radiative Transfer Corrections for Deterministic Coral Reef Remote Sensing presentation 
Dan Irwin
SERVIR: An Environmental Monitoring and Visualization System for Mesoamerica presentation 
Nadine T Laporte
Protected Areas Watch in Africa's Albertine Rift

Scott Loarie
Remote Sensing and African Elephant Management

Jeff Morisette
Initial results using NASA's Invasive Species Forecasting System to support National Park Service decisions on fire management activities and invasive plant species control presentation 
Frank Muller-Karger
Environmental Assessments of Coral Reef Ecosystems: Interdisciplinary Research Using EOS Platforms and Numerical Models presentation 
Udaysankar Nair
Determination of Cloud Immersion and Biogeography of Cloud Forest Using Satellite Data presentation 
Ramakrishna Nemani
Ecological Forecasting by Integrating Surface, Satellite and Climate Data with Ecosystem Models presentation 
Volker C Radeloff
Landcover Change in Eastern Europe and Resulting Effects on Biodiversity

Steve Running
Integrating remote sensing with ecosystem modeling at multiple scales

Blake A Schaeffer
Putting the puzzle together: Connecting the HyperSAS with BreveBuster absorbance spectra, fluorometer, extracted chlorophyll and MODIS data. presentation 
Tom Sever
Message from the Maya: Ecological Destruction, Climate Change, and Cultural Collapse presentation 
Hank Shugart
Hydrologic and Nutrient Controls on the Structure and Function of Southern African Savannas: a Multi-scale Approach presentation
Marc Simard
Using Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Elevation Data to Map Mangrove Forest Height in the Caribbean presentation
David Skole
A Global Tropical Information Center

James A Smith
Riding the Migratory Flyways--At the Crossroads of Space Based Ornithology

Tom Smith
Putting Process on the Map: Why Ecological Gradients Are Important for Preserving Biodiversity presentation 
Thomas J Stohlgren
Predicting Invasions at Local to National Scales

Woody Turner
Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting

Carrie C Wall
Remote Sensing Techniques to Assess Linkages between Environmental Conditions and Recreational King Mackerel Catch off West-Central Florida presentation 
Richard H Waring
Predicting Tree Diversity across the U.S.A. as a Function of Gross Primary Production: Similar Results with Three Different Models presentation 
Fred Watson
Modeling and Visualizing Species Movement presentation