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PITask TitleStart
Adler, Peter Impacts of invasive alien species on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning  -- Adler (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Bell, Tom Assessing spatial biodiversity dynamics in kelp forest ecosystems using spaceborne remote sensing  -- Bell (BIODIV 2020) >> 2021 
Blair, Mary Advancing tools to support and test an integrated biodiversity monitoring system for Colombias Protected Areas  -- Blair (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Bohrer, Gil Ecological forecasting tools for movement-track management at the Yukon-to-Yellowstone migration corridor  -- Bohrer (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Brandt, Jodi Integrating remote sensing and ecological forecasting into decision support for beaver rewilding  -- Brandt (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Braun, Camrin Operationalizing dynamic ocean management tools to support a climate-ready network of protected areas in the North Atlantic  -- Braun (ECON 2022) >> 2023 
Bunn, David Biodiversity, connectivity, and ecological forecasting: applying NASA earth observation data to conservation management in the Greater Kruger National Park region, South Africa  -- Bunn (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Carter, Neil The landscape of fitness: fusing GPS measurements with GEDI and ECOSTRESS data products to map responses of migratory animals to vegetation canopy structure and water stress  -- Carter (BIODIV 2020) >> 2021 
Cavender-Bares, Jeannine Plant community assembly and trait evolution in the South African Greater Cape Floristic Region  -- Cavender-Bares (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Cawse-Nicholson, Kerry Intrinsic dimensionality and data fusion to monitor Cape biodiversity  -- Cawse-Nicholson (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Chirayath, Ved MarineVERSE – The Marine Biodiversity and Scaling Project  -- Chirayath (BIODIV 2020) >> 2021 
Chirayath, Ved Informing Coral Reef Resilience-Based Management through Prediction of Individual Coral Organismal Growth, Recruitment, And Mortality (PICOGRAM)  -- Chirayath (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Clark, Matthew (Matt) BioSoundSCape: Connecting acoustics and remote sensing to study habitat-animal diversity across environmental gradients  -- Clark (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Braun, Camrin
Culhane, Emmett
Integrating ships and satellites to understand the global biogeography and biophysical coupling of surface and deep ocean ecosystems  -- Culhane (FINESST 2021) >> 2022 
Deppe, Jill Full annual cycle conservation of migratory birds in the Western Hemisphere: Mapping tools for assessing and improving the conservation value of protected area networks in critical landscapes  -- Deppe (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Deppe, Jill Maximizing the effectiveness of area-based conservation strategies for birds in Latin America under a changing environment  -- Deppe (ECON 2022) >> 2024 
DuVivier, Alice Hot spots in the ice: revealing the importance of polynyas for sustaining present and future Antarctic marine ecosystems  -- DuVivier (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Eegholm, Nathalie
Siegel, David (Dave)
Multi-Scale Demographic Modeling of an Emergent Macrophyte in the Santa Barbara Channel Informed by Remote Sensing  -- Eegholm (FINESST 2020) >> 2021 
Ellis Soto, Diego
Jetz, Walter
Using detailed human activity and remote sensing data to assess wildlife responses to altered human behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic  -- Ellis-Soto (FINESST 2021) >> 2022 
Fatoyinbo, Temilola (Lola) Earth observation-based restoration and monitoring in Coastal and Forested Protected Areas of West Africa  -- Fatoyinbo (ECON 2022) >> 2023 
Fitzpatrick, Matthew (Matt) Integrating remote sensing and biodiversity observations to map and monitor plant taxonomic, phylogenetic, and functional beta-diversity in the Greater Cape Floristic Region  -- Fitzpatrick (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Gold, Kaitlin (Katie)
Romero Galvan, Fernando
Detecting Plant Disease at Scale with NASA Imaging Spectroscopy  -- Galvan (FINESST 2020) >> 2021 
Gholizadeh, Hamed Leveraging Multiscale Airborne and Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy to Monitor Grassland Plant Diversity Under Different Management Practices   -- Gholizadeh (NIP 2020) >> 2021 
Gibbs, James A decision-making activity to guide archipelago-wide rewilding of Galapagos giant tortoises  -- Gibbs (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Glaspie, Cassandra Louisiana Deltaic Estuaries MBON: Sea Level Rise Sentinels  -- Glaspie (MBON) >>  
Guild, Liane Cyanobacteria and Surface aquatic vegetation of the Cape freshwater systems (CyanoSCape): A Hyperspectral Data Campaign and Analysis  -- Guild (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Gutierrez-Velez, Victor Integrated multi-project impact assessment for the contribution of NASA Earth Observation products to support biodiversity decision-making in Colombia  -- Gutierrez-Velez (ECIA 2023) >> 2023 
Halpern, Benjamin Ecosystem assessments based on Earth observations to inform management of invasive iceplant for biodiversity conservation  -- Halpern (ECON 2022) >> 2023 
He, Ruoying Predicting the Long-Distance Dispersal of Ichthyoplankton in the Intra-Americas Sea: A Data-Assimilative Decision Support Tool for Effective Living Marine Resource Management  -- He (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Hestir, Erin Earth observations to combat invasive aquatic vegetation  -- Hestir (ECON 2022) >> 2023 
Horton, Kyle Aeroecology, An Emerging Ecological Frontier for Addressing Modern Conservation Challenges   -- Horton (NIP 2020) >> 2021 
Huang, Qiongyu A Remote-Sensing-Based Bird Friendly Certification System for Sustainable Agroforestry: A Multi-Sensor Approach to Evaluating and Monitoring Avian Habitat Quality  -- Huang (ECON 2022) >> 2024 
Iken, Katrin AMBON – linking biodiversity observations in the Arctic  -- Iken (MBON) >>  
Jantz, Patrick Strengthening Natural Resource Management with New Protected Area Connectivity Tools  -- Jantz (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Doughty, Christopher (Chris)
Keany, Jenna
Investigating African Forest Elephant Impacts on Forest Structure and Carbon Balance Using Multiscale Lidar Techniques  -- Keany (FINESST 2020) >> 2021 
Kravitz, Jeremy FATE: The drifting Fish Aggregating device (dFAD) TrajEctory modeling tool for marine protected area management.  -- Kravitz (ECON 2022) >> 2024 
Li, Rong
Yang, Xi
Diurnal and Day-to-Day Variations of Vegetation Photosynthesis from Novel Remote Sensing Measurements  -- Li (FINESST 2021) >> 2022 
Linscott, Jennifer
Senner, Nathan
Multi-Source Detection and Monitoring of Ephemeral Shorebird Habitats in an Agricultural Prairie System  -- Linscott (FINESST 2021) >> 2022 
Macfarlane, Nicholas From Eyes in the Sky to Boots on the Ground: Applying NASA Earth Observations to Protect Critical Forests in Mesoamerica through the IUCN STAR Program  -- Macfarlane (ECON 2022) >> 2024 
Meddens, Arjan Mapping and protecting rock habitat in the Cascades Mountains for the conservation of climate sensitive species  -- Meddens (ECON 2022) >> 2023 
Merow, Cory TraitsCape: Understanding the role of microrefugia in buffering fynbos from global change  -- Merow (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Mitchell, Catherine Ocean color remote sensing of zooplankton: detecting swarms of Calanus in the western North Atlantic  -- Mitchell (NIP 2020) >> 2021 
Muller-Karger, Frank The Southeast US Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON): Toward Operational Marine Life Data for Conservation and Sustainability (An MBON Team Leader Proposal)  -- Muller-Karger (MBON) >>  
Narayanan, Anjali
Stramski, Dariusz
Examining Responses of Phytoplankton Community Composition to Climate-Related Changes in the Arctic Ocean Using Multiyear Observations from Multiple Satellite Missions   -- Narayanan (FINESST 2021) >> 2021 
Okin, Greg Harnessing NASA Satellite Remote Sensing in Support of Large-Scale Conservation Management on BLM Lands: An evaluation of LandCART’s role in conservation decision making  -- Okin (ECIA 2023) >> 2024 
Peery, Zach Developing and Implementing a Tool for Prioritizing the Management of an Invasive and Hyperabundant Apex Predator - the Barred Owl  -- Peery (ECON 2022) >> 2024 
Qiu, Tong Determining forest recruitment change through the integration of NASA Earth observation data and predictive modeling  -- Qiu (ECON 2022) >> 2024 
Queally, Natalie
Townsend, Philip (Phil)
Detecting disturbance legacy effects in functional trait phenology using imaging spectroscopy data from the SHIFT campaign  -- Queally (FINESST 2021) >> 2022 
Radeloff, Volker The Dynamic Habitat Indices from Terra, Aqua, Suomi NPP and JPSS data for biodiversity science and conservation  -- Radeloff (TASNPP 2020) >> 2021 
Record, Sydne Scaling forest diversity across space and time in a non-equilibrial world  -- Record (BIODIV 2020) >> 2021 
Radeloff, Volker
Rogova, Natalia
Agricultural Abandonment Across the Eurasian Steppe: Effect on Fires, Vegetation Succession and Habitat Quality for Rare Waterfowl Species  -- Rogova (FINESST 2020) >> 2021 
Sanderson, Eric Act Green: A near-real time integrated mapping and reporting system for re-wilding efforts: applying, extending and enhancing an application for tigers (Panthera tigris) to lions (Panthera leo), jaguars (Panthera onca), and American bison (Bison bison)  -- Sanderson (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Schweiger, Anna Remote sensing of biodiversity across trophic levels  -- Schweiger (EMIT 2023) >> 2024 
Seary, Rachel Assessing the efficacy and applicability of dynamic ocean management for the US West Coast  -- Seary (ECIA 2023) >> 2024 
Silander, John Spectral and Spatial Scaling in Biodiversity Remote Sensing: Research Conducive to BioSCape Science and Implementation Activities  -- Silander (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Stabach, Jared An Ecological Toolbox to Inform Livestock Grazing Allotments Across Wildlife Conservancies in Kenya  -- Stabach (ECON 2022) >> 2024 
Stavros, Natasha (Erica) Biodiversity across Scales: Mapping taxonomic, phylogenetic, and functional diversity with eDNA, Field Surveys, and Remote Sensing Data  -- Stavros (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Stovall, Atticus BioREaCH: Biodiversity-Remote sensing for Estuarine and Coastal Habitat research  -- Stovall (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Goetz, Scott
Sundquist, Shelby
Characterizing immediate and mid-term climate effects on boreal forest dynamics to model long-term forest dynamics and management outcomes  -- Sundquist (FINESST 2021) >> 2022 
Swenson, Nathan (Nate) Transcriptomics From Space: Linking Remote Sensing to Tree Gene Expression in a Diverse Set of Species Through the Growing Season and in Response to Water Deficit (ROSES-2020)  -- Swenson (BIODIV 2020) >> 2021 
Tingley, Morgan
Tonelli, Ben
Linking emerging threats to wildlife and human health to climate change effects on boreal forest ecosystems  -- Tonelli (FINESST 2021) >> 2022 
Townsend, Philip (Phil) CapeTraits: Patterns of functional trait variation and diversity across the Greater Cape Floristic Region and comparison with other Mediterranean ecosystems  -- Townsend (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Urban, Mark The University of Connecticut Ecological Modeling Institute Biodiversity Exposure Forecasts (BEFore): Anticipating Ecological Vulnerability to Global Change  -- Urban >>  
van Aardt, Jan RadSCape: radiative transfer simulation and validation of the dynamic structural and spectral properties of the vegetation of the Cape  -- van Aardt (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
van Rees, Charles Leveraging Earth Observation for Ecosystem Service Accounting in Large-scale Levee Setback Decisions  -- van Rees (ECON 2022) >> 2023 
Will, David Biggest Bang for Your Buck: Using NASA Earth Observations to understand and maximize holistic ecosystem benefits from invasive mammal eradications on islands  -- Will (ECON 2022) >> 2023 
Wilson, Adam Near-Real-time Forecasting and Change Detection for a Fire-Prone Shrubland Ecosystem  -- Wilson (ECO4CAST 2020) >> 2021 
Wood, Danielle Impact Assessment for Applying Satellite Earth Observation Data to SDG15 Monitoring in Ghana  -- Wood (ECIA 2023) >> 2023 
Wood, Danielle Implementing the Yurok Natural Resources Portal as a decision support system to inform tribal resource management  -- Wood (ECON 2022) >> 2023 
Wu, Jinghui BIOSCape - Mapping of phytoplankton functional types from space in support of coastal resource management and decision support activities  -- Wu (BIODIV 2021) >> 2022 
Caughlin, T. (Trevor)
Zaiats, Andrii
Integrating UAS, Landsat, and ECOSTRESS to Fit Landscape-Level Demographic Models for Climate-Resilient Ecological Restoration  -- Zaiats (FINESST 2020) >> 2021 
Diao, Chunyuan
Zhao, Yilun
Evaluating the influence of biocontrol program on the Colorado River biodiversity with multi-source time series imagery  -- Zhao (FINESST 2021) >> 2022 


Completed Projects

PITask TitleStart
Ackleson, Steven Assessing Simulated HyspIRI Imagery for Detecting and Quantifying Coral Reef Coverage and Water Quality Using Spectral Inversion and Deconvolution Methods  -- Ackleson (HYSPIRI 2014) >> 2015 
Allen, James Retrieval of Phytoplankton Size Distribution from Satellite Imagery  -- Allen (NESSF 2015) >> 2015 
Anderson, Clarissa Merging Satellite and Numerical Model Data in The California Current to Create Continous Imagery and Forecasts of Harmful Algal Blooms  -- Anderson (ECO4CAST 2012) >> 2013 
Andrews, Caitin The Acadian Forest and Climate Change: Analyzing Shifting Species Distributions and Effects to the Carbon Balance   -- Andrews (NESSF 2013) >> 2013 
Asner, Gregory (Greg) Effects of Invasive Species on Ecosystem Structure and Function Combining Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy and Field Studies in Hawai'i  -- Asner (TEB 2005) >> 2006 
Bailey, Helen WhaleWatch: A tool using satellite telemetry and remote sensing environmental data to provide near real-time predictions of whale occurrence in the California Current System to reduce anthropogenic impacts  -- Bailey (BIOCLIM 2010) >> 2011 
Ballard, Grant Opening the Black Box - Integrating Wintering Ecology into the Management of the Ross Sea Region Marine Protected Area  -- Ballard (SLSCVC 2018) >> 2018 
Barber, Richard (Dick) Impact of Pacific Climate Variability on Ocean Circulation, Marine Ecosystem and Living Resources: A Multi-Scale Modeling and Data Assimilation Approach to Forecasting  -- Barber (IDS 2003) >> 2004 
Bausch, Alexandra (Ali) Assessing the Causes for the Rise in Abundance and Seasonal Productivity of the Green Mixotrophic Dinoflagellate Noctiluca in the Arabian Sea Ecosystem     -- Bausch (NESSF 2013) >> 2013 
Beard, Thomas (Doug) Identifying Gaps and Needs for Improving Large-Scale Biodiversity Modeling Through Lessons Learned from Climate Models  -- Beard (BIODIV 2015) >> 2016 
Bell, Thomas (Tom) Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Kelp Condition in the Santa Barbara Channel  -- Bell (NESSF 2012) >> 2012 
Bergstrom, Robert Extending the Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (TOPS) to NPP Applications  -- Bergstrom (NPP 2010) >> 2009 
Berner, Logan Integrating Satellite and Surface Observations to Assess Drought Impacts on Forest Carbon and Water Cycling Across the Western United States   -- Berner (NESSF 2014) >> 2014 
Blair, Mary Expanding Wallace Biodiversity Modeling Software to Support National Biodiversity Change Indicator Calculations for GEO BON Assessment and Reporting  -- Blair (GEO 2016) >> 2018 
Bohrer, Gil Discovering relationships between climate and animal migration with new tools for linking animal movement tracks with weather and land surface data  -- Bohrer (BIOCLIM 2010) >> 2011 
Brauman, Kate Earth Observations to Value Ecosystem Services: A Series of Workshops  -- Brauman (ECO4CAST 2016) >> 2017 
Braun, Camrin Investigating the Influence of Mesoscale Physical/Biological Interactions on Large Pelagic Predators: a Synergistic Analysis of Shark Behavior and Satellite Observations  -- Braun (NESSF 2016) >> 2016 
Brody, S Examining Physical Drivers of Phytoplankton Bloom Phenology in Subpolar Regions  -- Brody (NESSF 2012) >> 2012 
Bruce, Lori Applying NASA HyspIRI Observations to Precision Vegetation Mapping for Ecological Forecasting Applications  -- Bruce (FEASIBILITY 2008) >> 2009 
Byrd, Kristin Forecasting Coastal Habitat Distributions through Fusion of Earth Observations, Process Models and Citizen Science: A Climate Change Adaptation Tool for the NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve System  -- Byrd (ECO4CAST 2012) >> 2014 
Byrnes, Jarrett Using Citizen Science to Understand Thirty Years of Change in Global Kelp Cover by Expanding the Zooniverse to NASA Satellite Imagery  -- Byrnes (CSESP 2016) >> 2017 
Calvin, Wendy Energy and Mineral Resources: Surface Composition Mapping that Identifies Resources and the Changes and Impacts Associated with Their Development  -- Calvin (HYSPIRI 2010) >> 2012 
Campbell, Petya Assessing ecosystem diversity and urban boundaries using surface reflectance and emissivity at varying spectral and spatial scales  -- Campbell (HYSPIRI 2009) >> 2010 
Carlson, Ben Using remote sensing and animal tracking to assess patterns and causes of environmental niche variation from individuals to species  -- Carlson (NESSF 2018) >> 2018 
Carnaval, Ana A multidisciplinary framework for biodiversity prediction in the Brazilian Atlantic forest hotspot  -- Carnaval (NSF 2013) >> 2013 
Carter, Neil Using NASA Resources to Better Inform Wildlife Conservation in the Anthropocene: Spatially Predicting Impacts of Anthropogenic Nightlight and Noise on Wildlife Habitat Integrity Across the Contiguous United States  -- Carter (ECO4CAST 2016) >> 2017 
Catlett, Dylan Linking Ocean Optical Properties with Marine Microbial Diversity Assessed by Next- Generation Sequencing  -- Catlett (NESSF 2016) >> 2016 
Cavanaugh, Kyle Using HyspIRI to Identify Benthic Composition and Bleaching in Shallow Coral Reef Ecosystems  -- Cavanaugh (HYSPIRI 2014) >> 2015 
Cavender-Bares, Jeannine Mapping changes in forest diversity and disease in North American temperate forests  -- Cavender-Bares (BIODIV 2020) >> 2020 
Cavender-Bares, Jeannine Linking remotely sensed optical diversity to genetic, phylogenetic and functional diversity to predict ecosystem processes  -- Cavender-Bares (NSF 2013) >> 2013 
Chadwick, Katherine (Dana) Remote Sensing of Landscape-Scale Variability in a Tropical Ecosystem  -- Chadwick (NESSF 2014) >> 2014 
Chambers, Jeffrey Tropical forest tree species community assemblage along wind disturbance gradients in Amazonian forests  -- Chambers (BIODIV 2008) >> 2009 
Chang, Tony Physical Disturbance Model Integration with Bioclimatic Envelope Modeling for Conservation Management under Climate Change  -- Chang (NESSF 2014) >> 2014 
Chase, Alison (Ali) An Algorithm for the Detection of Phytoplankton Functional Types Using Hyperspectral Remote-sensing Reflectance  -- Chase (NESSF 2014) >> 2014 
Chavez, Francisco Utilizing ecosystem information to improve the decision support system for central California salmon  -- Chavez (DECISIONS 2008) >> 2009 
Chavez, Francisco The CeNCOOS MBON: Integrating remote sensing, in situ data and models to understand central California ecosystem responses to environmental change  -- Chavez (NOPP 2019) >> 2019 
Chen, Haidi Impact of Mesoscale Eddies and Mode Water Circulation on Surface Chlorophyll and Phytoplankton Size Distribution in The North Atlantic  -- Chen (NESSF 2011) >> 2011 
Chirayath, Ved NeMO-Net - The Neural Multi-Modal Observation & Training Network for Global Coral Reef Assessment  -- Chirayath (AIST 2016) >> 2016 
Clare, John Leaves, Landscapes, and Lambda: Using Remote Sensing to Improve Predictions and Mechanistic Understanding of Spatiotemporal Wildlife Population Dynamics  -- Clare (NESSF 2016) >> 2016 
Clark, Matthew (Matt) From Soundscapes to Landscapes: Monitoring Animal Biodiversity from Space Using Citizen Scientists  -- Clark (CSESP 2016) >> 2017 
Clark, Matthew (Matt) Spectral and temporal discrimination of vegetation cover across California with simulated HyspIRI imagery  -- Clark (HYSPIRI 2011) >> 2012 
Cochrane, Mark Biodiversity Implications of Forest Disturbance and Related Landscape Dynamics in the Brazilian Amazon  -- Cochrane (IDS 2006) >> 2007 
Coles, Victoria Predicting, Validating, and Understanding Zooplankton Distributions from Space in an Eddy Rich Ocean  -- Coles (IDS 2016) >> 2017 
Colleton, Nancy Exploring the World's Protected Areas from Space--production of a remote sensing of protected areas book for the 2014 World Parks Congress  -- Colleton (2011) >> 2011 
Crabtree, Robert (Bob) Ecosystems in Transition: Decision Support Tools to Measure, Monitor and Forecast Climate Impacts on Migratory Species  -- Crabtree (BIOCLIM 2010) >> 2011 
Crabtree, Robert (Bob) Development of RRSC Models for Use within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Strategic Habitat Conservation Framework  -- Crabtree (DECISIONS 2007) >> 2008 
Cracraft, Joel Assembly and Evolution of the Amazonian Biota and its Environment: an Integrated Approach  -- Cracraft (NSF 2012) >> 2012 
Curtis, Caroline Using Time Series of Remotely Sensed Imagery to Understand Invasive Pine Dispersal   -- Curtis (NESSF 2015) >> 2015 
Dai, Jie Mapping and Modeling the Invasion of Mikania Micrantha in Chitwan Community Forests, Nepal: A Coupled Human and Natural Systems Approach  -- Dai (NESSF 2017) >> 2017 
Daily, Gretchen Using Earth Observations and Ecosystem Modeling to Improve the Sustainability of Agribusiness and Extractive Industries in Working Landscapes  -- Daily (ECO4CAST 2016) >> 2017 
Daily, Gretchen Improving Linkages Between Earth Observations and Ecosystem Service Models with Essential Biodiversity Variables  -- Daily (GEO 2016) >> 2018 
Danner, Eric Improving Stream Temperature Predictions for River Water Decision Support Systems  -- Danner (DECISIONS 2007) >> 2008 
Danner, Eric From the watershed to the ocean: Using NASA data and models to understand and predict variations in central California salmon  -- Danner (IDS 2009) >> 2011 
DeFelice, Nicholas Developing Spatial Real-Time Forecasts of Mosquito-Borne Diseases  -- DeFelice (ECOSTRESS 18) >> 2019 
Dennison, Philip (Phil) Improved Trace Gas Plume Detection using Indian and US AVIRIS-NG Data  -- Dennison (AVRSNG 2016) >> 2017 
DeVisser, Mark Land Cover Change and Disease Ecology: The Unintended Impacts of Prosopis juliflora in Kenya  -- DeVisser (NESSF 2011) >> 2011 
Deysher, Larry Monitoring of Global Change in Temperature Reef Communities Using Satellite Remote Sensing Technologies  -- Deysher (IDS 2003) >> 2004 
Bidle, Kay
Diaz, Ben
Impact of Aerosolized Viruses on Warm and Ice Cloud Processes  -- Diaz (FINESST 2019) >> 2019 
Dierssen, Heidi Hyperspectral remote sensing of coral reefs: Assessing the potential for spectral discrimination of coral symbiont diversity  -- Dierssen (HYSPIRI 2014) >>  
DiMiceli, Charlene Modeling Edge Influence on Forest Structure  -- DiMiceli (SLSCVC 2018) >> 2018 
Dobrowski, Solomon Integrating Earth Observations, Ecohydrologic, and Plant Hydraulic Models for Forecasting Recruitment Failure in Semi-Arid Forests: Decision Support for Adaptive Forest Management  -- Dobrowski (SLSCVC 2018) >> 2018 
Dohan, Kathleen East Meets West: Dynamic Biogeography of the Subarctic North Pacific  -- Dohan (IDS 2016) >> 2017 
Donahue, Megan Forecasting Coral Disease Outbreaks Across the Tropical Pacific Ocean Using Satellite-Derived Data  -- Donahue (ECO4CAST 2016) >> 2017 
Doughty, Christopher (Chris) Adding Space-Based Vegetation Structure Measurements to a Global Ecosystem Model to Simulate Tropical Forest Animal Communities and Their Role in Ecosystem Function  -- Doughty (SLSCVC 2018) >> 2018 
Dronova, Iryna Using Remotely Sensed Phenology to Monitor Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Wetlands  -- Dronova (NIP 2017) >> 2018 
Dubayah, Ralph Characterizing Forest Structure for Assessments of Carbon Cycling and Biodiversity: An Integrated Approach Using Lidar Remote Sensing, Field Studies, and Ecosystem Modeling  -- Dubayah (IDS 2003) >> 2004 
Dunn, Rob Predicting Global Patterns of Ant (and Insect) Diversity and Endemism Using Fine-Grained Remote Sensing Data  -- Dunn (BIODIV 2008) >> 2009 
Dutkiewicz, Stephanie Signatures of the Multiple Scales of Motion in Shaping Marine Phytoplankton Biogeography  -- Dutkiewicz (IDS 2016) >> 2017 
Dwomoh, Francis Vulnerability of Protected Areas to Human Encroachment, Climate Change and Fire in the Fragmented Tropical Forests of West Africa  -- Dwomoh (NESSF 2014) >> 2014 
Elmore, Andrew Managing Forests for Sustainable Harvest and Wildlife Habitat Using Earth Observations and Modeling of Forest Structure and Landscape Connectivity  -- Elmore (ECO4CAST 2016) >> 2017 
Engels, Mary Mapping Soils Through the Trees: a Small Low Island Case Study  -- Engels (NESSF 2016) >> 2016 
Epstein, Howard (Howie) Ecosystem Functional Diversity of the Circumpolar Arctic Tundra  -- Epstein (GEO 2016) >> 2018 
Erker, Edward Linkage of Remote Sensing, Field Spectroscopy and Modeling to Characterize Ecosystem Function in Relation to the Heat Island and Carbon Budget of an Urban Area  -- Erker (NESSF 2015) >> 2015 
Farrand, William (Bill) Using AVIRIS-NG Data to Assess the Role of Mining Activities in Affecting Water Quality in Gujarat and Rajasthan, India  -- Farrand (AVRSNG 2016) >> 2017 
Fatoyinbo, Temilola (Lola) Understanding the global 3D signature of tree biodiversity  -- Fatoyinbo (BIODIV 2020) >> 2020 
Feller, Ilka (Candy) Sensitivity of Coastal Zone Ecosystems to Climate Change  -- Feller (BIOCLIM 2010) >> 2011 
Foroutan, Hosein Multiscale Investigation of Microbial Biodiversity in Trans-Atlantic Dust Plumes  -- Foroutan (IDS 2019) >> 2020 
Foukal, Nicholas Satellite-Measured Phytoplankton Phenology in the California Current  -- Foukal (NESSF 2012) >> 2012 
French, Andrew Monitoring Arid Land Cover Change with Simulated HyspIRI Data  -- French (HYSPIRI 2010) >> 2011 
Fritz, Sherilyn Mapping Linkages Between Geophysical and Biological Diversity Across Space and Time in the Andes, Amazon, and Chocó of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia  -- Fritz (BIODIV 2015) >> 2016 
Frye, Henry
Silander, John
Evaluation of hyperspectral techniques for quantifying taxonomic and functional diversity in coastal and shrubland ecosystems  -- Frye (FINESST 2019) >> 2020 
Gao, Bo-Cai Use of AVIRISng Data Collected from the Airborne Campaign in India for the Study of Inland Lake, River, and Coastal Waters  -- Gao (AVRSNG 2016) >> 2017 
Gao, Bo-Cai Characterization and Atmospheric Corrections to the AVIRIS-Classic and AVIRISng Data to Support the HyspIRI Preparatory Airborne Activities  -- Gao (HYSPIRI 2011) >> 2012 
Garcia, Catherine Global Distributional Patterns of Phytoplankton Communities and Their Elemental Stoichiometry Using MODIS Satellite Data  -- Garcia (NESSF 2015) >> 2015 
Gaube, Peter Developing a Mechanistic Understanding of the Influence of (Sub)Mesoscale Features on the Distribution and Behavior of Pelagic Predators  -- Gaube (NIP 2017) >> 2018 
Gerstner, Beth
Zarnetske, Phoebe
Using geodiversity and community ecology to improve species conservation assessments in biodiversity hotspots  -- Gerstner (FINESST 2019) >> 2019 
Goés, Joaquim Decision and Information System for the Coastal Waters of Oman (DISCO)- An Integrative Tool for Managing Coastal Resources Under Changing Climate  -- Goes (ECO4CAST 2016) >> 2017 
Goés, Joaquim Climate change and its impact on the ecosystem of the Arabian Sea  -- Goes (IDS 2006) >> 2007 
Goetz, Scott Continental scale modeling of bird diversity using canopy structure metrics of habitat heterogeneity  -- Goetz (BIODIV 2008) >> 2009 
Gold, Kaitlin (Katie) Soilborne plant pathogen dispersal and assessment: Building a remote sensing-based global surveillance system for plant disease  -- Gold (IDS 2019) >> 2020 
Graham, Catherine Combining remote-sensing and biological data to predict the consequences of climate change on hummingbird diversity  -- Graham (BIOCLIM 2010) >> 2011 
Greaves, Heather Multisensor Fusion for Mapping of Low-Stature Arctic Vegetation Communities and Woody Biomass  -- Greaves (NESSF 2015) >> 2015 
Griffin, Robert Climate-Influenced Nutrient Flows and Threats to the Biodiversity of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System  -- Griffin (SLSCVC 2018) >> 2018 
Grunert, Brice CDOM Variability and Its Influence on Phytoplankton Distribution in a Sub-Arctic Basin  -- Grunert (NESSF 2015) >> 2015 
Guan, Kaiyu Predicting Vegetation Phenology of African Savanna Ecosystems in a Changing Climate  -- Guan (NESSF 2012) >> 2012 
Guild, Liane Coral Reef Bleaching and Threats to Biodiversity  -- Guild (IDS 2006) >> 2007 
Gutierrez-Velez, Victor Integration of Earth Observations for Decision Making on Biodiversity Management and Conservation in Colombia: Consolidation of the Colombian Biodiversity Observation Network  -- Gutierrez (GEO 2016) >> 2018 
Hakkenberg, Christopher (Chris) Understanding the Impact of Land Cover/Land Use Change on Plant Diversity: Scaling from Plots to Landscapes Using Multi-sensor Remote Sensing  -- Hakkenberg (NESSF 2014) >> 2014 
Hall, Kimberly (Kim) Integrating Earth Observations with Improved Topoclimate and Connectivity Tools to Inform Climate-Smart Conservation  -- Hall (ECO4CAST 2016) >> 2017 
Halpin (BIOCLIM 2010) Forecasting Climate Change and It's Effect on the Abundance and Distribution of Cetaceans Using Downscaled Output of IPCC Class Earth System Models  -- Halpin (BIOCLIM 2010) >> 2011 
Halpin, Patrick (Pat) Integrating Ocean Observing Data to Enhance Protected Species Spatial Decision Support Systems  -- Halpin (DECISIONS 2007) >> 2008 
Hansen, Andrew (Andy) Using NASA resources to inform climate and land use adaptation: Ecological forecasting, vulnerability assessment, and evaluation of management options across two USDI Landscape Conservation Cooperatives  -- Hansen (BIOCLIM 2010) >> 2011 
Hansen, Andrew (Andy) Informing UN-Assisted National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plans with Earth Observations: Application to Forest Integrity and Connectivity  -- Hansen (ECO4CAST 2016) >> 2017 
Hansen, Andrew (Andy) Vulnerability of US National Parks ot land use and climate change variability  -- Hansen (EOS 2003) >> 2004 
Hansen, Andrew (Andy) Maintaining Life on Land (SDG 15) Under Scenarios of Land Use and Climate Change in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru  -- Hansen (SLSCVC 2018) >> 2018 
Harrison (DECISIONS 2007) Improved prediction of Africanized Honey Bee Distribution and Migration in the US and Honey Bee Climate Responses Using Satellite derived Land Cover Type and Phenological Data  -- Harrison (DECISIONS 2007) >> 2008 
Haverkamp, Paul Modeling of Environmental Variables and Land-Use/Land-Cover Change Influence on Declining Hawaiian Coral Reef Health Since 2000 Using HyspIRI-Like Images  -- Haverkamp (HYSPIRI 2014) >> 2015 
Hebblewhite, Mark Global population dynamics and climate change: comparing species-level impacts on two contrasting large mammals  -- Hebblewhite (BIOCLIM 2010) >> 2011 
Heglund, Patricia Effects of extreme climate events on avian demographics: the role of refugia in mitigating climate change  -- Heglund (BIOCLIM 2010) >> 2011 
Helmuth, Brian Climate Change and Intertidal Biogeography: Coupling Remote Sensing Data to Thermal Physiology  -- Helmuth (IDS 2003) >> 2004 
Helmuth, Brian Forecasting biodiversity responses to climate change: MODIS to mussels  -- Helmuth (IDS 2006) >> 2007 
Henebry, Geoffrey (Geoff) Synergistic analyses of data from active and passive sensors to assess relationships between spatial heterogeneity of tropical forest structure and biodiversity dynamics  -- Henebry (BIODIV 2008) >> 2009 
Herman, Rachael
Lynch, Heather
Sea ice dynamics as driving mechanism for range expansion and colony establishment in gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua)  -- Herman (FINESST 2019) >> 2020 
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