Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) All-Hands Meeting - Agenda

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Friday, October 22nd (Virtual)

11:00AM Objectives and Expected Outcomes
Frank Muller-Karger [PDF]
11:10AM IOOS and NOPP Marine Life 2030 efforts
Gabrielle Canonico [PDF]
11:20AM A Vision for MBON Sustainability: The value of partnerships for coordinated biodiversity monitoring
Kris Sarri, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
11:40AM Questions and Discussion
11:55AM Break
12:00PM Ideas and opportunities emerging from MBON Working Groups
Jennifer Dorton

  • 'Omics/Environmental DNA
    MBARI/Francisco Chavez
  • Animal Tracking/Acoustics
    UMiami/Neil Hammerschlag [PDF]
  • Remote Sensing/Seascapes
    OSU/Maria Kavanaugh [PDF]
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function
    UME/Jeffrey Runge [PDF]
  • Data Management
    IOOS/Mathew Biddle [PDF]
12:25AM Discussion
12:45PM Break
01:00PM Breakout Group 1: Lead: Jennifer Dorton / Rapporteur: Katrin Iken
Breakout Group 2: Lead: Jonathan Blythe / Rapporteur: Henry Ruhl
Breakout Group 3: Lead: NASA HQ/Woody Turner / Rapporteur: Clarissa Anderson

Goal: Demonstrate benefits of biodiversity monitoring
Objective: Strategy for user engagement and implementation ideas
Breakout Group Questions:
  • Are you doing something for a user that they will want to continue or expand beyond the life of the project?
  • Give specific examples of applications or needs - who is the user, where is the site, what is the need, what MBON approaches were used, what is the product or application?
  • "Next steps" for MBON (technologies, data synthesis, applications, steps to solicit or identify management gaps and key services to users and unmet management needs)
01:45PM Participants regroup
01:50PM Breakout Group 1 report
02:00PM Breakout Group 2 report
02:20PM Breakout Group 3 report
02:30PM Group Discussion about Next Steps
02:50PM Wrap-up